The Ex Factor Guide Review – Will Brad’s Program Work For You?

the ex factor guide review

Updates: 08/2/2024

If you are wondering whether or not you should give Brad Browning’s dating tips for women a try, then my The Ex Factor guide review will offer you the best answer:

1. The Ex Factor – What Is It?

2. The Ex Factor Guide Review – How It Works?

3. The Ex Factor Guide Review – Product Benefits

4. Cost Of The Ex Factor?

5. The Full Package Of The Ex Factor

6. The Ex Factor – What’s About Guarantee?

7. Does The Author Offer Any Support?

The Ex Factor – What Is It?

The ex factor guide real user reviewsThe Ex Factor , created by Brad Browning, is a comprehensive dating guide for women that attempts to show them how to get back together with their ex boyfriend after he has ended the relationship. After hearing the evaluation of a real user named Min Hoang, I fully recommend “The Ex Factor” as the number one choice if you are really serious about getting your ex back. To put in simple words, decides to introduce to you a detailed The Ex Factor guide review about the remarkable features and benefits of this new product.

The main guide of this product consists of 133 pages and is broken down into 13 chapters.  With the use of The Ex Factor, the author covers every possible scenario and “What if”, meaning that by the time you have finished reading the program, all of your questions about handling various situations with men have been answered in depth. Besides, not only will you get the detailed instructions on how to get your ex back, but you also discover hundreds of real-world examples on how to apply the techniques introduced in this e-guide. In fact, the program has been researched and tested by couples in the real world. Additionally, the author has decades of experience working with different couples to fix broken relationships, so you will get dozens of ground breaking, and unique ideas that might not be revealed anywhere else. To understand how this product works, you should take a look at the next part of my The Ex Factor guide review.

The Ex Factor Guide Review – How It Works?

In the first part, I have mentioned that this program contains several chapters. Each chapter covers different aspects of dating tips for women. The followings are the preview of each one. Just take a look:

  • Chapter 1: the author introduces to you the reason that you are alone. Though the reason of breakup might be rather numerous and varied, most of them are all related to the factor that your boyfriend has lost his attraction for you.
  • Chapter 2: you are going to learn different attractive female qualities. The list introduced will help you find that what attractive characteristics you have and what not. Those characteristics can be femininity, social skills, having specific goals in life, and much more.

  • Chapter 3 – this chapter is opposite to the previous one as it uncovers to you unattractive characteristics. Normally, men leave their girlfriends and wives as the attraction disappears. Actually, there are some reasons why attraction fades. And, this chapter will reveal those reasons and how to avoid them effectively.
  • Chapter 4 – the chapter reveals how panic and acceptance’s role play in a relationship. The author recommends women that all they need to do now is to accept their current situation and stop putting pressure on their man.
  • Chapter 5 – the chapter focuses on pointing out that it is imperative that women do not initiate contact their ex-boyfriend for at least one month. By this way, they may help their boyfriend back. In reality, there are some scientific reasons why this will help you, as a woman, get your man back. Once you stop reaching out and trying to contact him, he will wonder why. Also, by not trying to contact your boyfriend, you will also be doing yourself a favor as it will prevent you from acting like a jackass around that man.

The ex factor table of content

  • Chapter 6 – this chapter provides you with a unique strategy that encourages you to start dating with other men. This is considered as the best tip for “moving on” and has helped thousands of women get their ex boyfriend back. Moreover, the author also offers you tips on how to let him know that you are dating, what should you do if he is currently dating other girl already.
  • Chapter 7 – the chapter will introduce to you steps to do if the ex boyfriend starts to contact you.
  • Chapter 8 – approaching the opposite situation of the chapter 7. You are about to learn what if your ex boyfriend does not contact.
  • Chapter 9 – once you start get his attention to you back, you should create a detailed, solid plan before actually meeting up. This chapter will supply you with what you should do to get the best date possible.
  • Chapter 10 – after covering tips on how to plan a romantic, great date after breakup, reading this last but not least important chapter will help you know how to seduce your man again.

Brad claims that more than 90% of all relationships could be salvaged. Presented in a user-friend structure, I believe that this product will help you get amazing result that you might not think about.

Here are some testimonials of The Ex Factor Guide:

The ex factor testimonial

The ex factor success stories

The Ex Factor Guide Review – Product Benefits

In order to get your ex back, there are a lot of questions regarding this problem. When reading the dating e-guide for women, you will get the exact answers of your questions so you will make necessary changes in your own life and start getting back together.

The followings are some of questions that will be answered in this e-guide:

  • What are attractive and unattractive characteristics?
  • Should you contact her and how?
  • How do you heal from the pain?
  • What shouldyou do if he contacts/does not contactyou?
  • How does the creator teach you to take of control and begin dating him again?
  • How does the creator teach you to seduce him?
  • Are there any magic words or body language you should use?
  • How do you then maintain a healthy relationship?

Watch this video to see how Jen Garth evaluated this product:

Cost Of The Ex Factor?

Now, you have a chance to use the product of The Ex Factor for 30 days of free. Then, after 30 days, if you decide this product is useful and want to have Brad’s guide for a lifetime access, with just $47 – a one-time payment, you will get instant access to the whole package of The Ex Factor. The components of this product are presented in PDF format that is so convenient for everyone to make use of on their own computer right from their comfort home. There will be no handling or shipping cost at all when you order this product. That will allow you to save time as well as money in comparison with using other products. So, do not hesitate to move the first right now!

The ex factor guide book download

The Full Package Of The Ex Factor

Taking action now to order The Ex Factor from Brand Browning and you will get:

  • The main guide of The Ex Factor system
  • 5 Hour Pro Audio Course
  • 3-Part Pro Video Series
  • Bonus 1 – Text The Love Back e-book
  • Bonus 2 – Simple Steps To Sex Appeal e-book

Keep in mind that the entire above are packed within just $47. You do not have to pay any extra fee when getting them. Is it attractive enough to encourage you to take action?

The ex factor guide member login and download


The Ex Factor – What’s About Guarantee?

the ex factor guide money back guaranteeThe author, Brad Browning, acknowledges that most clients may be hesitant on trying something new like this. However, you will not know how effective this dating guide is and how it can benefit you until you give it a try. That is why he offers you, as a customer, a policy of 60-day full money back guarantee. From now, if you place an order, you could start using this product. However, in case it is not as good as your expectations, you can require a full refund. There will be no hassle or question asked regarding your requirement. The author wants to make sure that customers will be satisfied with their investment. If not, they will instantly get every last penny back.

Is it a fat bargain?

Does The Author Offer Any Support?

For any unclear aspect related to The Ex Factorproduct, you can send off a quick email to this address: brad [at] bradbrowning dot com

Have you used the dating tips introduced in The Ex Factor, yet? Do they work for you? Leave your words below to let other people know your experience as well as evaluation about the effectiveness of this product, so they will make the best decision on using it.

Share your ideas below to let us – – know your thoughts about my complete The Ex Factorreview, we will feedback soon.

The ex factor guide by brad browning download

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