24 Home Remedies For Hearing Loss And Deafness

home remedies for hearing loss and deafness

Hearing loss and deafness can affect anybody at any age. Besides, people with hearing loss and deafness have to face many difficulties and problems during their whole life. Luckily, hearing loss and deafness can be cured with many home remedies. It is highly recommended excluding foods such as fatty meats, dairy products, and sugary foods from your diet to relieve your hearing loss. Additionally, there are many other home remedies for hearing loss and deafness that you can try at home.

Top 24 Home Remedies For Hearing Loss And Deafness You Should Not Skip

In this article, I will show you some of the home remedies for hearing loss and deafness in details, so if you want to learn more about ear health and the ways to treat hearing loss at home, keep your eyes on this article.

I. Some Causes Of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss, which is a damage in hearing, can be caused by various causes, such as loud sound exposure, taking certain drugs, heart stroke, Meniere’s disorder as well as some genetic diseases. Also, hearing loss can be irritated by some genetic behaviors. Plus, squeezed nerves in the upper backbone column or neck can negatively affect the hearing sense. Accumulations of mucous and excess fat in the internal ear can also cause hearing loss.

II. Some Symptoms Of Hearing Loss

Some of the common symptoms of hearing loss and deafness:

  • Regularly asking other people to speak more slowly and loudly
  • Requiring to increase the volume of the radio or TV
  • Muffling of speech as well as other sounds
  • Drawback from conversations
  • Difficulty in hearing consonants
  • Difficulty in realizing words

III. Top Home Remedies For Hearing Loss That You Should Know:

Here are 24 best home remedies for hearing loss that you should know and then try to follow these natural treatments for good. These home remedies are:

1. Tea Tree Oil 

 home remedies for hearing loss - tea tree oil

This is the first one of the best home remedies for hearing loss and deafness that you should know and then try to follow for good!

Tea tree oil has some positive effects on treating hearing loss and deafness. For the best results, you take in 3 drops of tea tree oil, 2 tbsp. of olive oil, 1 tsp. of colloidal and 1 tsp. of apple cider vinegar. You mix all of them well and then heat this mixture. After that, you place this mixture into your affected ears. Allow it to sit on for about 5 minutes.  Follow this method for about 4 times daily for more than 2 days for the best results.

2. Beta-carotene And Antioxidants

Foods that contain beta-carotene and antioxidants are very effective in treating hearing loss and deafness. Foods that are rich in beta-carotene, as well as other carotenoids, include tomatoes, watermelons, tangerines, apricots, sweet potatoes, asparagus, broccoli, beets, cantaloupes, corn, carrots, squash, spinach, pink grapefruit, peaches, mangoes, pumpkins, kale, nectarines and green peppers. Also, foods that are rich in antioxidants include eggplants, beans, onions, prunes, red grapes, alfalfa sprouts, raisins, plums and apples.

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3. Bone Marrow 

To get the best results, you can consider making a bone marrow soup with some calve bones or sheep bones. You can add 3 pounds of bones and 1/3 cup each of black beans, kidney beans, and adzuki beans, 2 diced carrots, 2 diced celery stalks, 1/2 cup of dried seaweed and 1 sliced onion to about 8 cups of water in a pot. Add 1 tsp. each of turmeric, cumin and black pepper to this season. For the best results, do not use salt.

4. Other Traditional Chinese Herbs

Hawthorn berry can activate blood flow and it can be good for preventing hearing loss. Some other traditional Chinese herbs used to help healthy hearing sense are wild yam, rehmannia, schizandra, and magnetite.

Actually, they are actually home remedies for hearing loss and deafness that you should not look down, but try to make use of them for your better hearing sense.

5. Cajeput Oil 

home remedies for hearing loss - cajeput oil

One of the most effective home remedies for hearing loss and deafness is cajeput essential oil. To get the best results, you had better massage front and behind your ears by a few drops of cajeput essential oil to help improve your hearing sense.

6. Vitamin B12 And Vitamin D

According to a study about the importance of vitamin B12 [1], vitamin B12 is important for the nerves and cells. It has been found that people who have a deficiency of vitamin B12 are prone to developing hearing loss as well as other hearing problems as they age. Addition to this, foods that are rich in vitamin D can also help in maintaining your hearing ability and it is commonly found in milk, tofu, salmon, eggs, and salami. Also, it aids to maintain the bone density ratio that can protect you from the development of some diseases.

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7. Table Salt

One of the most effective home remedies for hearing loss that you should not skip out must include table salt. For an instant result, you can heat a cup of table salt in a pan or microwave for about 4 minutes. After that, you spread the salt on a clean cloth and then tie the cloth’s edges to make a round leak proof poultice. Finally, you place this cloth on your affected ear for about 10 minutes to get good effects. It is recommended to repeat this home remedy as many times as possible daily.

8. Onion 

Onion is known as one of the greatest home remedies for hearing loss and deafness. In order to use onion for dealing with hearing loss and deafness, you macerate about 300g of onion in 1 liter of water and allow it to stand for at least half a day. For the best results, you should drink 3 glasses of this solution on a daily basis. Alternatively, you can place onion packs in your affected ear for treating middle-ear infection in children.

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9. Marjoram 

The herb marjoram offers citrus flavors as well as sweet pine. In fact, marjoram is very effective for lowering blood pressure thanks to its anti-arteriosclerotic properties. So, the herb marjoram may be helpful in case your hearing loss and deafness is caused by poor circulation in the ear. In order to get the best results, you add 1 tsp. of dry marjoram to a cup of hot water and then allow it to stand for about 5 minutes. It is suggested to drink 2 cups of marjoram tea daily. However, you should remember not to drink this solution for more than 10 days.

10. Ginkgo Biloba Extract 

Weak blood circulation in the brain can result in memory problems, poor concentration, dizziness, hearing loss, vertigo tinnitus as well as many other conditions. Ginkgo biloba extract may be effective in dealing with some related tinnitus and noise caused hearing loss. To get the best results, you should use 60-240 mg of ginkgo biloba extract on a daily basis.

11. Apple Cider 

Apple cider is among the most effective home remedies for hearing loss and deafness because it contains zinc, potassium, magnesium and manganese. This treatment can help reduce both of the permanent and temporary noise-caused hearing loss. If you want to use apple cider for curing hearing loss and deafness, you should take 1 tsp. of cider vinegar and 1 tsp. of honey in a cup of water. You should drink 3 cups of this solution per day during your three main meals. However, if you notice the heartburn, you had better use less of this solution.

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