15 Noticeable Health Benefits Of Skullcap Tea, Leaf, And Extract

health benefits of skullcap

Skullcap, the name of a perennial plant belonged to the mint family Lamiaceae sounds like a rough and rugged and can be found in primarily wet habitats of the North America. This herb is described to be a hardy and moderately sized plant with purple or blue flowers from the leaves based on the main stem. Although other species also use the name skullcap with some similar properties, blue skullcap is considered to be the best, so it has widely appeared in various applicable uses and other potent chemical compounds.

There is a wide range of the health benefits of skullcap because of the presence of flavones and various phenolic compounds that impact on the body in many ways. The herb has been traditionally used by Native Americans, Chinese, and many other countries in its forms of tea, extract, and leaf as well. Here can list some of the typical health benefits of skullcap like treating diabetes, preventing cancer, soothing the nervous system, improving sleep, reducing anxiety, aiding in weight loss, lowering inflammation, and balancing hormones.

It is time now for VKool.com to show you noticeable health benefits of skullcap tea, leaf, and extract. All of the recommended benefits have been consulted and investigated from reliable sources of information, meaning you can absolutely believe in it. For those who don’t know or wonder what the benefits of skullcap are, just spend a few minutes reading our article to have more experience!

15 Noticeable Health Benefits Of Skullcap Tea, Leaf, And Extract

1. Improve Liver Health

benefits of skullcap - improve liver health

Improving the liver health is known as one of the benefits of skullcap. If you are finding some ways to detoxify your body as well as boost your overall health, you can try on skullcap tea as a natural method because this herb is really related to increasing antioxidant activity of the liver, one of the slowest recovering organs in the body. By this way, your liver can function more effectively, meaning the metabolic process will be smoother with more toxin removal and more nutritious maintenance.

2. Manage Diabetes

Diabetes management is another of the benefits of skullcap for the health. The efficiency of using skullcap for insulin level regulation has been proved, which is certainly a positive information for the patients with diabetes indeed. While the regulation of insulin and glucose is essential, this herb plays a role in increasing the insulin production by the pancreas and regulating its levels in the body. In addition, skullcap has been associated with lowered cholesterol levels, the exacerbating factor in diabetes.

3. Promote Heart Health

Promoting the heart health is considered as one of the important benefits of skullcap.
The reason is that this herb can help regulate the cholesterol levels in the body including the reduction of bad cholesterol levels and increase good cholesterol levels. By this way, skullcap can decrease the chances of atherosclerosis, strokes, and heart attacks that often accompany with the plaque build-up in the arteries. In other words, it promotes the vein and artery health as an anti-inflammatory substance that lowers blood pressure and eases heart problems.

In fact, skullcap tea is a good choice if you tend to take advantages of the benefits of skullcap for your heart health. It has been found this kind of tea is able to reduce the chances of heart attacks and stroke in some certain instances besides treating allergies and some types of cancer. It is because this herb can regulate blood pressure and boost the blood circulation throughout the body, particularly to the brain. While there has been no exact medical treatment for heart diseases, you should try on skullcap tea that does not carry any discernible side effects while still improving your overall health.

4. Preventing Cancer

benefits of skullcap - preventing cancer

Preventing the risks of cancer is also one of the benefits of skullcap, which makes it has been long used as a natural treatment of cancer by Chinese. The reason is that this herb is believed to induce apoptosis known as the sudden death of cancerous cells, which bases on its antioxidant flavone components. Not only does skullcap inhibit the spread of cancerous cells but it also slows the tumor growth since then supporting other cancer treatments to win the ultimate battle with this serious disease. However, if you are going to apply this herb as one of your cancer treatments, you should consult a professional to get a proper dose as well as avoid unexpected side effects with your current drugs.

5. Treat Inflammation

The benefits of skullcap also include the ability to treat inflammation. In fact, its anti-inflammatory properties have been praised by Chinese for a long time because these properties are useful for conditions caused by excessive inflammation including inflammatory bowel and arthritis diseases. In addition, these anti-inflammatory properties can make an impact some conditions like Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease as well.

6. Treat Allergies

It is so amazing that the skullcap can help with even the most severe allergies and the treatment will be more effective if there is a combination of other herbs. In fact, skullcap tea contains many cleansing properties like an antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral ones that own significant cleansing use based on the antioxidants and flavonoids existed in it. This is the reason why this herb can help the body fight against many bad infections and diseases. And another of the benefits of skullcap gains from its antihistamine properties can help treat those with allergies as well. in other words, skullcap is packed by beneficial antihistamine that aids in fighting against fever and easing other seasonal allergies as well.

7. Relieve Pain

Relieving pain is the next one of the benefits of skullcap for the health, which depends on its certain analgesic qualities that help relieve pains in the body, especially the inflammatory reduction when consumed. Skullcap can be not only used in the form of tea but also in the form of a paste that is made from dried skullcap. This paste should be directly applied apply to the areas with pain so that significantly boosting the healing process of wounds or after recovery from an injury. In addition, small bruises and scrapes can also be more quickly healed when applying the paste of skullcap topically to because its phenolic compounds and flavones will promote blood flow under the skin surface and prevent infection as well.

8. Ease Anxiety

benefits of skullcap - ease anxiety

Easing anxiety and improving the nervous system is considered as one of the important benefits of skullcap. In fact, there is a wide range of herb that can give relief of stress and anxiety, which is explained by the presence of aromatherapy is these herbs as well as their essential oils to deal with anxiety and tension. Among hundreds of types of herb, Skullcap tea is always highly recommended because it helps regulate the hormones in the body, promote the release of endorphins, and balance the mood. Therefore, if you are troubled in constantly tense for no reason, have a break drinking a small cup of skullcap tea to experience. And phenolic compounds, antioxidant compounds in this tea, will provide you with the effects on the hormonal balance in many ways indeed.

In fact, skullcap tea has been used for 200 years as a therapeutic relaxant to relieve tension and the feelings of anxiety as well. To be clear, this tea eases the nervous system, reduce paranoia, muscle tension, and the feelings of uneasiness. By this way, it is beneficial not only for sleeping but also for many symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome.

9. Relax Body

As mentioned above, skullcap tea is very beneficial in relieving anxiety, which partly aids the nerve system. Additionally, there are many other nerve conditions that are related to the benefits of skullcap tea such as epilepsy, stress, and even PMS symptoms through the regular consumption of this tea. It can actually reduce the frequency and severity of tension headaches, which makes it highly recommended as a way to fight high blood pressure by herbalists and for those who have recovered from a night with heavy drinking.

10. Treat Insomnia

If you are suffering from insomnia whose symptoms are the lack of sleep, difficult to fall asleep, and early waking, you can abuse skullcap as a natural treatment due to its active ingredients. While this herb helps you relieve anxiety and stress, it can effectively aid your sleep and make you easier to fall asleep and maintain it.

In a scientific aspect, this herb has a chemical called wogonin that acts as a sedative. The studies before indicated that this chemical can relax and help individuals fall asleep in amounts of 7.5 to 30mg. However, wogonin is only one of many helpful compounds presented in skullcap for insomnia treatment. In conclusion, people who suffer from insomnia on a regular basis should take the certain benefits of skullcap by consuming its tea form consequently.

On the other hand, because possible sedative effects, the consumption of skullcap should avoid being combined with other medications that lead the same effects like antidepressants, anticonvulsants, and barbiturates. For example, taking this herb with valerian, another anti-anxiety herb, can cause compound effects indeed.

11. Treat Nervous Disorders

Preventing and treating nervous disorders is another of the benefits of skullcap. If you are suffering from a nervous problem, you may have to experience seizures and other spasmodic side effects resulted from a problem in the nervous system. In fact, skullcap tea can help soothe this important system and restrict these episodes, which makes used as a traditional way to reduce seizure severity and frequency in certain patients. It is advised to add skullcap to your diet as a daily drink to get the positive benefits of skullcap for your nervous system.

12. Prevent Memory Impairment

benefits of skullcap - prevent memory impairment

It has been recently indicated that skullcap could prevent the risks of memory impairment because of its oroxylin A that is known as an antioxidant presented in its roots. This antioxidant, in fact, can help prevent memory impairment caused by the amyloid beta that is known as a substance forming the brain plaques thereby reducing the risks of Alzheimer’s disease.

13. Prevent Parkinson’s Disease

The health benefits of skullcap also include the ability to protect nerve cells against damage related to Parkinson’s disease that is considered to be a chronic condition causing tremor, the stiffness of the trunk and limbs, slowing of movement, and impaired balance and coordination. It is because this herb contains an antioxidant called baicalein that is very helpful for restricting the occurrence of this specific disease.

14. Aid In Weight Loss

In fact, the benefits of skullcap on weight loss have not been clear yet, but the reduction of triglycerides caused by this herb is believed to help with rapid weight loss when followed with a proper diet. And after necessary research is done, you will be surprised with what skullcap can make for you in losing weight aspect.

15. Some More Warning

Besides various benefits of skullcap for your health, you should always pay attention to regulating appropriate doses in order to avoid unexpected side effects. An over-consumption of this herb can cause nausea, giddiness, lightheadedness, and seizures in extreme cases. In addition, you should get skullcap from a certified and trusted source while not combining it with other medicines, other medicines for diabetes as an example, unless you are allowed to do by your doctor.

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