Rocket Chinese Premium Review – Is Lin Ping’s Course Useful?

rocket chinese premium

To help you have the most comprehensive overview about what Rocket Chinese Premium is and how it will benefit you, I would like to introduce my entire Rocket Chinese Premium review via 7 following parts:

1. Rocket Chinese Premium – What Is It?

2. How Does It Work?

3. Rocket Chinese Premium Review – Product Details

4. How Much Does It Cost?

5. The Full Package Of The Program

6. Is It Guaranteed That This Program Will Work For You?

7. Does The Creator Offer Any Support?

Rocket Chinese Premium – What Is It?

Rocket chinese premium detailed user reviewsRocket Chinese Premium is developed by Lin Ping, whose mother language is Chinese. That also means she know how hard it could be to learn a new language. Program is the result of incorporation of Lin Ping and David – her English speaking colleague to help people understand and speak Chinese effectively whilst reducing their learning time in half. This Rocket Chinese Premium review is based on the experience of a real user named Frederic Gillet.

In fact, my Rocket Chinese Premium review on VKool aims to show you that this e-course is perfect for those who wish to study to express themselves a brand new language and do it at their own pace. As the program combines three theories of studying which are scientifically proven, so you are able to speak Chinese in no time at all. The main frame of the Rocket Chinese Premium is 32 audio lessons that each lesson’s duration is about 25 minutes. The interactive audio lessons encourage conventional Chinese via transcripts of conventions so that users will learn to speak Chinese.

The main rule of this e-guide is to break down daily Chinese conversations into many small segments so learners’ mind could more easily absorb and memorize them. Actually, this program allows people to learn Chinese right on the computer from the privacy of their home without any fear of saying the wrong thing.
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Inside this e-course, you will discover the Rocket Record.
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In simple words, this is the pronunciation tool which allows you to listen to a lot of Chinese words as well as phrases. As using this tool, you could record your pronunciation and playback the audio over and over again. As the language experts, this is considered as the fantastic method to enhance your vocabulary and concurrently develop your accent and pronunciation. To help you have a closer view about the efficiency of this product, my entire Rocket Chinese Premium review will offer some deep insights via the next parts.

Rocket chinese premium plus review

How Does It Work?

When it comes to learning a new language, it is necessary for learners to get to know about the history of that language.
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Within this Lin Ping’s guide, you are going to discover the brief history of Chinese language, the reason why learning Chinese is important, especially in recent days. Besides, you are also about to explore what makes Chinese unique and how this Rocket Chinese Premium e-guide will help you learn Chinese in the shortest time human possible.

The second level of Rocket Chinese consists of:

  • 32 audio lessons (over 16 hours of audio lessons) which are designed to help you take part in the conversations within, so you will become a confident speaker of Chinese.
  • 31 culture and language lessons that help you read, write as well as speak Chinese naturally. You will get more insights into various situations that you might encounter in those Chinese-speaking country, such as destination, dining culture, travel tips, visas, job seeking, house hunting, Chinese food, festivals, traditions, Chinese music, student life and so on
  • 7 practical topics, helping you broaden your vocabulary and enhance your fluency in Chinese. These practical subjects include:

– Travelwise: teaches you to speak Chinese about finding lost luggage, mastering directions, or managing your reservations

– Set Up In China: ways to open a bank account or find a house, select a bike

– When Things Go Wrong: provides you what and how to say at pharmacy, hospital or the way to make a complaint in Chinese

– Love Is In The Air: tips to deal with Chinese dating, what to talk at a wedding and how to discuss and argue in Chinese

– Celebrations: reveals how to organize a New Year’s Eve as Chinese style, how to make plans for a birthday party

– Business World: tips to be good at the art of job interviewing, and job hunting tips

– Socializing: steps to express yourself in Chinese, how to talk about music, work or goals in life

  • My Level which can allow you assess you newly acquired Chinese skills
  • My Badges which will empower you to develop your studying status
  • Proficiency Tests and Certification of Rocket Chinese Premium Plus (level 2)
  • Automatic Rocket Chinese Premium Plus online upgrades

Here is what people said about this product:

Rocket chinese premium success stories

Rocket Chinese Premium Review – Product Details

Fact is, it is worth noting that you are not going to be able to learn Chinese in just a few days. You cannot speak the language if you do not understand it, so the Rocket Chinese Premium offers 29 interesting language and culture lessons to help you better understand the ins and outs of the Chinese and speak more confidently.

Furthermore, within this e-guide, you will get to know facts about the Chinese language, including characters and ways to learn the language, how Chinese grammar works, and some popular difficulties and how to get over them.

As mentioned above in this Rocket Chinese Premium review, this system includes the pronunciation tool named Rocket Record that users can make use of to record themselves and precisely compare their speech with that of the native speaker. When using Lin Ping’s testing tool – Write It – you will find out how well developed your own Chinese ear actually is. All you need to do is to listen to the native speaker saying a word or phrase, then write it precisely in the space supplied. In reality, one of the most interesting things about Chinese is the beautiful characters which comprise their written language. In order to make your learning experience more effectively, Program also contains a complete Chinese writing part, in which you could:

  • Watch the videos that will instruct you how to write Chinese characters by yourself
  • Listen to the audio clips which provide you with every character or word sounds like

Rocket chinese premium membership site

By watching the video in this program, you will understand more about how to read and write the Chinese writing system and drastically enhance your knowledge as well as understanding of the spoken language.

Moreover, following this e-guide, you can track your own progress, day by day. You also find out the best learning style so you will get overall progress at a glance. In addition to the basic technique of learning Chinese, you also learn some advanced techniques to promote your learning process much easier and quicker.

What is more? The system also offers user the master games of Rocket Chinese Premium which will make your learning a fun way. The interact language games contain:

  • MegaCards for beginners
  • Word Master for more advanced learners
  • Phrase Master for advanced learners

In a nutshell, this e-course has a variety of tests to help people know how they are progressing in their comprehension as well as understanding of the Chinese language.

How Much Does It Cost?

There are two options for you to make use of program, which are:

  • Rocket Chinese Premium – level 1 (for beginner to intermediate)

– CD Version – 20 CD pack: $299.95

– Online Version: $99.95

  • Rocket Chinese Premium Plus – level 2 (for intermediate to advanced)

– CD Version – 20 CD pack: $299.95

– Online Version: $149.95

With 2 options above, you will be able to choose the best one to fit your situation. Just take action now!

Rocket chinese premium plus order

The Full Package Of The Program

Every customer of all Rocket Chinese Premium will have a chance to receive 3 valuable bonuses when placing their order: Here they are

  • Bonus #1: Survival Kit Of Rocket Chinese – $49.95
  • Bonus #2: Beginners MegaCards Of Rocket Chinese – $19.95
  • Bonus #3: Advanced MegaCards Of Rocket Chinese – $19.95

rocket chinese premium plus bonuses

All of the above are yours right after you click the order button. So, do not hesitate to move the first step to become a master of Chinese now.

Is It Guaranteed That This Program Will Work For You?

Rocket chinese premium money back guaranteeThe creator of Rocket Languages confidently commit that just after 8 weeks, learners can speak to other, understand people speaking and lean faster with Rocket Chinese Premium. That is why every client will receive a policy of 60-day money back guarantee in case they are not satisfied with the result. You have 60 free days to try out this product and decide whether it is worth your money or not. No risk or hassle at all.

Does The Creator Offer Any Support?

If you have any questions about Rocket Chinese Premium, send off your email to this address: support [at] rocketlanguages dot com to get the best answer

Leave your ideas at the comment section below to let us know your thoughts about my entire Rocket Chinese Premium review or any other language courses in our website. We will feedback soon!

rocket chinese premium by Lin Ping

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