18 Simple Ways To Be Happy In Life You Should Know

ways to be happy in life

Everybody has their own definitions or explanations of what called “happiness” is and how it means to them additionally. No matter what crossroads and challenges occurring or how lifestyle changes in your life, your happiness may be the truest matter at the final. Even though you are involved in any relationships, busy with work, have children, or in any other circumstances, you should remember to make yourself always happy.

While many factors affecting happiness, for example, genetics in your current life, are possible to be out of your control, there are various ways to be happy you can do on your own. And when you realize what makes you really happy, take care of yourself, practice self-love, and fly out of your comfort area then you will see how being powerful happy can be.

At present, VKool.com would like to show you simple ways to be happy in life you should know. All of the recommended ways and tips are effective and simple to apply even when you are alone without any fun. For those who are finding ways to have a better life, spend a little time reading our article to get more experience!

18 Simple Ways To Be Happy In Life You Should Know

1. Don’t Be Deep In Profundities

ways to be happy - dont be deep in profundities

Restricting yourself from starting everything with profundities is one of the ways to be happy in life. To process a happiness project, you should start with some basics such as not letting you too hungry or sleeping on time instead of answering deep questions without humorous senses or jumping in with lengthy meditation. It has been proved these 2 factors can give a big impact on your happiness indeed.

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2. Stop Insisting On The Best

There are occasionally 2 types of decision makers, one just makes their decision when all the necessary criteria are met and one always makes the best possible decision. For example, when they, ones of type one, have heard about how good that pasta sauce is or whether that hotel meets their quality, they are satisfied then decide to use the or not. However, the others of the second type can’t make their decisions even if they find these things satisfactory to what they want until they have examined each option. The noticeable thing to say is that the ones of the first type tend to be happier than the others of the second type who have to waste more time and energy giving a decision while always anxious about their choices. Therefore, you should not always try to make something best from the start as one of the ways to be happy in your life.

3. Release Anger

Your life may occasionally contain some black things making you angry, which makes you unhappy even stressed as well. If you are trying to process ways to be happy, you should control yourself by removing any irritations as soon as possible. In addition, you have to handle all of the daily problems before bedtime in order to ensure a good sleep for the next happy and energetic day. Don’t waste time dropping yourself in the hole of anger that just makes your life troubled and complicated.

4. Stop Nagging

ways to be happy - stop nagging

In fact, you cannot avoid napping in your daily life but it is a really a factor making you stressed and annoyed indeed. Of course, there will be some cases in which you need to snap someone because this urges them to do something on their own, for example, if you don’t nag your husband then he may never do housework around. However, if you handle problems in other trends without nagging, you can receive better results while not being stressed. Or in other words, quitting nagging is one of the effective ways to be happy. You may not realize how shrewish and angry you are when speaking like that to others and alternatively, you should follow persuasive tools like wordless hints or just use simple words instead of keeping talking on and on.  And the ways to be happy partly depend on how your characteristics are, so the way you make a talk is also under your control.

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5. Enjoy More New Things

Every day, people experience tons of events that bring them various feelings about life and one thing they should remember is that novelty and challenge are the key factors of happiness. When your brain is activated by a surprise and deals with this unexpected situation successfully, you will get a great sense of satisfaction indeed. It is the reason why enjoying more new things is one of the ways to be happy in your life. You can start new habits even playing a new game or traveling to some unfamiliar places instead of sticking to familiar activities already done before. Keep yourself motivated with any activities and enjoy them as much as possible to make your life more exciting and happier.

6. Don’t Treat The Blues Too Seriously

Sometimes you treat your blues too seriously that just after a few minutes of pleasure, you may get the feelings of guilt or lose your control and let other negative consequences take effect on your all day later. You should take a control of your mind by doing something around like having a few glasses of wine, eating an ice cream, smoking, or going shopping to pause asking whether your ways of resolving problems is true or not.

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7. Try To Control Everything

Another of the effective ways to be happy is your own attitude and reactions on everything around you. By this way, you can find wherever you are while being irrespective of how everything turns out. You may find this difficult to take control of everything but it is really a necessary part to make the transformation for you.

In fact, many people assume that their happiness actually depends on inborn temperament, which means that whether your life is happy or not is the matters of one’s characteristics. Although genetics play a significant role in this aspect but about 40% of the happiness level depends on one’s control indeed. Therefore, you should take the time to reflect and make conscious steps in order to get a happier life.

8. Exercise Enough

Exercising enough is really one of the effective ways to be happy. You may think that exercise is something impossible because of your limited time but you may be wrong as it just takes you about 10 minutes a day, which fits into your schedule.

It has been proved that exercise has a profound effect on your happiness level, which makes it ideal to be a strategy for those with depression. It helps you relax, lose weight, increase the brain power, and improve the body image. When the patients with depression were treated with exercise, medication, or a combination of them, they also experienced the similar improvement in their conditions, but the thing to say is how long their good feelings last. The answer is that up to 38% the ones who just took medications slipped back into depression while 31% of those with the combination of medications and exercise return to the first circumstance, which means exercising helped them to be happy more effectively indeed.

To be clear, exercise helps the brains by releasing proteins and endorphins to make you feel happier. In addition, it aids in losing weight thereby making your body more attractive as one of the ways to be happy as well, especially for women. The better your appearance is, the happier and more confident you are.

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9. Sleep More

ways to be happy - sleep more

Along with exercising, sleeping is also one of the ways to be happy in life as this makes you less sensitive to negative circumstances. Sleeping plays an important role in recovering the body from a hard-working day, repairing it, and keeping you focusing on everything and being more productive. You can just use a facial recognition task within a day then you will see that people working through the afternoon without a nap tend to react to negative emotions like anger and fear while the others with a nap have much higher ratings of positive expressions.

In the scientific aspect, it is explained that negative stimuli are processed by the amygdala while positive stimuli and neutral memories are processed by the hippocampus and the lack of sleep hits the hippocampus more than the amygdala. This is the reason why people with sleep deprivation often fail to recall their pleasant memories while gloomy memories are well recalled. However, you should also maintain your sleep in proper time such as 8 hours a day but not longer because this can make you more tired when waking up indeed.

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10. Rewire Brain For Happiness

As you know, meditation is often considered as a necessary habit for an improvement in clarity, focus, and attention span along with keeping you calm and the deep reason is that it is one of the ways to be happy. A study conducted by observing the brain scans of some people before and after their participation in an 8-week course of mindfulness meditation showed that people after this course parts had their brains involved in compassion and growth of self-awareness along with stress shrank. The reason is that meditation helps clear your mind and calm you down even it is appreciated to be most effective when used singly.

After a few minutes of meditation, you may experience feelings of contentment and calm along with heightened awareness and empathy. In addition, the regular meditation can permanently rewire the brain in order to improve the levels of happiness.

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11. Increase Happiness And Satisfaction

Keeping the gratitude of happiness and satisfaction is also one of the ways to be happy. It sounds like a simple strategy but it turns out to be different for a group of people indeed. In fact, there is a range of the ways to practice this kind of gratitude such as keeping a journal of something you are grateful for, communicating and sharing with your partner or friends every day, or showing your own gratitude to others when they help you.

There has been an experiment conducted on people who took note of everything they were grateful for every day and the result was that their moods were really improved just from those simple stuff. And the group of people with gratitude-outlook showed heightened well-being across some of the outcome measures of the studies while the effects on positive emotion turned out to be the most robust. In conclusion, an absolute concentration on blessings has emotional and interpersonal benefits indeed.

12. Get Outside More

Getting outside or spending time in the fresh air is another of the ways to be happy. It has been shown that spending just 20 minutes outside in the nice weather helps boost positive moods, broaden thinking, and improve working memories as well.

That means it is absolutely possible, just 20 minutes, for those with a strict schedule to go outside participating some entertaining activities.

For example, you can spend time outdoors on the beach on a sunny and warm weekend afternoon to relax after a hard week. In fact, people who staying or traveling in many natural environments are found to be much happier than those who just live in urban environments. More surprisingly, it has been indicated that current temperature can give bigger effect to the happiness levels of humans than variables like humidity and wind speed or even the average temperature during a day. 13.9 degrees Celsius is a perfect temperature of happiness, so you should pay attention to the weather forecast before going outside just for 20 minutes.

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13. Spend More Time With Family And Friends

You may know that money sometimes cannot buy happiness and just simply staying with your family and friends can help you be happy indeed. In fact, your social time becomes highly valuable when it improves your happiness even if you are introverts.

You are certainly happy when you have a family, you are certainly happy when you have friends and most of the other ways to be happy are actually just things of making more friends and family.

In other words, relationships to other people are your matters in life. According to some studies about the reference of men’s social connections to their overall happiness showed that the relationships of men at age 47experienced better late-life adjustment than any other variable. And good sibling relationships also have especially powerful, which was exhibited that up to 93% of men thriving at age 65 kept close to his sister or brother when younger. In fact, the changes in income can give you a lot of changes later, which sometimes gives you less happiness than before. The thing to say is that an increase in your annual income can be hundreds of thousands of dollars but you are still not happy if there is no increase in the strength and width of your social relationships. Maintaining good relationships as much as possible is really one of the important ways to be happy.

14. Smile More

ways to be happy - smile more

Smiling is always one of the ways to be happy. However, it is more effective if you back it up with positive emotions. A recent study has shown that workers of customer service departments who always keep fake smile all the day had worse mood and withdraw from work, which affects partly on the productivity while the others who smile because of cultivating positive thoughts like their children’s recital or a tropical vacation improve their mood thereby withdrawing less and more productive as well.

It is very important to practice real smiles in which your eye sockets are used. And you may see fake smiles that didn’t absolutely reach your eyes indeed. An advice is to keep smiling naturally with your mouth and eyes narrow then you can see how different it is from fake and genuine ones.

In addition, smiling helps you improve your attention and perform better on cognitive missions because it is one of the ways to be happy that makes you feel good enough to increase your flexibility and ability to think holistically. It is also an effective way to reduce the pains you feel in some troubling circumstances such as reducing your distress caused by a complicated situation.

15. Help Others

Helping others, not because of reliability but from your heart, is really one of the ways to be happy and meaningful in life. In fact, the experts and professionals advice to spend 2 hours a week or 100 hours per dedicating to helping other people since then enriching your lives. You can easily see how happy volunteers are when they help others and they keep chasing with social activities as long as possible.

In addition, spending money on others, called “social spending,” is also one of the ways to be happy. A study conducted on people to find out the differences in happiness between people who had previous purchase for themselves and the others for someone else indicated that the participants of group 2 got the feelings of happiness significantly more than people of group 1.and it is surprising that the happier people felt, the more likely they intended to spend money on others in the near future.

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16. Be Closer To Work

In fact, your commute to work can give a surprisingly powerful effect on your happiness levels. The fact that you tend to commute 2 times per day at least 5 days a week makes it certain that the effect will build up time to time and make you less happy.

When many voluntary conditions cannot affect your happiness in a long term as you acclimate to them, you may never get accustomed to your daily slog to work as a result of awful traffic sometimes. You may tend to compensate for commuting by buying a bigger house or taking a better job but, in fact, these compensations don’t still work. On the other hand, such factors cannot make up for the misery caused by a long commute. And instead of keeping the thought of tiring commute, you should be comfortable with it and work more responsibly as one of the ways to be happy.

17. Take A Holiday Plan a Trip

Traveling is always considered as one of the effective ways to be happy. You should spend time taking a holiday by just planning a break or a vacation out from work in order to improve your happiness. A study conducted before showed that the highest concentration of happiness was during the planning stage when people enjoyed their sense of anticipation. The effect of this anticipation just boosted happiness for 8 weeks and then happiness dropped back to the basic step after the vacation, unfortunately.

In addition, a study showed that people who only thought about watching a favorite movie experienced an increase in their endorphin levels up to 27%. Therefore, if you are impossible to take a vacation or just spend a night out with your friends right now, you can put all your plans on the calendar within a month or even a year, which will actually help you be happier.

18. Get Out Of Yesterday

Forgetting the past is something impossible but if you can give up yesterday with sad memories and even failure then you can be much happier indeed. In fact, you cannot find true happiness if you are always deep in the sadness as the baggage of your past or even just your fear in the future. Once you decide to get out of this area, you may become more deliberate on today and now and you can see this life contains much more worthy things than you have expected. And although it is very difficult to forget something ingrained in your minds, you should try to manage it as soon as possible as one of the ways to be happy in life.

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After reading our article on various simple ways to be happy in life you should know in our main Lifestyle page, hope that you can find out more effective ways to make your life more exciting and meaningful as you expect. Please let us know if you have any question or concern about this topic by leaving comments below and share with us if you know other ways to be happy in life.

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