How to prevent multiple sclerosis from happening – 7 natural tips

Multiple sclerosis or MS is one of neurological illness that can affect the spinal cord and brain. Multiple sclerosis can cause the various health problems like seizures, sudden loss of vision or blurred or double vision, unsteady gait, loss of bladder control, inability to empty the bladder, facial symptoms, extreme tiredness, hand trembling, loss of coordination, slurred speech. MS is known widely with 3 most common patterns including relapsing-remitting MS, primary progressive MS, and secondary progressive MS. The main reasons are not identified exactly. However, it is believed that there are some following causes that can lead to MS including the virus or some certain factors like sex, ethnic group, age, area, and your lifestyle. Preventing MS is one of the problems that many people are interested in.

Is There Any Way On How To Prevent Multiple Sclerosis From Happening Effectively And Safely?

Multiple sclerosis is known to be a lifelong disease that is not easy to prevent and treat it. The main method to treat MS is to improve its symptoms like fatigue, spasticity, bladder dysfunction, depression, neurological symptoms. Some drugs are often used to suppress this disease like corticosteroid drugs, glatiramer acetate, natalizumab, and other immune-modifying medications. However, instead of using these drugs to treat it, the best way you should notice is how to prevent multiple sclerosis from happening. Of course, all these methods cannot prevent MS absolutely but it can help you minimize the risk of multiple sclerosis. Let’s see what they are:

1. Know Well About The Factors Linked To MS:

how to prevent multiple sclerosis-know well about the factors linked to ms

The first thing you need to notice so as to prevent MS is to understand the factors that linked to MS. It can help to reduce the risk of MS. There are some key factors may be involved in MS including genetics, viruses, geography, diet, in which:

For genetics, many scientists found out hereditary propensities are also among the common factors lead to multiple sclerosis. The people with a family history of MS have the higher risk of multiple sclerosis than the others. However, they have not found out the way to decrease the risk of developing this condition in the people with a family history of multiple sclerosis.

A common type of virus that is believed to be related to MS is the Epstein-Barr virus, a form of the herpes family of viruses. Although it is impossible to avoid exposure to this virus completely, the general illness prevention techniques should be applied to limit the risk of viral infection. Because avoiding viral infection may help you protect against the development of MS in the future as well as help you become healthier.

You also may feel amazed at the other factor that can lead to MS. That is geography. According to some researchers from the Partners Multiple Sclerosis Center, geography also has the certain impact on the risk of MS and the link between Vitamin D and MS. And the studies showed that the people that live far from the equator will have higher risk of MS than the people live near it. It is thanks to the health benefits of vitamin D that comes from the sun. Vitamin D is very good for boosting your immune system function.

2. A Diet Rich In Vitamin D:

how to prevent multiple sclerosis-a diet rich in vitamin d

A healthy diet is also a good way on how to prevent multiple sclerosis from happening and manage the symptoms of multiple sclerosis. As we mention on the above that vitamin D is closely associated with MS. So, a diet that rich in vitamin D may be the biggest diet-related factor in preventing multiple sclerosis. According to a study, some products like milk and cereal products can help lower the risk of MS. Other foods that rich in vitamin D are mackerel, tuna, and salmon. Besides that, the sunlight is also a great source of vitamin D that you can make the most of advantage.

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3. Omega-3-fatty-acids-rich Foods:

how to prevent multiple sclerosis-omega-3-fatty-acids-rich foods

In a registered dietitians’ opinion, one of the main causes of all chronic diseases includes multiple sclerosis. Omega 3 fatty acids are known to have strong anti-inflammatory properties that may be good for preventing all chronic diseases including MS. The study recommends that the best servings a week for you are about 2 or 3 of 3-ounce servings. The foods that are highest in omega 3 fatty acids are the seafood like salmon, mackerel. Some other studies also proved the benefits of omega 3 fatty acids to your cardiovascular health.

4. Low-fat Diet:

how to prevent multiple sclerosis-low-fat diet

According to a neurologist’s research, low-fat diet is very useful for how to prevent multiple sclerosis from happening naturally. If your diet is high in saturated fats, they can make MS symptoms get worse. He recommends that you should limit your daily saturated fats consumption. It means that some foods that rich in saturated fats like butter and domestic animal meats should be reduced in your diet. It should be about 15 grams per day. Besides that, low-fat diet is also a great choice for you to lose weight effectively and safely.

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5. Eat Fruit Instead Of Refined Sugars:

how to prevent multiple sclerosis-eat fruit instead of refined sugars

In fact, there is no scientific evidence to prove the link between fruit, refined sugars, and MS. However, eating more fruit instead of refined sugar will help you maintain your healthy weight, one of the important problems to the people with MS and reduce MS-related fatigue. Limiting eating refined sugars also contribute to preventing cardiovascular disease. Moreover, fruits are known to be rich in fiber that can help ease constipation, one of the common symptoms of MS. Some foods can be high in refined sugar including cake, candy, soft drinks.

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6. Other Foods:

how to prevent multiple sclerosis-other foods

Some other foods are believed to be helpful for lowering the risk of multiple sclerosis. They can be tart cherries, green tea are believed to prevent multiple sclerosis thanks to anti-oxidants in them. The antioxidants in the foods are very effective in improving your immune system and your health since then prevent MS more effectively. Besides that, red wine is also proven to have the same benefits for MS. Red wine has a compound called resveratrol that has a negative effect on multiple sclerosis.

7. Reduce Exposure To These Triggers:

how to prevent multiple sclerosis-reduce exposure to these triggers

This is one of the good ways on how to prevent multiple sclerosis from happening effectively that you should pay attention to. Reducing your exposure to these triggers can help you eliminate some certain factors that can affect your nervous system as well as your health in general. They can be related to using toxic cleaning products, using chemicals on one’s lawn, your lifestyle. All these actions can attack your immune system, even lead to multiple sclerosis.

The above are some common ways on how to prevent multiple sclerosis from happening naturally that we want to share with you. Although the scientists are finding other better and more effective methods to prevent MS, they are also worth applying. If you have any question or idea, you can leave it in our website, we will reply for you as soon as possible.

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