All About Natural Whole Food Vitamins You Should Know

all about natural whole food vitamins

In these days, when life becomes busier, people tend to lack of time to take care of their health and body. Instead of consuming multiple types of healthy foods to supply a sufficient amount of nutrients to their body, they often choose some whole food vitamins supplements to save time. Therefore, nowadays, the demand for whole food vitamins is very high. If you want some convenient ways to improve your health, these supplements are not a bad solution. Nevertheless, taking in healthy foods is always the best method.

Seeing the fact that many people are looking for some sources of information about the whole food vitamins, this article is newly conducted by VKool to provide you these things. The thread will discuss some key information such as their ingredients, advantages and disadvantages of using the whole food vitamins, and other related topics as well. We hope that after reading it, you will have a relatively true perception about these vitamin supplements.

All About Natural Whole Food Vitamins You Should Know

1. What Is Natural Whole Food Vitamins?

“Whole food vitamins” is a common term that you have heard from people around you. Let’s solve the very basic question about it. What is the natural whole food vitamin?

Actually, whole food vitamins have ingredients from foods and their natural state, which are packaged in the form of a capsule or a pill as well. They also contain concentrated portions of whole healthy fruits and veggies. In fact, whole food vitamins are not synthetic extracts as many people think. In general, these vitamins are good for treating some diseases of deficiency. For example, people who suffer from scurvy which results from a lack of vitamin C have to supply this nutrient by taking in vitamin C. However, in addressing some chronic diseases, this approach is not very helpful. On the market, some whole food vitamins are superior in their quality, content, and especially their bioavailability.

Researchers have proved that it is better to absorb these vitamins by your gastrointestinal tract. The whole food supplement offers a high source of nutrition such as fatty acids, enzymes, and phytonutrients. A typical feature of whole foods is that they include the proper balance of nutrients like vitamins and minerals. They will interact with each other to work in synergy for the bioavailability. For instance, if your body wants to absorb calcium, it will need vitamin D as well.

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2. Special Needs For Whole Food Vitamins

whole food vitamins - special needs for whole food vitamins

As said above, people should not abuse the whole food supplements. In fact, there are some special needs for this nutrient. For example, some people require an extra amount of vitamins to support their diet. Especially, the medical condition can affect your digestion and ability to absorb nutrients. In that case, you also need to consume whole food vitamins. Moreover, those others who suffer from compromised immune systems, teenagers, smokers, athletes, and seniors are also the supplement requires. If you are in these situations, you should consider whether you need to take in this source of vitamins or not. Actually, some people who do not often consume fresh fruits and vegetables may lack required nutrients. Therefore, they should provide enough vitamins and minerals to their body to compensate the deficiency caused by not eating fruits and vegetables regularly. Besides, eating too much junk food also lead to the vitamin and mineral deficiency in your body, whole food nutrients could be beneficial in this case as well.

Although they bring a lot of health benefits to us, we should not abuse them, as said. Instead of consuming these sources of vitamins and minerals, you should switch to other natural sources like foods and drinks.

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3. Quality Of Whole Food Supplements

Of course, people always care about the quality of a product before purchasing and using it, especially a medical product like this supplement. It is expected to meet the certain required standards for safety and integrity as well. In the U.S, a good vitamin supplement needs to be conducted according to pharmaceutical GMP that is known as the same compliance, which is used by drug manufacturers. Furthermore, the best-rated vitamins are expected to be labeled with the Certificate of Analysis, which is considered as the evidence of a quality test. Besides, when you buy some whole food vitamins, you should look for UPS written on the label because it ensures some required standards for strength, disintegration, purity, and dissolution, which are established by the U.S Pharmacopeia. Give them a careful consideration before deciding to use these supplements. A superior product should meet those requirements, which means it is free from harmful contaminants as well as containing the actual ingredients as listed on the instruction.

The standards that we have mentioned above are based on the U.S standard. If you want to utilize the other lines of whole food nutrient, you should acknowledge the other country’s standard.

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4. Health Benefits Of Whole Food Vitamins     

whole food vitamins - health benefits of whole food vitamins

As you know, whole foods are necessary for a healthy diet, but many people still wonder whether the advantages of whole foods are also found in other nutritional supplements or not. Actually, it is possible if you choose the right kinds.

In fact, the average adulterated or isolated supplements cannot provide you what whole foods can, but the natural whole food vitamins can do that. They are considered as the whole food nutritional supplements, which contribute to strengthening and completing your balance diet. These sources of vitamins are made from organically grown, thereby containing a high concentration of natural nutrients. Generally, nutrient-dense whole foods are processed at low temperatures. After that, they are made your body ready to support the quick nutrient absorption and assimilation as well. Actually, if there are not these quality assurances, you and other consumers will bear some risks such as ingesting synthetic, nutrient-lessened, and pesticide-ridden supplements. As a result, these products will lead to the inefficiency and even harmfulness.

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4.1 Differences between organic whole food vitamins and isolated supplements

We suppose that you should acknowledge what the differences between organic and isolated whole food vitamins are. As mentioned before, there exists a lot of differences about nature and functions between two of them.

On the one hand, the whole food supplement contains essential vitamins, enzymes, minerals, as well as other nutrients that are necessary for the body nourishment. It is thanks to the fact that these sources of vitamins are extracted from the natural whole foods. Therefore, it is very easy for your body to absorb and assimilate these supplements. On the other hand, the isolated supplement is defined as a kind of synthetic nutrients that is produced in a laboratory.That is the biggest difference between two sources of nutrients. Because the isolated supplements are not natural, they will be treated like foreign substances when absorbed by your body. Moreover, they do not have the needed enzymes and micronutrients for the proper absorption as well as utilization. In general, your body will find it difficult to accept these sources of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.

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4.2 What benefits whole food vitamins brings to you

According to the ingredients of the whole food vitamins, almost all of them contain both spirulina and chlorella, which has the capacity of combating against cancerous cells. In fact, they help to rebuild the nerve tissue, detoxify the liver, and cleanse the blood as well. Particularly, spirulina is categorized as a high source of digestible protein. In comparison with the amount of digestible protein contained in beef, spirulina is twelve times more than that. It is an amazing figure. Also, the high concentration of potent phytochemicals in fruits and veggies will help you deal with many types of disease. One more thing is that the great combination of nutrients can give you a daily supplement, which largely contributes to improving your health in multiple ways. In reality, anecdotal evidence recommends that these sources of nutrients may be helpful to boost energy and fight against fatigue syndrome, depression, and digestive issue.

In fact, you are often recommended taking five serving consumptions of fruits and vegetables to gain enough vitamins and minerals. Nevertheless, it is quite not realistic in all circumstances. Hence, in addition to consuming fresh fruits and vegetables, you can seek for daily whole food vitamins because they can help. Besides, fresh supplies are often limited because your favorite fruits and veggies are seasonal. That is why you need whole food supplements. As said before, natural whole food vitamins have the bioavailability. This term reflects the ease that the extracted nutrients are allowed to be accessed and absorbed. In whole foods, you will get the optimal bioavailability.

You may also find many whole food supplements containing medicinal mushrooms such as lion’s mane, reishi, cordyceps, and maitake as well. Thanks to the powerful compounds in mushrooms, these whole food supplements have the ability to regulate blood sugar and at the same time, they reduce the blood pressure, which partly protects yourself from heart diseases. Furthermore, they are a great supporter for combating against cancers and enhance your immune system. Especially, lion’s mane itself contributes to stimulating nerve growth. In our opinion, it is very good to use some supplements extracted from mushrooms.

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5. Drawbacks When Consuming Whole Food Supplements

whole food vitamins - drawbacks when consuming whole food supplements

As you can see, whole food vitamins bring us a lot of benefits and convenience but at the same time they also have some drawbacks that suppose us not to abuse too much. Let’s consider some main problems when we utilize these organic sources of nutrients. After finding a lot of information, we would like to recommend you some following points.

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5.1 Whole Food Vitamins Are Less Heathy Than Natural Foods

Although it is said to be extracted from natural sources of fruits and vegetables, sometimes, whole food supplements are still less healthy than real foods.
Actually, it is hard for supplements to offer you all the beneficial nutrients contained in whole foods. For instance, fiber, which is defined as an indigestible form carbohydrate supporting the digestive system as well as heart health, is provided by whole foods. Meanwhile, supplements provide you vitamin C, lycopene, and other antioxidants excepting fiber. Additionally, B-complex supplements contain a lot of nutrients in the whole grain and legume. However, they do not supply the high concentration of protein and fiber that are included in these foods. In general, whole food vitamins cannot provide some nutrients in comparison with natural whole foods. Therefore, you should consider carefully before taking in these sources of nutrients and try to consume more real whole foods to have a better diet.

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5.2 Some Potential Risks

Firstly, you should know that consuming more than recommended dose is very risky for your health. Besides, if you use more than one type of whole food vitamins at the same time, you also need to be careful. That’s fine if your doctor tells you to do so. But if not, you are making something improper. Another situation is that you are taking the same vitamin together, you will suffer from vitamin overdose, which leads to some consequent side effects. You are also advised not to take whole food vitamins with milk and other dairy products, or any calcium-related elements because they are the obstacles for the absorption. Basically, you should know some following allergic reactions categorized as side effects such as hives, swelling of your face, tongue, throat, or lips, and difficulty breathing as well. Besides, you may suffer from some other symptoms including a headache, upset stomach, and unusual taste in your mouth.

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To avoid those side effects, you should come to see your doctor and ask for recommendations. If you have some medical conditions or allergies, you should aware of that. In some situations, you are not able to consume whole food vitamins as other people, thereby going to doctor is necessary. In addition, if you are during pregnancy or having a plan to be pregnant, your dose may be adjusted differently as well. It is because those sources of vitamins can have some negative effects on your baby. It is what you do not expect at all. Go to Pregnancy & Childbirth for more information

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In conclusion, besides many health benefits of whole food vitamins, you need to care about their own drawbacks as well. To avoid side effects, you are highly recommended talking with your doctor to receive accurate advice and feedback.

We have shown you almost all the facts about whole food vitamins. Do you find it useful to read this thread? Although there is a lot of related information that cannot be included in this article, we still believe that after reading it, you would get enough basic information about whole food vitamins. However, we highly recommend you visiting your doctor to ask for advice before using this vitamin source. If you have any comment and recommendation about our topic, you are invited to leave them below. It would be our big pleasure to receive your sharing, which enables us to discuss further and improve our threads in the future. For more information, please refer to our main site Health

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