Top 15 Health Benefits Of Starfruit

nutritional benefits of starfruit

Starfruit is a bushy evergreen tree that grows under tropical conditions. The plant has bell-shaped flowers, which develop into fruits with five-angled edges like starfish in cross sections. Both sour and sweet varieties are ready for harvesting when they reach 3-4 years old.

Health Benefits Of Starfruit List Of The Most Amazing And The Best Advantages That Starfruit Brings To Human

Starfruit, known as carambola, is a star-shaped fruit featuring light-green to yellow with sour and sweet flavor. Its fruits can be either extremely sour or mildly sweet depending on its type and oxalic acid concentration amounts. In some types, there are 2-5 small seeds found at each angled cavity’s center.

Starfruit has a mildly sour flavor like that of pineapples, lemons and plums. It is often sweet with a bit of pungent flavor. So, this fruit is eaten by a lot of people as a vegetable. When fully ripe, it can be eaten as a dessert.

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Starfruit provides the body with low calorie. According to an estimate, 100g of this fruit just brings us 31 calories, much lower than any other popular fruits. However, it contains an impressive amount of antioxidants, nutrients and vitamins needed for well-being.

In this article, I will reveal some of the nutritional benefits of starfruit in details, so do not skip out the following health facts and the wonderful power of starfruit for human health. They are:

1. Help Lose Weight

benefits of starfruit - help lose weight

This is the first out of the nutritional benefits of starfruit that I want to reveal in this entire article and want all of you to know and make use of this fruit for good!

Starfruit contains the high fiber, minerals, carbohydrate and water content as well as low calories. All of them make this tropical fruit ideal for losing weight.

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Fiber helps you feel full faster and for longer. And the high water content make up for the water that your body loses during heavy exercises. Therefore, eating starfruit will help fill you up, simultaneously keep you well-hydrated and healthy, thus reducing overeating.

Starfruit is actually a miracle way to help you lose weight, so try it out!

2. Support The Digestive System

Digestion is a vital process that helps the body in absorbing the nutrients well. As you know that starfruit owns a large amount of fiber, which stimulates peristaltic motion. The increase in secretion of gastric juices, which supports digestion, prevents health conditions like constipation. Besides, fiber can also clean cholesterol out of the blood vessels and arteries.

Free radicals as well as carcinogenic agents may lead to cancer. Starfruit is rich in antioxidants that help in cleaning the body from free radicals before they lead to serious conditions. The rich fiber content found in starfruit also helps cleanse toxins stored in the colon, thus lowering the risk of colon cancer. A cup of starfruit has 4 grams of fiber. Consider adding it to daily diet for good.

3. Keep The Blood Pressure And Heart Healthy

Starfruit is full of potassium and it is also low in sodium. Therefore, this tropical fruit is well-known for its ability of maintaining a proper blood pressure by helping the blood vessels relax. A cup of starfruit has approximately 176 mg of potassium and just 2.6 mg of sodium.

Moreover, starfruit contains magnesium, which is a mineral that regulates the muscle function including heart muscles. The expansion and contraction of heart muscles generate heartbeat and a proper heartbeat facilitates the blood stream. Aside from muscle control, nil cholesterol and low fat content found in starfruit makes this fruit very healthy for heart. This lowers bad cholesterol that causes plaque and finally prevents the passage of arteries. Also, fiber content makes this fruit good for the cardiovascular system. To include, these functions work together and maintain a healthy heart.

4. Help Sleep Better

Starfruit is known to be a natural method that will help you sleep better. This is because this fruit is rich in magnesium, which is a good mineral that directly improves the duration, quality and tranquility of our sleep. In addition to this, this fruit also help in regulating the metabolism, reducing sleep disorders and the occurring of insomnia.

This is also a great one on the list of the most important nutritional benefits of starfruit that you should not look down but learn and consider adding this fruit into your daily diet to help you sleep better as soon as possible.

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5. Boost The Immune System

benefits of starfruit - boost the immune system

Starfruit is high in vitamin C, which is a water-soluble vitamin, and a cup of starfruit has 76% of the vitamin C amount that you need a day. Vitamin C is an antioxidant, so it helps the immune system to protect the body from cold, flu as well as other common infections.

This is in fact one of the nutritional benefits of starfruit that you should know and make use to get a healthy immune system.

6. Reduce Inflammation

Free radicals intensify the inflammation occurring in the body and slow down the tissue repair. Starfruit has a high content of antioxidant that are useful to protect the body from inflammation. Vitamin C not only works as an antioxidant that may clean out toxins, but it also produces collagen,   is a vital   component to repairing bones, blood vessels and arteries. This role is important for healing the body and reducing the damages caused at tissue and cellular level.

In fact, this is also among the nutritional benefits of starfruit, so you should add more of this tropical fruit into your own daily diet to reduce inflammation.

7. Improve Iron Absorption

Iron is what helps the pigment hemoglobin get the color red. Additionally, it provides the body a tool that removes oxygen to all parts as well as organs. Usually, iron deficiency is common and widespread, especially in underdeveloped countries where getting enough nutrition is a challenge. This deficiency comes with symptoms like dark under eye circles, paleness on the tongue, persistent drowsiness, tiredness, headaches and dizziness. Even with eating iron-rich foods, you might not get all of the benefits as iron requires vitamin C for absorption. Of all the nutrients, starfruit is rich in vitamin C that facilitates the absorption of iron. Besides, this fruit indirectly makes hemoglobin levels better and reduce Anemia.

Do you want to know other health benefits of starfruit? Continue reading this entire article to discover them!

8. Boost Milk Production In Mothers

Some mothers, especially in the first time, find that they produce an inadequate content of milk. Inability to produce milk can have negative effect on them, and at times, it is just a result from hormonal imbalance. This issue is so common and often rectified by taking hormonal pills; however, many natural remedies can help you increase and maintain a high amount of milk, and starfruit is one of these home remedies.

Some mothers may not experience this issue in the beginning, but when their babies’ appetite increases, this issue may occur. So, with a proper diet, drink a cup of starfruit juice or just starfruit can improve this issue.

This is in brief one of the nutritional benefits of starfruit, so women who suffer from this issue should not look down but try to make sure by adding starfruit to their daily diet.

9. Protect The Eyes

Another out of the nutritional benefits of starfruit for human beings that I would like to introduce in this entire article and want you and my other readers to know and remember to make use is that starfruit can help protect he eyes effectively. Vitamin A plays a vital role in protecting and nourishing the eyes. And eating starfruit will also increase the power of vision. Besides, this fruit can be used to cure sore eyes.

10. Treat Acne

benefits of starfruit-treat acne

In order to treat acne, you need to get 3 pieces of fresh starfruit and then wash thoroughly. Next, grate this fruit and add a little salt. Apply it on the acne skin twice a day. Alternatively, you can add ½ tsp of powdered sulfur, 2 tbsp of lemon juice to a bowl of 6 pieces of starfruit. This mixture is used to rub the skin with acne. Repeat it 2-3 times daily.

This is actually also one out of the health benefits of starfruit that a lot of people in the world have been making use to treat acne.

11. Cure Cough

The fruit, leaves and flowers, each as much boiled for half an hour and then drink its water. For children, take 25 starfruit flowers, 1 finger of cinnamon bark, rhizome ginger and rhizome kaempferia galanga, 2 red onions, ¼ handful of gotu kola, sage leaves and rue leaves. Wah thoroughly and cut 2 pieces if necessary. Next, boil with 5 cups of water until the remaining is just 2 ¼ cups. After cold and filtered, add honey to the water as needed. Drink ¾ cup of this water 3 times a day.

This is also one of the nutritional benefits of starfruit that you should know and make use for good, especially those struggling with cough.

12. Treat Diabetes

Another one on the list of the nutritional benefits of starfruit that I want to reveal in this article and want all of you to learn and consider making use of this tropical fruit in case you are trying to treat diabetes.

While you suffer from diabetes, prepare 6 pieces of starfruit, then grated, boiled with a cup of water until the remaining a half. Strain and drink twice a day. Lowering the sugar level, especially for those who get diabetes, it is advised to consume more of the starfruit.

13. Prevent Sugar Crashes

Unlike foods high on the GI (glycemic index) such as white bread and white rice, starfruit is absorbed slowly into the blood flow. Therefore, this fruit can prevent sugar cravings, sugar crashes and mood swings.

In fact, this is among the health benefits of starfruit for human health, so you should try to add more of this fruit to your daily diet to consume for good!

14. Keep Your Hair Vibrant And Healthy

Due to adequate vitamin C intake, your body can create and maintain amount of collagen, an essential nutrient found in skin and hair. Also, this fruit has vitamin A, so it can keep your hair moisturized through an increase in sebum production. Moreover, starfruit is effective in reducing hair fall due to its vitamin C and antioxidants.

Continue reading this entire article to discover other benefits of starfruit and then try to add more of this fruit to daily diet for good!

15. Keep Your Skin Better

benefits of starfruit-keep your skin better

This is the last but very important out of the best benefits of starfruit that I ould like to reveal in this article and want all of you to consume more of this fruit if they want to keep their skin better.

When toxins and free radicals are gotten out of the body, this may create a better skin and control the appearance of acne in most of the teenagers. Besides, starfruit juice can smooth and hydrate skin, and it can also reduce the forming of wrinkles and slow down signs of aging in adults. The tautness and elasticity lent by vitamin C found in starfruit are sure to give you a glow skin.  Consume this fruit daily to get a young and healthy skin.

Apart from benefits of starfruit as I mentioned in this article above, this fruit also has other benefits as following:

  • Treat fever
  • Cure headaches
  • Heal pain in the joints
  • Its extract is used to clean and polish metals like brass, dissolve tarnish and rust.
  • Starfruit and its juice can be used for bleaching and dyeing.

When choosing starfruit, you should opt for yellow, without bruise one. Ripe starfruit should be eaten as soon as possible to get the best benefits. Starfruit is sliced and eaten alone, added to a fruit salad or juiced.

However, this fruit contains high levels of oxalic acid and caramboxin, which may be not good for people suffering from kidney stones, kidney failure or those who experiencing kidney dialysis treatment. People getting kidney failure can get vomiting, confusion, hiccups and nausea. Besides, starfruit may interfere with some drugs. So, if you are using any medications, you should not consume starfruit or its juice.

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This is the list of 15 nutritional benefits of starfruit that everyone who wants to know whether this fruit is good for health or not should read and follow for good. In fact, starfruit has been already proven healthy and also a delicious tropical fruit that you can eat raw, or process smoothies, fresh juices or salads. The wonderful health benefits of starfruit are actually proven, so you should not need to worry when eating this fruit.

After reading this list of health benefits of starfruit and know how to use this fruit to deal with some health issues, if you feel that this list is good for your health condition and can also support other people around you who are fighting with one or more of the health issues in this article, you should share this article with them as soon as possible. Also, remember to encourage them to add more starfruit to their daily diet. If you know other benefits of starfruit, do not forget to share them with other readers by leaving your feedbacks and comments below, I will try to reply you soon.

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