Dotcomsecrets X review – will Russell Brunson’s program work?

email list building review

Email List Building – Author’ Claims

Russell Brunson claims that DotComSecrets X is a training course that teaches people all about email list building. The author reveals that email marketing list is the easiest method to earn money with little of effort. Therefore, how to build an email marketing list is what many marketers want to learn to build a profitable email list for them. DotComSecrets X is a proper course for people who are finding an effective program that teaches them all about building an effective list. The program is suitable for even beginners who have no previous experience, or website, or marketing skill.

Email List Building – About The Author: Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson is the developer of DotComSecrets X, and this guy also is an expert in affiliate marketing. This guy created this program since 2004, and it has helped thousand people earn money thought their email. Russell Brunson graduated from BoiseStateUniversity. Some recent years he created some well-known marketing websites that are called DotComSecrets membership, Zip Brander, SuccessEtc, Affiliate Evolution, 12 Month Internet Millionaire, and much more. In addition, Russell Brunson also is a programmer who has introduced in many media such as FOX news, CBS, ABC, NBC, and much more. If people want to contact Russell Brunson, people can visit at 10280 W. Ustick Rd.Boise, Idaho83704 or phone number is 208-323-9451.

dotcomsecrets x oder

Email List Building – How DotComSecrets X Works

DotComSecrets X is a training course that lasts in three months. Before beginning this course, the author provides users detailed instructions for marketing strategy that help them carry out three steps such as setup their accounts, install their squeeze page, and their SLO’s. In addition, the author also provides a free affiliate website generator that supports users in promoting DotComSecrets X products, and a free website – 90 Second Squeeze Pages that help users build free squeeze pages. The daily coaching includes 3 phase such as:

Phase 1 – speed: in this stage, the author teaches users ways to get traffic and sales fast.

In the first 30 days, learners will study:

  • Day 1 – Your Squeeze Page and Autoresponder
  • Day 2 – Picking Your SLO
  • Day 3 – How to Turn $25 Into $240k
  • Day 5 – Start Sending Traffic
  • Day 6  – Your Free Website
  • Day 8
  • ……
  • Day 30

Email list building

Phase 2 – organic: users will build their organic growth strategy in this phase. Besides, in this stage, they will get some SEO techniques to generate free traffic to their squeeze page

In the next 30 days, learners will study:

  • Day 1 – SEO Change to Be Aware of
  • Day 2 – Organic Growth
  • Day 3 – How Google Judges Authority
  • Day 4 – Good, Clean Links
  • Day 5 – More Backlinks Tricks
  • Day 6 – Your SEO Tools
  • ……
  • Day 30 – The Next 30 Days

Phase 3 – media: in this stage, the author guides how to turn on the mass media traffic. In other words, they will learn methods to grow their list by utilizing media buying

dotcomsecrets x oder

  • Day 1 – Online Traffic Blueprint 1
  • Day 2 – Media Buying 1
  • Day 3 – Media Buying 2
  • Day 4 – Online Traffic Blueprint 3
  • Day 5 – Media Growth and Training
  • Day 6 – Banner Re-targeting
  • Day 7 – 100+ Ad Networks
  • Day 12 – Facebook 1
  • Day 13 – ……
  • Day 30

In addition, the author also provides users with free traffic tools such as Paid Solo Ads, Free Solo Ads, General Interest Solo Ads, list brokers, Ad Co-ops, and Forum and Message Boards.

How To Do Email Marketing – Advantages And Disadvantages


  • DotComSecrets X covers detailed instruction so people can follow with easy.
  • The program introduces all about email marketing skills, all people have to do is apply all methods that the author teaches them.
  • Russell Brunson offers some free traffic tools that can support them in driving traffic to their website.
  • Russell Brunson offers a 24/7 technical support in case users have any problem with this program.
  • Russell Brunson offers a back money guarantee with 8 weeks if DotComSecrets X does not work for users.

dotcomsecrets x


DotComSecrets X brings users with some significant advantages; however, the program is a perfect course that teaches them to become millionaire overnight. DotComSecrets X is a full instruction for them to make money with building an email list. However, they have to spend time and effort for planning their own strategies, as well as developing business skill if they want to become millionaire as Russell Brunson.

How To Do Email Marketing – Conclusion                             

This is my DotComSecrets X review, and with this review I hope that you can see whether DotComSecrets X works for your business. In my experience, you should give it a try.

dotcomsecrets x review

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