How to lower cholesterol naturally without medication – 7 tips

High cholesterol can lead to heart attack. It is proven that by reducing the cholesterol level to an average 81, the risk of strokes and heart attacks will decrease significantly. Therefore, many scientists have found that the solution to avoid strokes and heart attacks is to lower the cholesterol level. Medication and drugs, including bile acid resins, fibrates and niacin, are the treatments for high cholesterol. However, those treatments are expensive and can cause some side effects for your health. Therefore, it is time for me to introduce to you some alternative solutions on how to lower cholesterol naturally without medication in order to help you avoid strokes and heart attacks.

How To Lower Cholesterol Naturally Without Medication – The Effective Tips And Home Remedies That Work

Cholesterol, a substance, can be found in the fats in your blood. Although cholesterol plays the important role in building cells, high cholesterol increases the risk of developing strokes and heart attacks. High cholesterol will block the blood vessels with fat deposits. As a result, it is difficult for blood to flow through the arteries. Therefore, the heart cannot be provided enough oxygen. It can cause heart attacks. Moreover, due to high cholesterol, there is not enough blood to flow to the brain, resulting in strokes. Because there are not obvious symptoms of high cholesterol, you need to make an appointment with the professional doctors to get diagnosed with special tests. When you are at the age of 20, you should ask the doctor for cholesterol test. After that, every five years, it is needed to retest the cholesterol level. More frequent tests are recommended if you have the family history of heart disease, high cholesterol or other problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure and smoking. Although high cholesterol can be inherited, there are a lot of factors which increase the risks of developing heart disease as well as high cholesterol. For example, there are obesity, poor diet, lack of exercise and smoking. Sometimes, medication and drugs will help you treat high cholesterol fast. However this treatment can cost of lot of money. Fortunately, changing your diet and habit is the treatable and preventable way. Therefore, I would like to introduce to you some alternative solutions on how to lower cholesterol naturally without medication on

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1. Take Part In Physical Activity:

how to lower cholesterol-take part in physical activity

If you want to look for the way on how to lower cholesterol naturally, physical activity will help you increase the “good” cholesterol. You do not need to do intense exercise because moderate exercise like brisk walking can help.
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Robert Harrington, who is the professor of Duke University School, recommended that the patients with high cholesterol should walk for 45 minutes after finishing the evening meal. In order to avoid high cholesterol, you should buy a pedometer to check 10,000 steps daily. If you have to work at the desk for all time, it is necessary to stand up and walk around the office. You should do exercise regularly. Some experts advised that you should exercise 7 days a week but I think 5 days a week is good enough.

2. Avoid Saturated Fat:

how to lower cholesterol-avoid saturated fat

Doctors and scientists suggested that the secret on how to lower cholesterol is to avoid saturated fat. The possible reasons may be that saturated fat is proven to increase the risk of developing high cholesterol. The simple tip to reduce the risks is lowering saturated fat for a few notches. Moreover, you also need to consume more “good” fat. Instead of using vegetable oil, margarine, butter, lard, you should use olive oil or canola oil to cook. Eating more fish instead of meat is also the effective way to keep the high cholesterol at bay.

3. Fish And Fish Oil:

how to lower cholesterol-fish and fish oil

Because of omega-3 fatty acids, fish and fish oil will help the patients with high cholesterol to lower the cholesterol effectively. It is proven that fish oil supplements are effective in triglycerides and cholesterol. Although there are many evidences to show that fish oil is safe, you should make an appointment with the doctor if you want to use an anticlotting medication. Scientists suggested that consuming fish for three times a week is ideal. Salmon and canned tuna are the great sources of omega-3s. Besides, other sources of omega-3 s include walnuts, canola, soybeans and flaxseeds.

4. Drink Green Tea:

how to lower cholesterol-drink green tea

All we know that green tea will help you treat cough. However, its benefits are more than that. For the best way on how to lower cholesterol, green tea is better than sugary beverages and soda.
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The possible reason may be that green tea is the compound which can help you lower the cholesterol. A study conducted in Brazil concluded that green tea extract in capsule is effective in reducing bad cholesterol.

5. Consume More Fruits And Vegetable:

how to lower cholesterol-consume more fruits and vegetable

Fruit and vegetable are the great sources of fiber which can lower cholesterol. Moreover, because of heart-healthy antioxidants, fresh fruit and green vegetable is the effective way to keep the heart diseases at bay. Therefore, the natural way on how to lower cholesterol is consuming soluble fiber. The foods which are high in soluble fiber are oats, dried beans and barley.

6. Eat Nuts: 

how to lower cholesterol-eat nuts

There are many evidences to show the effectiveness of eating nuts as the way on how to lower cholesterol without meditation. It is recommended eating walnuts and almonds. However, the nuts can provide you a lot of calories, it is necessary to limit it daily. A handful of nuts a day is beneficial.

7. Grape Juice And Red Wine:

how to lower cholesterol-grape juice and red wine

If you want to look for the diet on how to lower cholesterol, you should consider grape juice and red wine. It is said that red wine can increase the level of good cholesterol by 5-15 percent. Because of polyphenol antioxidants, red wine is the beneficial drink in order to control the cholesterol level. If you cannot drink red wine, alternative solution is grape juice which has the same benefits for heart like red wine.

I just mentioned about 7 tips and home remedies on how to lower cholesterol naturally without medication. I hope that you will find this article helpful and effective. If you have any experience to share, please feel free to leave your feedbacks bellow. I am glad for your contribution. Thank you for reading.

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