Green Diy Energy Guide Review – Does It Really Work Or Just Hype?

green diy energy guide

If you are serious about building your own solar panels, then you are at the right place because my complete Green DIY Energy guide review will provide you with the real solution:

1. Green DIY Energy – What Is It?

2. Green DIY Energy Review – How It Works?

3. Green DIY Energy Review – Program Benefits

4. How Much To Get Started?

5. The Full Package Of Green Diy Energy

6. Is There Any Guarantee About The Effectiveness Of Green Diy Energy?

7. Does The Program Come With Any Customer Support?

Green diy energy review

Green DIY Energy – What Is It?

Green diy energy guide real user reviewGreen DIY Energy is a comprehensive training guide for the do-it-yourselfer that covers the planning, building and installation of solar energy systems and wind turbine systems. Normally, people have to pay thousands of dollars for solar energy. Yet, with the development of science and technology and some effort, today you can build your own solar panel for just a small fraction of the retail cost. This Green DIY Energy review is exactly what you need to find to start producing your own electricity. Based on the real experience of a user named Robert Nguyen, this Green DIY Energy guide review on VKool will walk you through a process of discovering the most honest and unbiased review about the truth behind this product.

In order to build your solar power, it is necessary for you to have the right tools as well as the proper techniques. This program is considered as the best guide of solar panel available which gathers all the best ideas as well as designs for establishing solar panels. In detail, this program gives users 7 videos that explain everything easily for them. The duration of each video is from 15 to 40 minutes. Besides, there are also ebooks included in this product that are designed to help people make use of whenever they want without complicated preparation. In general, this system is a comprehensive guide that can help people reduce their dependence on the energy fat cats and decrease their carbon footprint all while saving money. It sounds too good to be true, right? Keep reading my entire Green DIY Energy review to see how this product works and if it is as good as the claims or not.

Green diy energy pdf review

Green DIY Energy Guide Review – How It Works?

This program walks you through a process of learning the so called “Solar Village Method”, helping you build the complete energy system. This method gets involved in 7 simple steps to energy independence that were developed to help those villages in the third world nations manufacture their own power. These steps include:

  • Purchase solar cells
  • Build your own frame
  • Wire solar cells together
  • Paint, seal your frame
  • Mount those solar cells on frame
  • Link rows of the solar cells together
  • Mount protective cover on the frame

Green diy energy order

In this part of my Green DIY Energy guide review, I will introduce some remarkable, main features of this e-guide.

In the How-to energy guide, you will discover the introduction to creating electricity on small scale, how to find the solar cells at the minimum cost, and even for free, the places you can get materials and easy tips to maintain your own solar panel system.

Moving to the “how-to build your own solar panel” e-guide, you will learn detailed instructions, plans, colored images and diagrams for building the entire solar panel system, from A to Z. The panel in these instructions cost just $94 for all parts. In detail, you will learn steps to build a frame, tab solar cells, link your own solar cells into rows, and connecting those rows together. Also, this program provides you with the instructions on how to take the power that your own solar panels create to run your household energy demands, such as batteries, controller, inverter, and disconnects.

What is more? Inside this system, the producer also offers users the step-by-step DIY guide that explains the basics of PV solar panel installation and the process to obtain city permits to install the solar panels, then hook up to the electrical panel.

Additionally, in order to complete powerful solar panels, it is better for you to learn tips to hook up those multiple solar panels and tips to store your energy using the multiple batteries concurrently. Fortunately, this program also gives all of the above. What you need to do is to read on every instruction and follow them exactly.

With this program, you do not need to spend thousands of dollars on an expensive and professional energy audit for your house. By using the components in this e-guide, you could perform an effective and quick audit and find the largest energy wasters of your home with just a few simple steps.

In other words, aside from basic information and techniques on how to build a solar panel, you also learn how wind energy is produced, the different parts forming a wind generator, and how to purchase and establish your wind turbine.

In a nutshell, there will be no fluff here. With the help of this program, you will see precisely how to create your own turbine that will strongly produce energy for years.

Here are some testimonials of this product:

Green diy energy testimonial

Green diy energy comment

If you love DIY stuffs, then do not overlook the e-guides introduced in, such as steps on chicken coop building and model trains building steps.

Green DIY Energy Review – Program Benefits

When it comes to the benefits of this program that you can expect to gain, the list might be endless. However, in this part of my Green DIY Energy, I just can list down some noticeable benefits:

  • In fact, solar panels have been around for many years, and they really work. So, do wind turbine. Therefore, this is exactly proven technology that will work for you.
  • You could begin with the system without having to spend a large amount of money. With just a few hours of working and a few batteries, you will build your own wind turbine or solar panel
  • Nowadays, many people live to build portable systems for travelling or camping as it is free and could be harnesses at any place
  • The process of building your own system will make you feel relaxed and be educational and fun.
  • Excellent video production with well-lighted and bright environment
  • Using this program will allow you to not only save your money but also save electricity and protect the environment by reducing the carbon footprint

Green diy energy video guide

How Much To Get Started?

Today, you just have to spend less than a half of a hundred of dollars- $49 (instead of $97 as usual). This one-time payment will help you get the whole system of Green DIY Energy within next minutes. The main program comes in CD-ROM format with the full option of upgrading to DVD, book, and online version.

Just take action now and you will not have to regret about this lucid decision at all. Believe me!

Green diy energy order

The Full Package Of Green DIY Energy

After placing your order, you will receive the followings:

Main components:

  • The DIY guide – Solar Panel Systems
  • The “$98 Solar Panel” Guide
  • The DIY guide (bundle): includes installing and mounting solar panels guide and electrical wiring plans for the solar panels
  • DIY Home Energy Audit


  • Video Library
  • The DIY guide – Build Your Own Wind Turbine

Remember that the entire above are packed within just $49, you are going to get all of the components as well as bonuses of this system. There is no reason for you to deny such a powerful product like this.

Green diy energy bonus

Is There Any Guarantee About The Effectiveness Of Green Diy Energy?

Green diy energy money back guaranteeYou can totally trust the 60-day full money back guarantee when ordering this product. If for any reason, you are not 100% entirely pleased with the Green DIY Energy, you will get a full refund 100% of your order price, right away. There will be no hassle, delays, or question asked towards your requirement.  Just take up to 60 days to decide. Read throughout the e-guide, watch the instructional videos, and follow the guidelines. The producer wants customers to feel that this e-guide was worth even several times the price they paid for it. You do not risk anything upon using this product. Therefore, do not procrastinate to move the first step to build your own solar panel or wind turbine now!

Does The Program Come With Any Customer Support?

For any question about this product, simply contact the author via this address: support [at] GreenDIYenergy dot com

Have you experienced tips and techniques inside this system yet? Leave your ideas below to let other Do-It-Yourselfer decide whether or not this program is worth their hard earned money or not.

Drop your comments below if you want to contribute any idea about my entire Green DIY Energy guide review or any other entertainment topics. I will reply all soon!

Green diy energy order

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