How To Get Shiny Hair Naturally And Fast – 12 Hair Care Tips

Do you want to know how to get shiny hair naturally and fast? Do you want to discover simple and easy tips for hair care on a budget? Recently, made a writing of top 12 tips on how to get shiny hair naturally and quickly without side effects or expensive hair care solutions. This writing is a collection of top hair care tips for silky, smooth hair from reliable sources. However, this writing is not intended to give medical advice, so make sure that you will consult with your medical practitioner before following some of 12 tips on how to get shiny hair fast presented in this article.

12 Tips On How To Get Shiny Hair Quickly And Easily

1. Preparation Before Dying Hair 

how to get shiny hair

Before changing hair color, you need to use hair lotions or hair care products at night and leave it at bedtime. Do you know why? Because the hair conditioner mask or hair care products in night will protect your hair, and prevent your hair from damage because products used in the salon may have slightly stronger effect on hair.

2. Trim Hair 

how to get shiny hair

You know, the hair tangle is also an alarm bell that shows that it is time to cut your hair. Of course, you cannot dream about silky smooth hair with existed split ends. Therefore, the advice for you is that you should take the time to cut your hair tangle’s foot per month. This will minimize tangled parts of hair and stimulate your hair grow faster and shinier.

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3. Dry Hair In The Right Way 

how to get shiny hair

Many women have the habit of always wrapping and rubbing their hair with a dry towel every time they wash. However, this will harm to your hair a lot more than you think. It will take a little of nutrients in your hair and make your hair be easy to break. Just use a dry towel to pat gently onto your hair to help hair dry gradually. Alternatively, you can dry your hair with a dryer at the cool or light temperature. If you want to discover other tips on how to get shiny hair, keep reading!

4. Select Comb

how to get shiny hair

With weak and dry hair after shampooing, you should use large toothed comb to avoid damage to the hair. In addition, the comb (nylon or animal hair) is also a great suggestion to help you protect hair from friction with a comb and make your hair smoother. The comb made from animal hair has effects on polishing hair while the comb made from nylon is not greasy, does not ruffle the hair that was braided, and bun picky.

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5. Weekly Deep Hair Care 

how to get shiny hair

When you have dry and tangled hair, it is time to speak out about the nutritional deficiencies you have accidentally forgotten. To quickly get soft hair, the weekly deep hair care for your hair is needed. Do not hesitate to hair salon for massages and steam periodically 1 to 2 times / week, or apply the homemade hair masks.

6. Avoid Shampooing Too Much 

how to get shiny hair

One of the best tips for smooth hair is to limit shampooing too often. Because, most of the shampoos contain chemical ingredients and sulfate that can dry out the natural oils in the scalp, leading to hair roots become weak and rapidly damage your hair. Each week, you should stop at a density of 2 to 3 washes. However, in case your scalp is too oily and uncomfortable, try a shampoo solution for a dry hair.

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7. Use Hair Conditioning Products From Natural Essential Oils 

how to get shiny hair

The hair conditioning oils extracted from nature such as grapefruit essential oil, rosemary oil, olive oil or avocado oil and more are the safe and effective choices for nurturing and taking care of hair.

If you want to have a visibly thick hair, hair care oils extracted from grapefruit peel, grapefruit and rosemary flowers are appropriate choices. Especially, rosemary oil with iron, calcium and B vitamins have a great effect in stimulating hair follicles, promoting blood circulation and antioxidant, and giving you a thick and healthy hair.

If you own a tangled hair, the hair conditioning oil extracted from olive is the most appropriate hair care product. With monounsaturated fatty acids and omega 3, the hair conditioning oil from olive will help you nourish the hair effectively and give you the result you desire such as a soft and smooth hair, quickly restored hair from damaged parts, and a gentle and seductive appearance.

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You will know other simple and easy tips on how to get shiny hair naturally by continuing reading this writing.

8. Add Nutrients To The Body To Get A Shiny, Silky Hair 

how to get shiny hair

Folic Acid: The intake of vitamin acid folic will ensure to help hair grow faster and thinner in a short time. If you do not want to use medication, you can get this vitamin by eating more foods containing it. The foods that contain folic acid are:

  • Romaine lettuce — 1 cup = (19% dv) 76 mcg of folate
  • Mustard greens — 1 cup = (26% dv) 103 mcg of folate
  • Turnip greens — 1 cup = (42% dv) 170 mcg of folate
  • Collard greens — 1 cup = (44% dv) 177 mcg of folate
  • Spinach — 1 cup = (65% dv) 263 mcg of folate
  • Asparagus — 1 cup = (65% dv) 262 mcg of folic acid
  • Broccoli — 1 cup = 24% dv
  • One papaya = (10% dv) 115 mcg of folate
  • One orange = (10% dv) 40 mcg of folate
  • One grapefruit = (8% dv) 30 mcg of folate
  • Strawberries — 1 cup = (6.5% dv) 25 mcg of folate
  • Raspberries — 1 cup = (4% dv) 14 mcg of folate
  • Beans, peas & lentils
  • Avocado, carrots, & okra
  • Brussels sprout, seeds and nuts
  • Cauliflower, beets, corn, celery, & squash


Providing proteins for the body is considered a key method when you want the hair to grow as fast as possible. Foods rich in protein can include turkey, fish, cheese, red meat, chicken, nuts, dairy and eggs. However, you should also arrange a reasonable diet plan to help your body avoid an excess of protein that causes more aggravation for other parts of the body.

B Group Vitamins

B vitamins are essential for your body and hair. It helps your hair grow long and healthy fast. Ideally, you try to eat more foods containing vitamin B such as bananas, pepper, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, broccoli, split peas, lentils, avocado, cheeses, grain foods, clams, mussels, crab, fish, beef, salmon, pork, spinach, potatoes, fortified cereals, breads, pastas, rice, legumes, peanuts, chicken, turkey, asparagus, green pea, almonds, pecans, and more.

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9. Drink Plenty Of Water 

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One of the overall beauty methods for both skin and hair is to drink plenty of water every day. You should take the time of day to drink 6-8 glasses of water on average each day. Moisture in water will help the hair become healthier and thus grow faster and stronger.

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10. Egg Whites 

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A very simple method you can do at home is doing a hair mask from egg whites. Here are simple steps you can follow easily:

  • You take the 3 egg whites and whipped
  • Then, you will massage your hair with whipped egg whites just 5-10 minutes. With this secret, nutrients and vitamins of the egg white will be completely absorbed into the hair. This way will help your hair grow really fast but still very healthy and shiny.

11. Argan Oil 

how to get shiny hair

With the girls always bothered by dry hair, argan oil is the savior for your damaged hair. For a smooth hair in the next morning, before bed, brush your hair with hair care products that contain argan oil and wrap your hair with a silk scarf. Hair silk material will not fracture even argan oil helps hair become shiny.

12. Massage Scalp 

how to get shiny hair

This is useful: Massage makes the whole body feel fresh, stimulating blood circulation and hair growth and helping prevent the formation of layers of sebum and dandruff on the scalp.

To see all of our writings about hair care tips, recipes and solutions for common hair problems, go to our main Hair Care page. After reading the writing of top 12 tips on how to get shiny hair naturally and fast at home without side effects or expensive hair care solutions, hope that this writing helps you improve your hair health and get a silky smooth hair within a few days. However, it is solely for the informational purpose and it is not intended to give medical advice. If you have any question, or you know other tips on how to get shiny hair, please leave them below.

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