How to reduce eye puffiness and swelling fast and naturally

how to reduce eye puffiness after crying

There are a lot of factors that cause puffy eyes and also as many remedies that are supposed for curing under-eye puffiness. Eye puffiness can come from a lack of exercise salty food, a sinus infection, the lack of sleep, and even a wrong sleep position can contribute to this undesirable issue. And then, there is a cause that nobody wants to talk about: the natural aging process. Even you do not like it, similar to every other part of your body, your face changes with time. Fat, muscles weaken, and ligaments stretch becomes readily apparent. Your facial skin will become less elastic, especially after the age of 40, and the sags turn to bags.

I. Tips On How To Reduce Eye Puffiness – Natural Ingredients:

There are a lot of causes for puffiness around your eyes, such as heredity, allergies, and, of course, the influences of a late night sleep. Whether it is stress or hereditary, lack of sleep or allergies, unfortunately, we do get puffiness underneath our eyes and there are also a lot of ways to deal with this problem. The eye region is very thin, sensitive, and delicate so you need to be very gentle. Thus, today, I will give you some of the best tips on how to reduce eye puffiness.

1. Salt:

The first tip on how to reduce eye puffiness is that you should be careful when making use of salt and salt-rich foods.

For example, pepperoni pizza, jumbo fries, and other salt-loaded foods can actually lead to puffy eyes. Nevertheless, salt by itself can do your eyes goodness and favor. You will know how to reduce eye puffiness by mixing half a teaspoon of salt into quart warm water. Then, you should dip facial pads and cotton balls into the liquid then lie down and apply the balls to your eyelids. After that, you should rest in this position for at least about 10 minutes while keeping the balls in place. By this way, you will arise with deflated eyes.

2. Drinking Water: how to reduce eye puffiness quickly

Water is actually your life saver when it comes to deflate puffy eyes. You should make sure that you drink enough at least eight-ounce glasses of water a day, and do not substitute coffees, sodas, or sugary drinks. When your body is dehydrated, it will act much as a camel, storing water for the long road across the desert. Instead of a camel’s hump, you will build up water reserves around your eyeballs. Your body is not put into survival mode by keeping yourself adequately hydrated, and will not puff up in all wrong places. Moreover, you should also learn simple tips to get goodnight’s sleep because sleeping is very important for reducing puffy eyes. Once you get good sleep, your eyes will feel healthier, more relaxed; and look better.

3. Rinsing Your Face With Cold Water:

Cold water is also a useful remedy that I want you to make use when you learn how to reduce eye puffiness. Your eyes seem to puff up on working day mornings when you spend 30 minutes getting ready. There is no time to luxuriate with cucumber slices or tea bags. However, you should not despair at all because cold water will work in a pinch. You should rise and shine, and wash your face using several splashes of cold water. This may be a rude awakening. However, the coldness will reduce swelling and constrict blood vessels.

In addition, it just takes you about 10 seconds to apply. You should repeat this habit throughout the day if you can and if you feel needed. In fact, this method can also help to relieve eye floaters, so you can apply it if you are suffering from this issue.
4. Making Use Of Potato Mask:

The common potato can also pamper your puffy eyes. Tubers are true in the folk medicine in European as a means to relieve painful headaches, joints, and other inflammatory symptoms. Potato starch works as an anti-inflammatory element that helps to ease and reduce puffy eyes effectively. You should start by pretending that you are making hash browns. Then, you need to peel a potato, then rinse and dry it out. After that, you should rate the potato as fine as possible; then, you need to place the pulp in a clean cloth and fold, instead of frying it up with butter, to make a poultice. You can place this poultice on your eyelids for about 15 minutes every day or whenever you feel the puffiness is more terrible. how to reduce eye puffiness with tea bags

Puffy eyes sometimes also result from the aging process as your eyes become drier and stored protein or water inside the eye round region, making your eyes look puffy. So, to get younger looking eyes and skin, you should keep your head on simple ways to prevent premature aging.

5. Applying Egg Whites:

You can call this kitchen remedy as a “soufflé” for your face. You need to whip up one or two egg whites until stiff. Then, you need to apply the egg whites with a soft cloth or a brush underneath your eyelids. By this way, your skin will look less like puff pastry and feel tighter.

6. Adding Cucumbers:

From the vegetable bin, here comes a well-known cucumber remedy for skin care and puffy eyes. Cucumbers are not the single ingredient that is good for your skin. They are deliciously cool and soothing to the touch, but their astringent content can cause the blood vessels to constrict. You just need to lean your head back, rest a slice of cucumber on each closed eye, and relax for 5 to 10 minutes while the cucumbers treat your puffy eyes.

The skin around your eyes is very important and sensitive. Thus, when you get puffy eyes, you should massage it gently and apply useful tips to nurture your skin.

7. Spoons: how to reduce eye puffiness from crying Teaspoon-size spoons are the right utensils for helping your eyes reduce to normal proportions temporarily. You will need to place four or six spoons in the fridge. When you need to deflate those eyeballs, you should lie down, close your eyes, and place a spoon (curved side down) on each eye. When the spoon warms, you should replace it with another cold one from the fridge.

8. Tea:

Both green tea and black tea can work well to reduce your irritated, puffy eyes. Caffeinated teas can help to constrict blood vessels and relieve swelling, while herbal teas (in particular, chamomile tea) include anti-irritants that ease the inflammation and redness. You should steep 2 bags of your selected tea in hot water for about 3 to 5 minutes. Then, you need to let it cool until the bags are comfortably warm that you can touch it. Then, you should lie your back and head down, close your eyes, and place one tea bag on each eye; then cover your eye region with a soft cloth. During hot months, you should put the cooked tea bags in your fridge and apply to your eyes when it is necessary to refresh your eyes. Besides, you should also learn useful ways to boost energy with foods and opt for foods that are good for eyes and give them energy to stay healthy.

II.  Tips On How To Reduce Eye Puffiness – Simple Routines:

If you are all ready to enjoy a party all night, you need to check out your eyes to determine whether or not it makes you look tired with dark puffy rings. If so, you should find ways to deal with this problem immediately. After learning the natural ingredients that I mentioned above, you should also keep reading this article and check out what I introduce below: some simple routines that guide you on how to reduce eye puffiness.

1. Use Eye Patches, Sometimes Referred To As Eye Sheets Or Treatment Masks For The Eye:

They are infused with ginseng, retinol, and other ingredients that help to reduce dark circles and puffiness.

–  This patch can be placed right underneath the eye as close as you can get it.

how to reduce eye puffiness immediately– The concentrated ingredients are still on the skin once the patch is removed, so just pat the skin to leave the ingredients on.

– The ginseng has an instant tightening effect to the skin and the retinol helps to reduce fine lines.

– The smaller part of the patch goes into the tear duct of the eye. The ingredients on the patch are literally right on the skin, are sinking in and helping to “de-puff” and reduce swelling in that area.

Besides, if you want to get beautiful and healthy-looking eyes, and if you are getting ugly dark circles around or beneath your eyes, you should also learn tips on how to remove dark circles fast and naturally.

2. Cleaning Bedroom Regularly:

To get healthy eyes, you should keep your bedroom free from pollen, dust, insects, and animal dander. You need to wash your sheets at least once per week with very hot water, eliminate all dust-collecting objects, cover the pillows and mattress with dust-mite protective coverings, and prevent pets from the bed. During the pollen season, you need to wash your hair before hitting the pillow, and instead of opening the window, you should use air conditioning.

3. Giving Your Eyes A Break:

If you have to sit in front of the computer for long, for every hour, you need to take a 5 to 10 minute rest. While working on the computer, you should try to look away every few minutes.  During that process, you should stare out the window, close your eyes and meditate, or stroll to the water cooler. If your eyes are feeling tired or stuck in a chronic fatigue, the bags under your eyes will be worsened. Therefore, what you need to do to relax your eyes after working hard throughout the day is to sleep at least 8 hours every night. You should get up early in the morning and go to bed early at night. After waking up, you should rub your palms and place them on your eyes as regularly as possible. If you work long hours on the computer, you need to give break to your eyes for every stage of 20 minutes. Look at nature! Yes, greenery can really help your eyes relax and reduce fatigue. Therefore, you should go out into the nearest park and spend time joining with nature! To get the perfect relaxation after a hard working day for your eyes, I recommend you learning perfect ways to relax at home.

4. Watching What You Wear:

If your eyes puff up midday in case that you are a woman, then beauty products may be the culprit. A lot of hair sprays, fingernail polishes, and makeup include formaldehyde, causing eyes to swell. Fortunately, the fashion industry is wising up and new formaldehyde-free beauty products are hitting the shelves. You should avoid each product that may be the culprit for your puffy eyes within about 1 – 2 weeks to determine exactly which is causing your blow-up.

how to reduce eye puffiness from allergies

5. Do Not Rub Eyeballs After Waking Up In The Morning:

You should not vigorously rub your eyeballs in the morning. You should also avoid touching them throughout the day. The beauty of eyes is very important. However, to get perfect eyes, you should also care about their health. Thus, I recommend you to learn tips to strengthen and improve eyes function to care for your eyes from inside out. 6. Sleeping In Comfortable Posture:

You should use 2 pillows to keep your head elevated while you are sleeping. Fluid will not accumulate underneath the eyes. In fact, fatigue and tiredness are the main factors that cause your puffy eyes. If you are stuck in fatigue, you may also face a sleep disorder. Hence, when you wake up in the next morning, you will see terrible puffy eyes of your own in the mirror. Thus, you should learn how to fight against fatigue effectively.

7. Massaging:

You should also enjoy a light self-massage, which will help to reduce eye puffiness. You will need to lose your eyes and press your ring finger underneath one eye gently, then move in an arc shape from the inside corner to the outside corner. Then, you should massage your eyes 10 – 15 times. And, you should repeat this action and apply it on your other eye. This is a great massage that you should practice before jumping out of your bed in the morning.

Besides, to get beautiful and healthy eyes, you should also learn remedies for some common eye related diseases, such as useful tips on how to get rid of eye floaters and home remedies to eliminate pink eye fast.

8. Concealing Those Puffy Eyes Before A Party:

Until the time you can actually get rid of those puffy eyes, try these tips to conceal them. Before you put on your makeup, take an ice cube wrapped in a soft cotton cloth, and place it on your eyes. Do not rub. Just place them gently. Do this for about 5 minutes. Then wipe your eyes dry with a tissue paper. The cold will reduce the swelling under your eyes. Use regular foundation to hide the puffiness under your eyes. Choose a foundation shade which is a little bit darker than what you will use for the rest of the face.

how to reduce eye puffiness fast

9. Doing Exercise For Puffy Eyes:

Exercises help in improving blood circulation to the muscles around your eyes. So exercise for reducing these bags under your eyes.

Besides, there are certain eye exercises which work directly on your eye muscles. Use these exercises to reduce the puffiness under your eyes.

– Exercise 1: Rotate your eyes. Rotate them clockwise and then anti-clockwise. Do this about ten times.

– Exercise 2: Press two fingers on each side of your head on the temple. Stretch the muscle a little. Then open and close your eyes as rapidly as possible. Do this about fifty times.

Once you are through with these exercises, rub your palms vigorously and keep them on your eyes for about thirty seconds. You can do these exercises any time you want. But do them at least twrice a day.

All of the above tips on how to reduce eye puffiness for a lot of people out there. I have studied them for a long time, and now, I am glad to share them with anyone who desires to get rid of puffy eyes fast.

If you feel the tips on how to reduce eye puffiness I offer in this article are really useful for your current expectation, just feel free to leave all your comments/feedbacks at the end of this post. We appreciate your contribution and will respond all as soon as possible.

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