How to prevent the flu and cold naturally – top 14 tips revealed

how to prevent the flu

When you have sniffle of congestion and feel telltale tickle in the throat, they are symptoms of the flu (influenza). Also, you will have headaches and cold sore about 1 to 4 days after you have been exposed to virus. To cure the flu, you can take medicines to stop it fast. However, as you know “Good watch prevents misfortune”, so you should be aware of the importance of the disease prevention. In this blog, I am going to show you proven tips on how to prevent the flu and cold naturally. Check out all the tips and ways below!

How To Prevent The Flu And Cold Naturally

1. Wash Hands

Wash hands

By washing hands after touching phones or door handles, before eating, before drinking, after meals… you can get rid of the infection of bacteria and viruses that cause the flu. In fact, there are about 80% of infections transmitted due to the contact such as coughing, touching surfaces and sneezing.

Ideally, you should use anti-bacterial soap to increase the effectiveness of flu prevention. However, you need to perform hand hygiene properly. Wash every finger, the palm, among fingers and fingers, every nail for at least 5 minutes. Then, dry your hands. Keep washing hands as a daily habit to prevent the flu and other health problems.

2. Get Vaccinated

Get vaccinated

As a basic way on how to prevent the flu, it is recommended that infants, children and adults must get vaccinated to prevent flu or influenza effectively. By getting one or some flu shot, your immune system will be improved to fight off viruses and lower the risk of serious illnesses, especially in infants and children. For instance, the flue may lead to pneumonia. This is a big-time killer in human. Also, people should be aware that the flu can cause many brain development problems. Once you get vaccinated, you are protecting your brain function for its normal growth and boosted intelligence. At first, when you get a vaccine shot, you may experience achiness or runny nose for a day, yet this is not a bad sign as your immunity is educating itself to kill the bug. So, it doesn’t mean you get the flu.

3. Get Enough ZZZ…

Get enough zzz…

Your sleep quality plays an important part in maintaining your health and strengthening your immune system to beat the flu. In the sleeping process, the body repairs cells and injuries so that sleep also wards off the infections. Once you do not get appropriate sleep, your body function will not operating well. As a result, you will easily get the flu and lower the immunity for fighting off your illness fast.

It is recommended that you should get about 8 hours of sleep a day. Besides, try to have deep night sleep, instead of day sleep or uncomfortable sleep.

4. Supply Zinc Supplement

Supply zinc supplement

Besides getting good sleep, you should consider zinc supplement on how to prevent the flu. Zinc is high in lean protein, fruits, oysters, wheat germ and vegetables. Supply your body with these ingredients and nutrients to beat cold and flu, especially when the weather changes. According to scientists, zinc can interfere with bacteria and viruses that gain the full access to the body cells. Zinc hence leaves the body into the optimal condition to prevent the flu and illness. However, the scientists say that zinc can block certain metabolic activities. So, in order to limit the side effect of zinc consumption, you should cut down on fatty foods, sugary foods and consume healthier foods as I’ve mentioned above for being free from the flu naturally.

5. Consume Mushroom Daily

Consume mushroom daily download

Among the list of powerful foods and ingredients, mushrooms cannot be absent. This food is also considered a good natural source to beat the flu and enhance health. It is found that many types of mushrooms can help boost immunity, increase the activity and production of while blood cells while increasing the chances of eliminating the infections. Especially, maitake and shiitake mushrooms are considered powerful immunity boosters.

Thus, don’t skip this great food in your meal. Add it to your daily diet to strengthen your immunity and fight your common diseases and the flu effectively.

6. Drink Tea Daily

Drink tea daily

Like mushroom, tea can help protect and enhance immune system. Simply sip a cup of hot tea each morning to prevent the flu and cold. There are many different types of tea. According to a study published by Harvard University, drinking 5 black tea everyday for 2 weeks can help lower the risk of cold and virus attacks for 10 times. Green tea is also proven to work and give the same effects to the flu prevention. So, you should consider this herb and add it to your diet and lifestyle since today.

7. Exercise Regularly

Exercise regularly

Exercising is an essential way on how to prevent the flu naturally. Doing exercise for 30 – 60 minutes everyday gives your immune system extra kick. A study conducted at the Appalachian State University showed that individuals who walked or ran regularly during 12 weeks can reduce half of their colds, sore throats and the flu as those who were not or less active.

Moreover, exercising is a good way to relieve stress and eliminate harmful influences on immune system. It is indicated that 90% of illnesses and diseases come from stress. But do not overdo it because too much exercise can give opposite effects on immune system. Exercising for 60 minutes a day can make you susceptible to flu viruses.

8. Heal Your Gut

Heal your gut

Over 100 millions of Americans have diseases related to digestion.  And you may be wondering what digestion function to prevent colds and flu. In fact, with a good digestive system, your body can defense against bacteria and viruses. So, how to know your digestive system work well? Notice some obvious signs you may have such as IBS, diarrhea, GERD, constipation, headaches, joint pain, and other gut imbalances such as inflammation, arthritis, allergies, autoimmune condition, anemia, low immunity, thyroid problems, rashes, and frequent illness.

9. Practice Qigong

Practice qigong

Among tips on how to prevent the flu and cold naturally, try Qigong. This is a traditional exercise, which combines slow movements and breathing techniques to improve focus and eliminate stress. Qigong exercise also aid in combating the flu and cold. According to a study in the University of Virginia, people who practice Qigong exercise for 7 weeks lost 70% of respiratory infections than people who did it less.

Similar to Qigong, you can do Yoga exercise to enhance your overall health, boost your immunity and fight off the flu without drugs and pills.

10. Lose Weight

Lose weight

In fact, fat people get more diseases than healthy ones. By losing excessive weight, you can get rid of serious health problems such as obesity, fatty liver, heart disease, diabetes while staying motivated. Moreover, when you can shed off extra pounds by getting exercise and healthy diet and positive lifestyle, you will stay healthy and prevent different types of diseases, including the influenza and even cancer. If you think you have to lose some extra weight, practice exercise frequently and form healthy diet and lifestyle. Then, you will never have to worry about getting the flu or cold.

11. Consume Herbs And Spices More Often

Consume herbs and spices more often download

There are different powerful herbs and spices that are beneficial in preventing the flu and cold such as oregano, onion, turmeric, ginger, garlic, tea and a lot more. Find some that are available in your local food stores or living place to consume. You can consume herbs and spices in different recipes. For instance, you can add turmeric to foods or cake. You can drink ginger tea, ginger jam or add it to foods, too.

Most of herbs and spices include anti-microbial agents that can help fight of viruses and bacteria. By consuming these ingredients, your immune system will be strengthened and it does not allow the flu to survive.

12. Keep Your Heart Healthy

Keep your heart healthy download

Next to ways on how to prevent the flu, take care of your heart. Heart is an important part in the body. By keeping your heart healthy, you can keep your immune system working well and beat the flue. To protect your heart, you need to focus on 3 factors, including exercising, dieting and lifestyle. You can choose any type of exercise that help you stay motivated such as walking, swimming, golf, and so on. To improve your diet, add more healthy foods to feed your heart such as omega-3s and lower the intake of fat foods and sugar.

13. Eat Chicken Soup

Eat chicken soup

Among super foods, chicken is considered the king of foods for the flu and illness. According to a study in 2000, released by the University of Nebraska, the researchers indicated that chicken soup can help relieve all symptoms of respiratory track infection, ease inflammation in throat cells that cause colds.

Chicken meat can be combined with herbs, spices and other ingredients to increase the effectiveness of flu prevention. Some ingredients can be combined with chicken meat include onion, carrots, potatoes, pepper, parsley, turnips, parsnips, celery stems and a lot more.

14. Pop Vitamin C & Vitamin D3

Pop vitamin c & vitamin d3 download

Vitamin C and vitamin D3 are great boosters in preventing the flu. A study indicated that a proper daily dose of multivitamin including vitamin C and vitamin D complex can help reduce the risk of illness and flu by 42%. Just about 1,200 IU of daily vitamin D3 work the same for your immunity to beat the flu.

Beside vitamin C and vitamin D3 supplement, you can add these powerful vitamins from natural sources. For instance, vitamin D3 is high in eggs, cold water fish and mushroom.

Vitamin C is rich in citrus fruits, kale, kiwi, broccoli, red bell pepper and other fruits and vegetables. A study found that a dose of daily 1,000 mg of vitamin C can eliminate the appearance of cold and flu symptoms by 85%.

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I’ve shown you the complete list of 14 tips and ways on how to prevent the flu and cold naturally. For any comment about the writing, please leave it at the bottom of the page. If you like this post of How To Prevent The Flu And Cold Naturally, share it with people. To read more articles about diseases and health condition, please visit Home Health on Vkool site.

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