19 Best Natural Solutions Of Treatment For Hookworms

best treatment for hookworms

One of the most popular diseases which can affect about half a billion people every year is hookworms. It is also known as the hookworm infection. And this affliction can be caused by a bloodsucking roundworm and two spices of worms which can specifically infect human beings. These spices of worms are Necator Americanus and Ancylostoma duodenal. In addition, hookworms can affect everybody all over the world, from the baby, children, to adults. Besides that, this disease is only a few symptoms such as anemia which means lack of iron as well as the lack of protein. Some minor symptoms which can happen with those people who are suffering from this disease include stomach distress, vomiting, diarrhea, along with nausea. Some of the people who suffer from hookworms are due to lack of nutrients as well. Furthermore, hookworms are very dangerous because it is able to complicate your immune system’s responsiveness. As a result, it may lead to some different illnesses.

Now what do you often do when you are suffering from this disease? Of course, that is to eliminate hookworms out of your body. But what way do you do? Going to the hospital to have a medical checkup is a good idea. Or going to the pharmacy in order to buy some medicine is also a good idea. But have you ever thought about the side effects which can happen to you after you take the medicine? Why don’t you try a natural treatment for hookworms? It is not only safe, effective but also cheap. It’s time to relax and read this article on our page VKool.com which will present to you some treatments you can apply at home.

19 Best Natural Solutions Of Treatment For Hookworms

1. Garlic

treatment for hookworms - garlic

It seems that the list of natural treatments can’t be completed without this powerful ingredient. That is garlic. It is said to consist of an active ingredient which is called allicin. This ingredient has a lot of antibacterial, anti-parasitic and antiviral qualities. Therefore, you ought to add garlic to your meals as well as use concentrated garlic powder. This will help you to treat hookworms, tapeworms, and roundworms, along with any different parasites in your body quickly. That’s why it is considered as the cheapest and the best treatment for hookworms. Therefore, when you suffer from hookworms and you are finding a way to treat this disease, you can eat three raw garlic cloves on your empty stomach every day for a week. Besides eating raw garlic or adding it to your food, you can crush two garlic cloves. Then you add them to ½ cup of milk. Next, you boil it. Finally, you drink this solution when there is nothing on your stomach. You repeat this process every day for about one week to see your expected result.

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2. Treatment For Hookworms – Wormwood

Another treatment for hookworms is the wormwood. This herb has been used for a long time for not only humans but also animals that suffer from hookworms. Hence, you ought to consume doses of wormwood regularly. Or you can also use wormwood extract. This can help to make the worms hungry, together with causing them to die. And then they will be passed out of your body with the normal excretion.

If you use the oil which is extracted from wormwood, you ought to mix wormwood oil (about 2 ml) with water (about 120 ml) well together. Then you drink this solution in order to kill the worm in the rectum.

3. Treatment For Hookworms – Coconut

As you can see, coconut has been used to not only take care of skin but also treat some diseases, including hookworms because of its natural anti-parasitic qualities. And both coconut fruit and coconut oil can be used as an effective treatment for hookworms.

So now, what you need to do is to eat a tablespoon of crushed coconut with the breakfast. Then after three hours, you take a glass of warm milk as well as 2 tablespoons of castor oil. After mixing, you drink this solution. You should repeat this process every day until you see the positive result. But remember that castor oil is not suggested for those people who are suffering from the gastrointestinal disease or the children who are under 5 years old.

Alternatively, you can consume from 4 to 6 tablespoons of coconut oil per day. It can help in expelling parasites from the body along with boosting the immune system in order to fight against worms.

4. Cloves

Cloves are both delicious and packed with the strong antiseptic, anti-parasitic and antibacterial compounds which can help to kill the worms as well as destroy parasitic eggs. Furthermore, cloves may help in preventing future episodes of the infestation.

Therefore, using ground clove powder and adding it to your food in order to treat this disease as well as get a good health is the necessary thing which you ought to do now. Besides that, you can chew this herb to eliminate the dangerous worms out of your body. Making clove tea is also a wonderful treatment for hookworms. Here is the detailed instruction for you to make that tea.

  • Firstly, take a teaspoon of clove powder
  • Then add to a cup of boiling water
  • Next, put a place on the cup
  • After that, let it steep from 10 to 20 minutes
  • Finally, drink this solution up to 3 times per day for one week

5. Treatment For Hookworms – Papaya

treatment for hookworms - papaya

Papaya is not only a delicious fruit but also a wonderful treatment for hookworms. It is very rich in a plenty of unique compounds, especially when it is unripe. Papain is a special enzyme containing anthelmintic properties which can kill parasitic worms and boost the expulsion from your body. Moreover, papaya seeds have a substance which is called caricin. This substance can help to expel intestinal worms. Hence, using papaya in order to treat hookworms is a good idea. And there are some ways to use it in this case.

Method 1:

  • Firstly, take a tablespoon of papaya juice, a tablespoon of honey, and 3 or 4 tablespoons of boiling water
  • Then mix them well together
  • Next, drink this solution in the morning when your stomach is empty
  • After two hours, mix 2 tablespoons of castor oil with a glass of milk. You ought to use warm milk.
  • Finally, drink this solution
  • Repeat this process for two or three days to get the positive result

When you use this treatment for the children, you ought to reduce the amount of all ingredients to half.

Method 2:

  • Firstly, grind the papaya seed into powder
  • Then take 2 tablespoons of the powder and mix with a cup of water or milk depending on your preference.
  • Finally, drink this solution in the morning when your stomach is empty

You had better repeat this process for 3 days to get the positive result.

Method 3:

  • Firstly, grind the papaya seeds which are taken from a papaya with the medium size
  • Then put it with a tablespoon of coconut oil, a cup of coconut milk and chunks of papaya fruit into a blender
  • Next, blend them
  • After that, add a tablespoon of honey and blend again until it becomes smooth
  • Finally, enjoy a papaya smoothie

You ought to drink this smoothie every day in the morning for at least a week.

6. Carom Seeds

The different treatment for hookworms which should be mentioned now is carom seed. Carom seeds are said to contain thymol which is known to promote the health as well as the strength of your intestinal system. Thus, it can make the parasitic worms or infections feel difficult to spread.

So now, what you need to do when you suffer from hookworms is to eat from ¼ to ½ teaspoon of carom seeds and then following by a glass of water regularly for about two weeks. But before eating carom seeds, you should eat a tablespoon or a small piece of jaggery in the morning when your stomach is still empty in order to the best result

7. Treatment For Hookworms – Pumpkin Seeds

There is an important component found in pumpkin seeds, which can help you to get rid of hookworms. That component is called cucurbitacin containing anti-parasitic properties. And this component can help in preventing the parasitic worms from attaching to the intestinal walls. Then they will be eliminated from your body soon.

If you are suffering from hookworms and decide to use pumpkin treatment, there are two methods for you to follow.

Method 1:

  • Firstly, peel some pumpkin seeds and crush them
  • Next, take two tablespoons of pumpkin seeds which have just been peeled and crushed
  • Then add them to 3 cups of boiling water
  • After that, allow it to steep for half an hour and let it cool
  • Finally, drink it

Method 2:

  • Firstly, roast and crush some pumpkin seeds
  • Then take a tablespoon of pumpkin seeds which have just been roasted and crushed as well as a tablespoon of honey
  • Next, mix them well together
  • Finally, eat this combination every morning when there is nothing on your stomach for about a week.

After eating this combination, you ought to have breakfast with a laxative food such as a kiwi or a banana.

8. Carrot

treatment for hookworms - carrot

Carrot is said to be rich in beta-carotene, which can break down into vitamin A. And this strong antioxidant substance can destroy the parasitic eggs before they are able to hatch. Thus, it helps to slow the extent of the infection to serious levels. Besides that, zinc, as well as vitamin C which can be found in carrot, also boosts the immune system. When you have a strong immune system, it means you will fight off the parasites quickly. And if you want to use the carrot for treating hookworms, you ought to grate two carrots. Then you eat them in the morning when your stomach is empty. You need to pay attention that you should stay away from eating anything else in the morning after you eat carrots. You keep doing this every day for about one week in order to get rid of hookworms.

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9. Turmeric

When you are looking for something that can be an effective treatment for hookworms, why don’t you go to your kitchen and take turmeric? There are two main reasons why turmeric is considered as the best treatment for hookworms. Turmeric can treat both the core problem and the symptoms. That means turmeric has natural anti-parasitic properties which can help in killing the worms in the system. Meanwhile, turmeric can help to soothe the gastrointestinal system as well as reduce cramping, inflammation and bloating.

So whenever you have to face some symptoms of hookworms, you can extract the juice from the raw turmeric. Then you add a little salt to a teaspoon of that juice. Finally, you drink it in the morning when you have an empty stomach. You ought to repeat it every day for about one week.

If you have turmeric powder in your kitchen already, this following method will help you as well.

  • Firstly, take ½ teaspoon of turmeric powder and a pinch of salt
  • Then add them to ½ cup of water. You should use warm water
  • Finally, drink it every day for about 5 days in order to get the positive result.

Alternatively, you can drink turmeric milk by mixing a tablespoon of turmeric juice with a glass of buttermilk. You ought to follow this method every day for 3 consecutive days.

10. Thyme

Thyme is also an effective treatment for hookworms. It is proven that thyme contains strong anti-parasitic properties as well as thymol. Hence, if you are facing the problem which is caused by hookworms, this herb will be one of the best natural treatments for you. And it is safe for you to eat. If your pets are also suffering from hookworms, you can let them eat this herb. One more thing which you should know is that thyme is broadly available in a lot of countries all over the world.

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11. Treatment For Hookworms – Pomegranate Tree Bark

As you can see, the root, the stems, the bark, along with the leaves of the pomegranate tree have anthelmintic properties. It makes pomegranate become a good natural treatment for hookworms. Additionally, the alkaloid punicine which is found in the pomegranate tree bark can be greatly toxic to the worms.

So now, whenever you suffer from any symptoms of hookworms, you can use the pomegranate tree bark as the following direction.

  • Firstly, add a piece of pomegranate tree bark which is about two inches to a cup of water
  • Then boil it till you see that a half amount of water evaporates
  • Next, let this mixture cool down
  • After that, drink it
  • Finally, eat the purgative fruit such as an avocado or a banana in order to facilitate the bowel movement.

You should follow this natural treatment up to three times per day in a few days. But when you use this treatment for your children, you had better reduce the amount of the ingredients to one – third. For example, adults are given the dosage of 90 to 180 ml, so children are given the dosage of 30 to 60 ml. Furthermore, eating the pomegranate fruit, together with drinking the pomegranate juice, can help you to prevent the attacks of the intestinal worms.

12. Indian Lilac

treatment for hookworms - indian lilac

Indian lilac is also known as neem which is an effective natural treatment for hookworms. Thanks to its anti-parasitic properties, Indian lilac can not only kill parasites but also remove the toxins which worms leave behind when they are dying. In order to treat hookworms by using Indian lilac, you ought to follow one of the methods below.

Method 1:

  • Firstly, take a tablespoon of dry Indian lilac flowers as well as a teaspoon of ghee or butter
  • Then put Indian lilac flowers and ghee or butter into a pan
  • Next, fry them
  • Finally, eat them with the plain boiled rice

You ought to do this method twice per day for about 4 days

Method 2:

  • Firstly, take a glass of warm water. Sometimes, you can use milk instead of water
  • Then add a teaspoon of the dried Indian lilac leaf powder
  • Next, mix them well
  • Finally, drink this solution twice per day for only one week

Method 3:

  • Firstly, grind some Indian lilac leaves into a fine paste
  • Then take ½ tablespoon of this paste
  • Finally, eat it with a glass of water in the morning when your stomach is empty

You ought to do this method once a day daily for a week only. Besides, women who are breastfeeding or pregnant are not advised to consume Indian lilac.

13. Treatment For Hookworms – Ash Gourd

Another treatment for hookworms is the ash gourd. Ash gourd contains shelled seeds which are believed to be very effective for removing the worms, particularly tapeworms. They also help to promote tissue development. So in order to get the best result, you ought to combine the shelled seeds of ash gourd with coconut milk. And you consume this mixture every day for about one week.

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14. Belleric Myroblan

If you are looking for a natural treatment for hookworms, the belleric myroblan is a wonderful suggestion for you. It is thought to remove all intestinal parasites. Thus, when you are suffering from hookworms, you just need to consume belleric myroblan every day. The recommended dosage is a teaspoon. You should repeat this treatment up to three times a day.

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15. Bamboo

One of the remedies for treating hookworms is bamboo. It must be very strange, right? As usual, bamboo is used to make baskets or something that can be sold as the souvenirs. But in fact, bamboo leaves are very effective in destroying the intestinal worms, particularly threadworms. Thus, you ought to consume a decoction, which is made from bamboo leaves, regularly in order to get the best result.

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16. Vasaka

treatment for hookworms - vasaka

The bark, flowers, fruits as well as leaves of vasaka tree are also very helpful to be used for removing the intestinal worms. So if you want to use this treatment for hookworms, you can make a decoction at your home. Firstly, you ought to prepare 30g of bark and root of vasaka tree as well as 500 ml of water. Then you boil them until the amount of water is reduced to 1/3. Finally, every day, you take 30 ml of this decoction. You ought to repeat this process two or three times for no more than 3 days.

Alternatively, you can drink a teaspoon of vasaka juice up to three times a day daily.

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17. Indian Aloe

Indian aloe is also one of the most effective remedies for treating hookworms naturally. It is also very safe when you let your children use Indian aloe in order to treat hookworms. It is said to be an effective treatment for hookworms because the leaves of Indian aloe have some properties which can kill the intestinal worms. If you or your children suffer from hookworms, you take some Indian aloe leaves and wash them carefully. Then you boil them in water. After that, you extract the juice. Finally, you consume it. You ought to do this more often in order get a positive result.

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18. Indian Senna

If you are looking for a useful natural treatment for hookworms, why don’t you try using Indian senna? The leaves of Indian senna are very beneficial in expelling the intestinal worms. Therefore, you should take a dozen of Indian senna leaves and then add them to about 60ml of water. After that, you leave it on overnight. Finally, in the next morning, you strain it and drink it when your stomach is empty. You should repeat this process regularly.

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19. Male Fern

Male fern is also one of the strongest anti-parasitic herbs for hookworms. Although it is very effective, the herbalist David Hoffmann still warns that the male fern will be poisonous if you take it too much. Therefore, you should take this herb only under the supervision of the experienced medical professional. And you remember not to take male fern if you are breastfeeding, anemic, pregnant, or if you have an intestinal or liver disorder.

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That’s all about “Top 19 best natural treatments for hookworms”. However, people always say that prevention is better than a cure. Thus, you ought to follow some simple tips below in order to prevent hookworms as well.

  • Trim your nails. That will help to prevent the dirt from collecting under your nails and decrease the risk of suffering from contamination
  • Wash the vegetables as well as fruits carefully before you eat
  • Cook the food well before you eat because it can kill any worms and parasites
  • Drink boiled water, particularly during the rainy season
  • Keep high levels of the personal hygiene. For example, you wash your hands carefully when you cook, before you eat, and after you use the toilet or play with your pets
  • De-worm the pets more often

In short, there are many treatments which you can apply in order to get rid of hookworms. We all hope that you will find the best and the most suitable treatment for hookworms after you read this article. Nevertheless, in some cases, a few treatments may cause some side effects. Therefore, you ought to consult the doctor’s advice before applying one of them. And if you want to know more information about other conditions and diseases, you should spend a little time visiting our main page Health. In case you have any questions or you know the different treatment, can you let us know by leaving us a message or a comment below?

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