Methyl-B12 Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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Methyl-B12 is a single active ingredient that is only really needed by people with medical deficiencies, or who are vegan. The reason being is that the human body can often get enough of it from common foods.

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Methyl-B12 Overview

Methyl-B12 is a nootropic supplement that is used as a way to support overall health. This is especially used for mood, sleep, cardiovascular health, and more.

The biggest problem that the company fails to mention is that this is only needed by select people. Taking 41,670% of B12 over time may be damaging for people who get enough of it from whole foods. That happens to be the biggest problem; people who can process this properly and who aren’t vegans will likely not need it.

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Methyl-B12 Claims

It’s suggested on the official Jarrows website that this can affect nerve tissue and brain cells. This is then easier on the body, making it a greater experience when falling asleep and when regulating mood.

People who are looking to improve their cardiovascular health and overall metabolism are recommended to use this. The company website also claims that it is better absorbed and that it can help with amino acid d production.

Overall the claims aren’t exaggerating as B12 is an essential nutrient found in common whole foods.

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Methyl-B12 Ingredients

  • Methyl-B12

Methyl-B12 is an easy to absorb form of vitamin B12, and it is taken to help fight against anemia and to support healthy red blood cell creation. This is known as methylcobalamin, and it’s the preferred version of B12 for those who have a medical condition.

The body can make better use of this, which is important for people who can’t pearly make it when they eat B12 rich foods. This is rare however, so it’s unlikely that most people would need it, unless they are on a vegan diet.

Often the best way to know if it’s lacking is to get a cheap medical examination and to see what a doctor has to say.

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The Science Behind Methyl-B12

When this form of B12 is taken, the body has an easier time processing it. This is considered bioavailable, meaning that the body makes better use of it than other forms of B12. It’s not any better than eating it though, unless the person taking it has a medical condition which prevents their body from breaking it down naturally.

In the case of people without conditions, it’s really unneeded to get this in other forms. This can cause side effects if overused, which are clearly documented. Most often it’s only recommended to take this if a doctor has deemed the user as lacking in B12.

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Word on the Street About Methyl-B12

The problem with looking at reviews for this brand is the fact that many who use did said it was due to a deficiency. Either these people had medical problems which prevented them from accessing B12 from foods, or they are vegans. Because of these special cases, it’s hard to know what to ae from the reviews.

In looking reviews for this brand it became clear that many found it ineffective. Some also said that the amount of B12 offered was too much, and that it causes them to feel incredibly sensitive towards it; Numbness and anxiety were mentioned by some to the point where it was very uncomfortable.

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Is Methyl-B12 Worth a Try?

Unless you’re suffering from a deficiency, it’s not at all recommended to take Methyl-B12.

This is most often used by either vegans or people who cannot process B12 regularly from foods. People who have a varied enough diet plan will likely have enough of it.

It would be waste of time and money to get this otherwise. Better nootropic brands are offered and this is meant more as a supplement in extreme cases. The user would have to have a clear medical reason to use this properly; otherwise it’s really unnecessary to have it in extra amounts. This became clear after reading the research on this additive.

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Methyl-B12 VS B12

B12 is found in may kinds of foods and it is best to get it in this way. Taking Methyl-B12 would only ne necessary in case of a deficiency, though it can be useful in this form. Regular B12 form whole foods can be cheaper and easier as many foods offer it. This can be found in all kinds of meat, fish, milk, fortified grains, and much more.

Methyl-B12 vs Cyanocobalamin

Cyanocobalamin is the man made version of vitamin B12. It’ most often sued in people who are suffering from a possible deficiency, such as vegans. This is considered a synthetic and is considered a somewhat poorer version of B12, as the body has to process it in longer stages.

Methyl-B12 vs Hydroxy B12

Hydroxy B12 or Hydroxycobalamin is considered long lasting and it is extracted naturally. This is considered useful for aiding DNA, and the sustained release makes it effective for lasting benefits. It’s also sometimes taken to help reduce oxidative stress, which can affect overall health.

Methyl-B12 vs Methyl Folate

Methyl Folate is a bioactive form of folate that can help with regular DNA function. This is often found natural in enough amounts within the human body. It’s sometime taken to help regulate mood and to support overall cardiovascular health. Folate is an essential B vitamin and it can be found within many whole foods, which may make it unnecessary to take Methyl Folate.

Methyl-B12 vs Vegan B12

Vegans will often have a much higher risk of having a deficiency in vitamin B12, which is why animal free extracts are sought after. Forms of Vegan B12 can include grains, soy, plant milks, and fortified foods. It’s most likely going to be easier for vegans to get this in supplement form as it may be difficult to eat enough whole foods that are vegan friendly.

Methyl-B12 FAQ

  1. What’s a common Methyl-B12 dosage?
    This can vary depending on the age and condition in which it is used for.
  1. What are typical Methyl-B12 reviews?
    Some people did find positive results from this, but it’s often from people with deficiencies.
  1. Where can I find Methyl-B12 for sale?
    Many brands will offer it, and it’s sold on Amazon and select websites.
  1. What are some Methyl-B12 benefits?
    This is bioactive meaning the body can use it better than other forms of B12.
  1. Is Methyl-B12 offered by GNC?
    Yes, there are many Methyl-B12 brands offered as well as Jarrows.
  1. Is there a Methyl-B12 Amazon listing?
    It is sold on Amazon at this time.
  1. What’s the difference between Methyl-B12 and B12?
    Regular B12 can be found in many kinds of whole foods.
  1. Where can I get Methyl-B12 sublingual?
    There are versions of Methyl-B12 which can be applied under the tongue.
  1. Is there Methyl-B12 with folate?
    Yes, some brands blend it together.
  1. Are there any Methyl-B12 side effects?
    Overuse of it may cause poisoning which may require medical attention.
  1. Where to buy Ortho Molecular Methyl-B12?
    The official website and Amazon offer it.
  1. What’s unique about Methyl-B12 by Jarrow?
    It happens to be widely distributed and offered in different flavors such as lemon and cherry.
  1. Where are there Jarrow Methyl-B12 1000 reviews?
    Their Amazon page has a good source for reviews.
  1. Where can I get Methyl-B12 5000 mcg?
    Different websites including Amazon offer it.
  1. What can you tell me about Methyl-B12 orthomolecular?
    This version is concentrated and sold on many different websites. It offers both folate and B12.

So What Really Works?

The best cognitive support was seen in the nootropic brand called Memotenz. This outperformed due to its natural blend of whole some ingredients that don’t require cycling or strict usage. Many said it gave them a noticeable boost for all types of work and tasks. It is especially useful for memory, focus, mood, energy, and all-around cognition.

A great amount of positive reviews were found from satisfied customers noticing a major change in cognition. Some said it is now a daily supplement, and there was a lot of praise over the noticeable boost. It uses only natural ingredients with nothing fake or harsh, and this includes no stimulants. The company also offers some informative testimonials and an explanation into what makes it work. You can review all these details to find out more on what made Memotenz top rated by simply clicking here.

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