How to improve blood circulation in hands, feet & brain

how to improve blood circulation

Updates: 05/8/2024

Poor circulation could be very unpleasant. It might occur in men, women, and children. If it is not handled, it can lead to a lifetime of discomfort and even more serious problems. There are many things you can do to help even cure this problem. Read on 27 tips on how to improve blood circulation in hands, feet, brain and the body to start improving your condition from now.

how to improve blood circulation to hands

1. Take The Stairs

In fact, climbing the stairs is a great exercise that helps people stretch those calf muscles and get the blood flowing down their lower legs all the way to their tippy toes.

2. Relax

This is considered as the easiest way when it comes to learning how to improve blood circulation. It always boils down to stress, doesn’t it? When the body and mind are relaxed, the capillaries and muscles are also relaxed. This will allow blood flow and overall proper circulation to be easier. As a result, your blood pressure also reduces.

When you are overly stressed, consider some breathing exercises, which you can easily do at your desk whilst working, or try to meditate for about 15 minutes per day. Or, if possible, you can listen to music or take a quite walk in order to let your mind and your whole body release tension.

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3. Breathe Deeply how to improve blood circulation in brain

Just take a deep breath. Notice how your body seems to sigh with relief? Most of us breathe slowly, yet breathing deeply can increase the amount of oxygen circulating through our body. Try to breathe deeply and you will feel less stressed, more relaxed, and think more clearly. In other words, deep breaths can lighten your mind, loosen your body muscles, and balance your mental health.

4. Stop Smoking

We all know the side effects of smoking on our health. But, we also know how difficult it is to quit. Not only is smoking bad for the human health, it also impacts the circulation. Nicotine usage is among the leading causes of circulation disorders. The idea here is to keep your blood vessels clear. Smoking constricts them. Your task now is to do the math. Having smoking can not only land you a candidacy for all manner of lungs disease, even lung cancer, but also give you puffy ankles. Even, it might result in neuropathy disorders that will damage your brain steadily. So, you need to stop smoking to prevent neuropathy disorders from now.


5. Massage professional masseur doing massage of female back

Inflammation from the muscles which are tight or tense can block the pathways that oxygen uses to travel within your body. This usually interferes with blood circulation and blood flow. Massage therapy will help to release contracted muscles, which in turn boosts blood towards your heart and relieves strain By massaging, you will release natural occuring toxins within your body and gain better blood circulation. It is recommended that people should schedule a regular massage, at least once a month in order to enjoyably promote your blood circulation. What better excuse than for health reasons?

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6. Consume Spicy Foods

Spicy food is a rich source of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) that transfers cholesterol and fats in the water-based solution of the blood stream and assists the body in dissolving any blood clots which might potentially form. The capsaicin in the hot peppers can tackle inflammation. As spicy foods are rich sources of vitamin A and C, they can increase the body’s temperature, which enhances blood flow and gets your blood swooshing around as it should.

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7. Turmeric Root And Ginger

Similar to spicy peppers, ginger is able to jumpstart the blood flow. In the same way, turmeric root has anti-inflammatory properties. Just think of these foods as the best crossing guards or traffic cops you will ever meet. In reality, turmeric will prevent clogs as well as bottle necks and other annoying obstacles, which will render the circulatory system sluggish and the blood from getting where it have to go effectively.

8. Oranges

how to improve blood circulation in body

Oranges and other citrus fruits high in vitamin C are natural blood thinners and are able to strengthen capillary walls as well as prevent plaque build-up which leads to poor circulation.

9. Cayenne Herb

Cayenne could be used externally for poor circulation, pains associated with arthritis, or unbroken chilblains. Capsicum based liniments, creams, and infused oils could be rubbed onto the skin. You had better prevent cayenne from affecting your eyes and other sensitive area of the body.

Internally cayenne can stimulate the heart rate and regulate the blood flow as well as strengthen the arteries and capillaries. In order to get your blood flowing, take cayenne. It could be taken as a liquid tincture or powder in a capsule. It will not only get the blood pumped around your body, but it also will strengthen your heart, clear the arteries. Moreover, hot herbs increase the metabolic rate by as much as 25%, so will assist in weight loss. Cayenne is considered as a wonderful herb for a healthy life.

10. Sunflower Seed

Sunflower seeds are high in vitamin E which can keep blood clots from forming. They are good at helping to improve circulation. Likewise are foods such as olives, pumpkin seeds, and nuts.

11. Ginkgo Biloba Herb

Ginkgo Biloba is another all-round circulation booster. This plant is known for its possibility to enhance memory, because of its ability to boost blood flow through the brain. Similar to cayenne, ginkgo can strengthen blood vessels. It is also anti-inflammatory, develops blood flow to the heart, relaxes the lungs, and alleviates coronary need for oxygen. As a result, making use of this can reduce shortness of breath and is useful in asthma. You can use it to assist poor circulation, thrombosis, varicose veins, spontaneous bruising, and cramp.

12. Dark Chocolate

how to improve blood circulation in eyes

Cocoa includes flavonoids which are naturally found in fruits and plants. It is also linked to enhancing blood circulation. A study pointed out that because dark chocolate is rich in natural flavonoids so it can improve blood circulation when compared with white chocolate with no flavonoids.

13. Dry Brush Daily

When it comes to learning how to improve blood circulation, the quick method can bring to you an instant result is brushing your skin. Dry skin brushing can invigorate skin, enhance blood supply to the areas brushed, and bring them oxygen and increased circulation. Additionally, this ritual also warms you up on a cold winter morning.

In order to dry brush efficiently, brush in upward, circular motions toward your heart. Then, move the brush in a clockwise direction. Go over each area of skin twice. Concentrate on your neck, behind your knees, and under your arms. Also, you should concentrate on the lower butt and thighs for decreasing cellulite.

14. Stretch how to improve blood circulation to uterus

Every day, it is great for you to do stretching exercise about 5 minutes. This is especially handy if you are at a desk all day and barely get an opportunity to walk around. Try doing little arm circles, touching the fingers to the toes, kicking out your feet, or performing some small, slow jumping jacks will speed your heart rate up and boost your blood flowing dramatically.

15. Take Contrast Showers

It means that you can take a shower that alternates between cold and hot water. As cold water is running, the lymph vessels contract, and as the hot water is running through your skin, they dilate. This will create a pump effect which contributes to promoted lymph drainage and blood flow in the veins.

16.  Drink Water how to improve blood circulation during pregnancy

When you stay hydrated, your blood will flow better. The levels of oxygen in your blood stream are greater when your body is well hydrated. Moreover, drinking enough of water will hydrate your skin cells, aid digestion, and give you a regular supply of minerals. Drinking water also assists your body in eliminating waste products

17. Avoid Restrictive Clothing And Wear Comfortable Shoes At Work

Try to avoid wearing tight clothing which might restrict your blood flow. This contains socks and belts which might be too tight, and under garments which could also restrict blood flow.

Wearing shoes in which you really feel comfortable, especially if you are on the feet for long hours. In case that you have to wear heels to work, then the advice is to wear short shoes to and from work, and carry the work shoes with you to increase the circulation at least to and from the workplace. Try to go for a 10-minute walk or longer each day. By this way, you will develop oxygen being inhaled and pumps the blood faster into the extremities. Furthermore, this can remove waste products even more quickly and might strengthen your heart. If you are fortunate enough to have a gym bike at the workplace, make use of it.

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18. Keep Your Feet And Hands Warm

In cold weather, wearing proper clothing for your extremities could make a great different to your body warmth. If you are standing or sitting outdoor for a long period, make sure that the feet are warm. Warm, dry footwear is a must for assisting you in maintaining the body temperature.

If the hands get cold at work while the heating does not provide enough warmth, then you had better use fingerless gloves to remedy this.

19. Have Sex And Enjoy Better Sex how to improve blood circulation with have sex and enjoy better sex

Improve your sex life as a natural way to release healthy hormones to your brain and increase your mental performance. Physically, having sex helps boost your blood flow to your brain. In addition, sex also involves in social connections by bonding your partners, releasing endorphins to increase the cognitive function and reduce pain, relieve stress naturally.

For men, cinnamon helps increase their blood circulation to penis up to 20% and the effects can last within 16 hours, according to a report from The Smell And Taste Treatment Foundation , US.

20. Ride Bike

Keep your body strong and boost your blood flow through your heart by cycling. According to a study from Leipzig University, Germany, cycling can help develop new blood vessels and effect long-term health. It’s also proven that cycling can help you live longer and increase your human life span.

21. Eat Breakfast

Eating food is the way to improve the body with more fuel to maintain your daily activities, including physical and mental ones. The breakfast is the most important meal in a day so that do not skip it as it can slow down your blood flow and reduce your working or studying efficiency.

22. Eat Watermelon how to improve blood circulation with eat watermelon

The body needs energy to deliver oxygen to the body cell and keep you active through the day. Watermelon is a powerful fruit that provides you with essential nutrients called citrulline that helps relax blood vessels and improve your poor circulation. Eat some slices of watermelon in the morning or after your lunch to prevent artery walls from getting thickening and improve bad blood through artery up to 19%, according to a study released by Chinese researchers.

23. Take A Walk

Besides cycling, you can walk in the morning or after finishing your work that helps your brain be free from troubling thoughts. You will feel relaxed while your blood flow will be increased and make you be more active through a long day.

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24. Start Crying

It sounds weird but it really works. If you need to burn your tears, start crying and release pain or stress. Actually, it helps heal your emotion and promote your blood circulation dramatically, especially “cleanse” the inside of your brain and increase your brain power, after then.

25. Enjoy Classical Music how to improve blood circulation with enjoy classical music

Classical music is considered a type of mental therapy. It activates blood circulation in the left hemisphere of brain for better relaxation, improved healing, better study, creative abilities and increased cognitive health, and so on.

26. Do Aerobics Workouts

Aerobics workouts can dramatically increase your blood flow as these exercises force neurons to work hard. The whole body’s blood circulation is boosted in hands, feet and especially brain.

27. Do Yoga Exercises

There is a variety of yoga exercises for you to practice. All of yoga exercises effect blood flow and help you improve your poor circulation and your overall health amazingly. Try a suitable yoga program that fit your health condition to improve your blood flow, but not try to gain more muscle pain or pressure.

After covering all the whole article of how to improve blood circulation, do you feel the tips introduced are really suitable and beneficial for you?

If you have any further tip on how to improve blood circulation and want to share with us, feel free to leave your ideas below. We will answer all as soon as possible.

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