Sulbutiamine Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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As a single active ingredient that offers support similar to a simple vitamin it’s very limited and unfortunately not well-rounded enough for true nootropic support. People who have a vitamin deficiency would best find support by simply eating whole foods.

There’s also unclear information about this ingredient, and it’s uncertain if it’s truly as effective as some brands would have it claimed.

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Sulbutiamine Overview

Sulbutiamine is a nootropic supplement ingredient that is a simple B vitamin offered in a synthetic form. This is most often used to help with fatigue and to prevent cognitive decline, though it’s sometimes used as a general nootropic.

Even though the vitamin it offers is healthy, it’s important to realize that it’s only needed in people who have deficiencies. It’s also only a single ingredient, meaning that it won’t offer as comprehensive coverage as nootropic brand with a great mix of different additives. Information about its use and safety is also limited, and it’s empty enough to know what’s likely possible.

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Sulbutiamine Claims

There’s different claims made depending on which supplement creator is examined, but in general it’s meant for fatigue and the prevention of cognitive decline. Its most often suggested as a way to help combat trauma and age-related mental problems.

Originally it was simply used to help prevent weakness and fatigue, in particular people who have a vitamin B1 deficiency.

Because a vitamin B1 deficiency could potentially lead to a lot of health problems, it’s also sometimes used for indirect treatment of possible health problems that result from a lack of this nutrient.

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Sulbutiamine Ingredients

  • Sulbutiamine

Sulbutiamine is a synthetic version of vitamin B1, an essential noted that the body uses for many purposes. This can affect brain function, energy, muscle health, and overall body health.

This is the genre name for the chemical and its most often sold under different brand names.
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Originally it was given to people who have a deficiency in thiamin, both in Japan and France. It’s known to have a half-life of around 4 to 6 hours.

The effects of this synthetic have been mixed and it’s impossible to say what the accurate dosage strength is. At this time there’s no agreement on how much is best for safe and effective results.

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The Science Behind Sulbutiamine

At this time scientific evidence on this is limited to texts in French and Japanese. It’s lacking many studies which were translated to English, therefore its difficult trying to determine its worth.

What is known however is that there is a lack of information on long-term effects, and it’s still not yet proven what optimal dosage strength would be. With this many unknowns we can’t say for certain what can be expected from this brand.

There is some worry that overuse of this may be dangerous, and some side effects were seen including kidney pain, back pain, and bladder issues, to name a few.

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Word on the Street About Sulbutiamine

Reviews on this brand were oddly mixed, though there was an alarming amount of quick tolerance buildup in many. This sometimes resulted in a loss of benefits quickly, which made it unusable over time.

The effects were also frequently described as mild, with some adding how it had little to no noticeable impact. The only somewhat common positive review was that it helped with fatigue, but with no impact on motivation or mood. Many of the other benefits often seen in nootropics were clearly missing.

Is Sulbutiamine Worth a Try?

This was originally made only to help those suffering from a vitamin B1 deficiency, and it’s not well-studied. The amount of ineffective results and often negative user reviews points to it not being worth trying.
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Realistically at best it can only offer support in the few amount of users who have a deficiency in vitamin B1, but they’d be better suited to eat more foods rich in this essential vitamin. Because there is no support in this like a well-rounded nootropic, it’s far too lacking.

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Sulbutiamine vs Phenibut

The chemical Phenibut is similar to GABA and it’s sued to help improve mood, sleep, and overall cognition. This is lacking human studies and at this time it’s had to say what it will likely offer. It is also lacking details about its safety overtime; therefore there are far too many unknowns to determine its worth.

Sulbutiamine vs Adderall

Adderall offers prescription relief from ADHD and narcolepsy. Because it’s only offered as a prescription, use is limited to select people who are qualified and healthy enough. There is concern that it may cause certain side effects, which is why only a doctor should prescribe this when it’s seen as necessary.

Sulbutiamine vs Noopept

Noopept is used as a nootropic ingredient which his mostly used to help treat cognitive issues which occur with damage or aging. Even though some claim it’s a potent nootropic, it’s understudied and lacks enough studies to know for certain if it can have a protective benefit. There are some studies showing that he effects are mild, and not enough for well-rounded support.

Sulbutiamine vs Thiamine

Regular thiamine is simple vitamin B1 which is found in different foods such as meat, beans, nuts, grains and much more. This is needed by the body to support memory, sleep, muscle health, and pain reception. Because thiamin is an essential nutrient, it’s important to get it in sufficient amounts, though it’s often rare for there to be a deficiency in humans.
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Sulbutiamine vs Modafinil

Modafinil is taken by people suffering from sleep related problems who need to promote wakefulness. There is limited use to this as it’s recommended only for certain people have who have been diagnosed by a doctor. While this can have a strong impact on wakefulness, it’s not like a regular nootropic which is over the counter and made with only natural ingredients.

Sulbutiamine FAQ

  1. What’s the proper Sulbutiamine dosage?
    It’s not yet known what the recommended dosage is but it’s sometimes used at 400 mg daily.
  1. What are some Sulbutiamine benefits?
    It’s targeted more to help fight fatigue more than anything else.
  1. What’s a common Sulbutiamine review?
    There were mixed reviews, this ranged from side effects, some changes in energy and cognition, and no benefits.
  1. What can I expect as far as Sulbutiamine effects?
    It’s not guaranteed to offer effects but it’s mostly targeted for the reduction of fatigue.
  1. What’s a good Sulbutiamine stack?
    This can vary depending on a persons wanted desire as many tried mixing it with many other brands.
  1. What is known about Sulbutiamine on Reddit?
    There was a lot of concern abo the long-term effects and people asked if it would be safe over time.
  1. Will Sulbutiamine have weight loss benefits?
    This is not yet proven as a weight loss aid.
  1. Do I have to worry about Sulbutiamine side effects?
    There have been some noted potential side effects such as fatigue, headache, insomnia, and nausea.
  1. Where can I buy Sulbutiamine?
    This can be offered in different sources including Amazon and a few storefronts.
  1. Is Sulbutiamine available at Walmart?
    They do offer some Sulbutiamine only brands at this time.
  1. Is there a Sulbutiamine half-life?
    It’s estimated the half-life is 4 to 6 hours long.
  1. Is Sulbutiamine offered by GNC?
    They do not offer any Sulbutiamine only brands at this time.
  1. What information is available of Sulbutiamine on Examine?
    They offer a brief overview and some information about dosage. They essentially mention that it appears to offer support, but that it’s not yet fully verified.

So What Really Works?

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