Top 7 Symptoms Of Low Platelets In Babies And Adults

symptoms of low platelets in babies

Low platelets are also known as thrombocytopenia. This disease can happen to everyone. In general, a healthy person has a platelet count  from 150.000 to 400.000. If this number falls under 150.000, you may have thrombocytopenia. Do you want to know whether you suffer from this disease or not without having a medical checkup? If your answer is yes, today, will show you some symptoms of low platelets.

Top 7 Symptoms Of Low Platelets In Babies And Adult

1. Bleeding

symptoms of low platelets - bleeding

In the list of the symptoms of low platelets, bleeding should be mentioned first. As you can see, someone who has suffered from low platelets often bleeds from the nose or gum. For women who have suffered from this disease, they usually have longer and heavier periods or breakthrough bleeding. Furthermore, when you suffer from low platelets, you may see blood in your poop or pee.

2. Red And Flat Spots

When talking about the symptoms of low platelets, red and flat spots on the skin are considered as one of them. These spots will appear on your skin, maybe about the size of the pinhead when you are suffering from this problem. Frequently, you can see these spots on your feet as well as your legs.

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3. Blotches And Bruises

If you are suffering from low platelets, you can have big areas of bleeding under your skin. And when you press on these areas, they do not turn white. Also, you can see something that looks like the bruises which you may get from a bump or you may be hit. They can be purple or blue. Sometimes, they can change green or yellow. They can be caused from the inside, by the unexpected leaking from the tiny blood vessels. In term of medicine, it is called as purpura

4. Jaundice

One of the symptoms of platelets is jaundice. You may see that your urine becomes dark. Or you may feel itchy. Moreover, you also see the yellow tinge to your skin as well as whites of your eyes. So what you need to do in this case is to do something in order to improve your health and take care of your skin

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5. Fatigue

symptoms of low platelets - fatigue

Another symptom of low platelets is fatigue. It means that you feel tired or lack of energy. As a result, you may become weaker and weaker. Especially, you may suffer from the excess urination.

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6. Splenomegaly

symptoms of low platelets - splenomegaly

When talking about the symptoms of low platelets, splenomegaly is one of them. In some case, you can see this symptom very clearly. But sometimes, you may feel full without eating. Alternatively, you may feel full after you eat a tiny amount from the enlarged spleen which presses on your stomach.

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7. Other Symptoms Of Low Platelets

Besides these symptoms of low platelets above, this disease also has some different symptoms. For example, you may have a severe headache. Sometimes, you may suffer from dizziness. Or you may have a change in the level of consciousness.

That’s all about the symptoms of low platelets which you may get when you are suffering from low platelets. If you want to know more about the treatments of low platelets or other conditions, you can visit our main page Health. After you read this article, we all hope that you can know whether you suffer from this disease or not basing on these symptoms. If you have any questions or know more information about the symptoms of low platelets, please let us know by leaving us a message or a comment below.

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