11 Ways on how to prevent bladder infections naturally

Bladder infections, also known as another name urinary tract infection (UTI), are a quite common disease in adults. Its name involves in a bacterial infection occurring in any urinary tract such as the ureters, urethra, kidneys or bladder. Although this disease appears suddenly, it can recur in the long-term. So, the early and actual treatment is the key to preventing the growth of the infection.

The main reason for bladder infections is bacteria that enters the urethra and approach the bladder and causes this disease. In general, people can flush the bacteria out during urination. But they have also promoted the protection of the prostate gland that generates the protective hormones as a safe factor against these bacteria. However, there are some cases in which bacteria attaches to the bladder walls and grows quickly. This restricts the body from destroying them and leads to a bladder.  Besides, there are some other factors increasing the risk of bladder infections in the adults. They include advanced age, insufficient fluid intake, immobility, a urinary catheter, urinary obstruction, narrowed urethra, urinary tract abnormality, urinary retention, bowel incontinence, enlarged prostate, diabetes, and pregnancy.

Anyone is possible to have bladder infections, but women may get them more easily than men because of the difference between their urethras. Bladder infections can cause back pain that can be involved in the kidneys. In this case, you have to feel the pain on the both sides or the middle of your back. Such symptoms reveal that the bladder infection has already spread to the kidneys and become more serious. So the careful treatment for theses is also essential.

In this article, VKool.com will show you 11 useful ways on how to prevent bladder infections naturally without any side effect. This article listed the best methods to prevent and reduce the risk of this disease effectively at home from reliable sources. However, it is not intended to give medical advice and it is solely for the informational purpose. Keep reading this article to learn these useful methods to prevent bladder infections quickly and effectively.

Top 11 Ways On How To Prevent Bladder Infections Naturally

1. Drink Lots Of Water

how to prevent bladder infections - drink lots of water

Drinking more water is a common way on how to treat bladder infections. This water shows 2 advantages including getting rid of bacteria from your bladder and diluting your urine.

The urine is the final product of acids and waste from your body. Particularly, dark urine is much acidic and is often more painful to pass if you are getting a bladder infection while the diluted urine is usually lighter and doesn’t burn as well.

You should drink lots of fresh water and avoid some caffeinated beverage such as tea, coffee, and soda. Caffeine can be harmful to your bladder even if you get an infection.

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2. Urinate Frequent

how to prevent bladder infections - urinate frequent

Bacteria can develop in the bladder because of many reasons. If you don’t get it out of your body when necessary, its growth can be increased. And one of the ways on how to prevent bladder infections is urinating frequently.

It’s essential to urinate after a sex. This is because sexual activity can force bacteria to move deeper in the men and women’s urethra. So, urinating as soon as having sex can get rid of bacteria from the urinary tract and make it impossible to settle or cause an infection.

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3. Keep Clear Hygiene

how to prevent bladder infections - keep clear hygiene

Keeping a clear hygiene is really effective way on how to prevent bladder infections naturally. You have to remember to wipe from the front to the back as soon as using the bathroom. You should not tend to reach from behind as germs from the rectum are able to move to your hand as well as the tissue. After bowel movements, you should clean the around area of the anus gently and keep wiping from the front to the back, and never use a tissue for twice of wiping. Any wiping movement near to the rectum and able to reach the bladder opening area can move effectively pathogenic bacteria nearer to the bladder.

You should follow 4 tips below to prevent the bladder infections:

  • Avoid taking a shower too long because the bath water may become contaminated rather quickly to the bather’s skin. Sitting too long in a tub makes the condition for bacteria move to the bladder opening area.
  • Wash and rinse well from the front to the back in the bath or shower. Notice that douches have never proven to be helpful in preventing bladder infections.
  • Use tampons. You should use tampons during the menstrual period but not pads or sanitary napkins. It is because Tampons can hold the bladder opening area cleaner and drier than a sanitary pad can do, so the growth of bacteria will be limited.
  • Avoid too long intervals between 2 urinations. You should empty your bladder at least once for 4 hours in the day even if you don’t have the need. And remember not to hold “it” in your bladder till you get a convenient place or time since this is very harmful to your bladder.

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4. Apply Heat

how to prevent bladder infections - apply heat

Low heat over your abdominal region may soothe the dull ache which is able to be a symptom of bladder infections.

If these anti-inflammatory meds do not act for you, try on a heating pad alternatively. Put the pad on a towel and center the heat on your bladder. Besides, you can try on a warm, moist compress.

5. Keep A Proper Diet

how to prevent bladder infections - keep a proper diet

A proper diet is an important way on how to prevent bladder infections. Before each meal, you should drink 1 extra glass of water. If your urine still appears darker than a very pale yellow color, your body is not still supplied with enough water. So you have to take in much more water as you can.

In addition, you should consume cranberry juice or cranberry pills in your diet. They have been proved to be beneficial in treating bladder infections, especially in young women or women who get reoccurring infections. They have been used for this usage for generations so you can believe in them. However, you should still consult your doctor if you tend to consume cranberry juice as a natural treatment for the bladder infection. And it is also effective for each person, so someone may feel that it is not useful as they expect.

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6. Take Appropriate Dress

how to prevent bladder infections - take appropriate dress

The ways on how to treat bladder infection include having an appropriate dress. Just think casual, flowy and relaxed. Clothing which lets your skin breathe easily can help in keeping the bacteria in the urinary tract at bay.

Moisture is an ideal ground for bacteria to develop, even in the bladder or anywhere else. Some clothing like cotton underwear, skirts or loose pants can boost the air circulation and restrict the growth of bacteria. On the other hand, tight jeans or other snug-fitting pants may trap moisture in the most delicate area thereby create a convenient environment for bacteria.

Remember not to wear tight-fitting clothes that are made from non-breathing materials because these fabrics can build up the accumulating moisture. This causes the maceration of the skin and the over growth of bacteria in the opening area of the bladder. So, cotton underwear for common use is advised.

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7. Use Diaphragms And Condoms Carefully

how to prevent bladder infections - use diaphragms and condoms carefully

For women, the usage of a diaphragm for contraception can lead to the risk of getting bladder infections. The reason is that this diaphragm may push on your bladder and restrict it from emptying completely when urinating.

If you use a diaphragm and get bladder infections again, you might have to change your method of contraception and there are quite many of them you can find. If you choose condoms as your method, you should use ones that don’t maintain spermicidal lubricant on. This is because the spermicidal lubricant can lead to an irritation and make the risk of bladder infections easier. So, try to use condoms free of spermicidal lubricant to protect your body from this disease soon.

Bladder infections, even recurring cases, are not actually serious enough to take effects your overall health. And there is also vaccine protecting you against bladder infections. On one day, bladder infections will no longer exist, but home remedies or prescription of doctor are still good for you until then.

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8. Have Proper Medications

how to prevent bladder infections - have proper medications

Having a proper medication is also a way on how to prevent bladder infections. For instance, an estrogen vaginal cream can help in increasing the resistance to bladder infections. This cream is recommended for women after menopause. The estrogen vaginal cream also helps maintain the tissues around the bladder clear, healthy and more opposed to infection.

You should just take antibiotics as the direction of your doctor. When you get bladder infections, your doctor may prescribe antibiotics to deal with your problem and the length of treatment depends on the specific drug you will take in. It is necessary to follow the medication for the full course even though you feel better. But you should make sure that the harmful bacteria are out of your system and cannot come back again.

In some cases, a small take of urinary antibiotic and antiseptic a day is helpful in preventing urinary infections and enables the bladder to heal and retain its natural resistance. In other cases, patients are advised just to take an antibiotic when they are getting an infection. So, you have to ensure an exact medication and contact your doctor when necessary.

Be aware that your medications can be essential for a year or even more because it depends on the nature and severity of your infection problem.

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9. Pain Relievers

how to prevent bladder infections - pain relievers

If you are bearing severe bladder infections, you may feel the pain in the pelvic region whether you’re urinating or not. You can use antibiotics to feel better, but it takes too long, 1 or 2 days, to kick in your pain.

In some emergency, you can consume pain relievers to get rid out of the pain immediately, but remember to ask your doctor before taking them. Pain relievers are also known as one of the ways on how to prevent bladder infections. These pain relievers will help you to feel better when you are waiting for the antibiotics to start acting.

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10. Treat Constipation

how to prevent bladder infections - treat constipation

Constipation can boost the chance of developing bladder infections. So treating this disease is one of the ways on how to prevent bladder infections. Below are some of the recommended treatments for constipation:

  • Drink lots of water (at least 1.5 liters a day)
  • Promote the amount of fiber in the diet (from 20g to 30g fiber per day)
  • Use a mild laxative in a short time

If these remedies don’t have effects on you, you should go to see your doctor as soon as possible.

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11. Be Careful With Activities

how to prevent bladder infections - be careful with activities

There are some notices that you have to pay attention to prevent the risk of bladder infections. Firstly, when participating in physical exercise or activities, you have to make sure that your bladder is frequently empty and your body is supplied with enough water.

Secondly, take some precautions after sexual activity. This activity can increase the risk of bladder infections because it allows bacteria to enter into the bladder area. The bladder is advised to be emptied after intercourse thereby you should have a urinary antiseptic or antibiotic as soon as having sexual activity. This is followed by the direction of your doctor, indeed.

Finally, avoid using spermicidal jelly. It can kill sperm and normal vaginal florae, which are very important in restraining colonization with pathogenic bacteria.

To get more information related to health problems, go to our main How To page. After studying the writing of 11 useful methods on how to prevent bladder infections, hope that this article will help you learn more some easy and simple ways to prevent the risk of this disease effectively. All these remedies are safe, natural, cost effective as well as easily available for preventing the disease. But do not forget that you have to try the remedies only after carrying out a small test, check your body reaction, and then continue using your suitable methods. If you have any question or comment, please leave them below, I will respond you as soon as possible. Also, you can share your experiences with us if you know other ways on how to prevent bladder infections.

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