How to prevent asthma attacks at home effectively

Asthma is a disease related to respiratory system that your ariways narrow and swell with the production of extra mucus. This can lead to shortness of breath and coughing, wheezing.

In some cases, asthma attacks can interfere with your daily activities and even threaten your life. The symptoms of asthma are often shortness of breath, wheezing, coughing, chest tightness, pale and sweety face, blue lips or fingernails, difficulty talking…. However, we often see mild asthma attacks are more common than severe asthma.

In order to prevent the mild asthma from being more serious, you need to know how to prevent asthma attacks effectively.

How To Prevent Asthma Attacks At Home Effectively – 10 Good Home Remedies

There are many factors that can affect on the asthma attacks. You should know about them well, since then, know how to prevent asthma attacks at home effectively without using drugs. In this writing, we show you some popular things you need to avoid so as to prevent asthma attacks effectively that can be very useful for you to refer, including:

1. Avoid Smoking:

how to prevent asthma-avoid smoking

You should avoid all sources of smoke such as tobacco, candles, fires, incense, fireworks and the public places that permit smoking. Smoking is one of the common reasons of many diseases like heart diseases, blood pressure, especially the mixture of smoke and asthma will make asthma worse. In order to prevent asthma attacks, avoiding smoking is a necessary thing to do. This action is really not only good for asthma attacks but also for your healthy life.

2. Avoid Allergies And Harsh Cleaning Products And Chemicals:

how to prevent asthma-avoid allergies and harsh cleaning products and chemicals

It is very important to limit your touch with allergens. Allergens have extremely bad effect on asthma. It can make the inflammation of the airways in asthma patients increase temporarily, since then, asthma attacks become more susceptible. Besides that, you also notice to the environment like in a restaurant that allow cigarette smoking or the things that can cause your asthma attacks like feather pillows and down comforters. That is why you should avoid exposure to the allergens in order to prevent asthma attack more effectively.

One of the common asthma triggers is fumes from household cleansers. The patients with asthma should avoid inhaling this fumes and touching it as much as possible. It also can help prevent asthma attacks effectively.

3. Avoid Colds: tránh cảm lạnh

how to prevent asthma-avoid colds

Colds can be one of the main reasons that make your asthma attacks become worse. Hence, you need to stay well and take protective measures to protect yourself or patients with asthma from colds. In addition, you should pay attention to wash your hands cleanly after the things that can transmit other diseases like respiratory infection.

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4. Avoid Pets In Bedrooms Or On Furniture:

how to prevent asthma-avoid pets in bedrooms or on furniture

Pets are always one part of our life. Many of us have a pet in house. However, pet dander is one of the common asthma trigger that the patients with asthma should avoid touching. Like allergies, pet dander can affect on your respiratory system seriouly and make asthma attacks become worse.

5. Remove Mold And Pollen:

how to prevent asthma-remove mold and pollen

Mold and pollen are also the common asthma triggers. How to prevent asthma attacks at home also includes removing mold from your house. So as to reduce it in your house, you need to remove household plants, avoid all the flowers whose pollen can lead to your asthma as well as maintain your house always clean and dry. In addition, you can open the window to get the new fresh air inside your house.

6. Control Stress:

how to prevent asthma-control stress

Intense emotions and worry when you are having stress can make the asthma symptoms worse. Hence, if you want to reduce the risk of asthma attacks, you should do something to relieve stress and have a healthy and happy life. There are many ways to relieve stress.

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7. Pay Attention To The Weather: 

how to prevent asthma-pay attention to the weather

For many asthma patients, the weather conditions have serious affect on their disease. The weather is extremely too hot, too humid or poor air also can make asthma symptoms become seriously. In order to minimize the bad affect from the environment on your asthma, you need to limit your outdoor activities if the weather is not good for your disease.

8. Follow Asthma Action Plan:

how to prevent asthma-follow asthma action plan

Every asthma patient should have a detailed plan for managing an asthma attact that showed by your doctor or healthcare team. And you need to follow it well. A good asthma action plan can help reduce the risk of asthma attacks. In order to improve the asthma, you need to monitor and treat regularly.

9. Minimize Dust Exposure:

how to prevent asthma-minimize dust exposure

Dust is really a bad factor for the asthma in general and for the respiratory system in particular. Limiting dust exposure is one of the common ways on how to prevent asthma attacks effectively. Carpets and heavy drapes in your rooms are the ideal places of dust. So if you want to limit dust exposure, you need to remove them out of your rooms, at the same time, wash all bedding in hot water.

10. Killing The Roaches:

how to prevent asthma-killing the roaches

Keep your house always clean does not mean your house do not have roaches. If you want to prevent asthma effectively, you should pay attention to problems with cockroaches, one of the common factors that lead to asthma attacks. It is necessary to find out more solutions to remove them from your home such as keeping the foods and pet food in good conditions with cover or lids or taking out the trash. Do every thing to prevent cockroaches from living in your house.

Here are 10 effective ways on how to prevent asthma attacks at home that we want to share with you. Reading it and let us know your idea or question about this topic by commenting in the following part of this writing.

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