How To Stop Being Lazy And Depressed At Work – 17 Easy Tips

how to stop being lazy and depressed

Although laziness is a common and natural part of the human life, it has potential to entirely consume us. Laziness could ferociously creep up on people at work even when they are consciously committed to getting things done. People try to beat them off, yet sometimes it is an arduous battle that they could not seem to win. Being lazy is really quite depressing and draining. However, laziness can be reverse. I am sure. But, in order to do so, you must follow some special techniques which will help you get rid of procrastination and get motivated. This article on VKool collects top 17 of the most useful steps on how to stop being lazy and depressed at work that you can make use of instantly.

How To Stop Being Lazy – 17 Easy Tips 

1. Understand The Consequences Of Laziness

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Once you are habitually lazy on your job, there is a chance that your tasks are not completed. And, if you are not fulfilling your responsibilities, then you are not really worth paying. The thing that your superiors realize that problem just is a matter on time. Similarly, if you are self-employed, then you might be not self-employed for long.

2. Figure Out The Real Problem

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When it comes to learning how to stop being lazy, then you must recognize the underlying problem behind your laziness. Every time you begin being lazy, stop for a while and do a little assessment of what has been really occurring. In fact, laziness is just a symptom, not the problem itself. What is the reason of your lack of motivation? Are you overwhelmed, tired, or just plain stuck? Oftentimes, the issue is smaller than your thoughts and you could overcome it more easily than you think. To conclude, whatever that is holding you back, you had better do your best in order to unearth it. Finding the real cause is the single manual you could really address it. If you could address it, then you could handle it efficiently.

3. Get Organized 

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For some people, having clutter around them can be a big downer to their motivation. So, if you are one of them, whatever you could do for some organization, you should start taking action right now. By clearing the clutter around you, you will feel fresh and have more motivation to work out.

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4. Do Not Stop Doing 

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Many people say that, once they stop doing, their own laziness kicks in and they feel hard to get going once again. Therefore, the key is to accomplish the task available, then instantly jump to the next related one. Related task is any task with a similar kind required mental thinking. Because you have just completed the previous task which is similar to this next one, then you will feel more easily and more confident in doing it. The more confident you will do it, the more productive you are going to be.

5. Do Work For You Too 

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It is common to realize that hardworking people just do work for someone else, often their boss or employer. So, when the workload is very light, they tend to get lazy, doing less than normal, instead of transitioning their attention to completing something for themselves. Remember that, if all of your hard work is spent on growing other people’s business and all of your spare time is spent getting lazy, then you could never build a business of your own. Therefore, avoid being lazy by spending your free time working for you. Fact is, the more you complete for yourself, the more energized and motivated you will be in all walks of your own life.

6. Create Physical Barriers Against Distractions

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Usually, distractions result in laziness. Unfortunately, distractions are everywhere around us. If you are like most young people nowadays, you might like to check your Facebook, favorite blogs, or magazines many times per day. So, in order to learn how to stop being lazy, it is necessary for you to set up the physical barriers to those distractions. That means you can unplug your internet connection while working. On the other hand, if you cannot fight off the attraction of watching TV, like some housewives, then you can have your husband hide the remote control somewhere you do not know. Seriously, sometimes you need to set up some barriers between the distractions and yourself, so you can overcome being lazy.

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7. Monitor Your Self-Talk

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Occasionally, behaviors result in thoughts and vice versa. So, it is better for you to cover your bases as well as eliminate your negative self-talks. Actually, even when you talk to yourself that, “God, I’m very lazy. Worthless,” this could not get you anywhere. Stop doing it. Rather than, you should twist around to the positive thought. By that way, you will be surprised that the surge in your mental positivity will modify your outlook in a positive way. Being aware of that monitoring your inner dialogue is very important, and will inevitably affect how lazy you are and feel, and how easy it will be for you to get over that procrastination and laziness.

8. Practice Mindfulness

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Many people do not take enough time to stop their hustle and bustle life for smelling the roses. They let the day flow in an automatic way, from waking up, having breakfast, to going to work, and going to bed. They continue thinking about the next thing instead of living right in the present moment, which is also wonderful without their acknowledgement. If you live in the present moment, you will realize it benefits and take its advantage more effectively. Next time, if you start being lazy and continually think about your past or your future, stop and turn back to the present moment. You can focus on anything around you, whether it is the food on your fork or the song you listen, just simply let it show you how wonderful it is to be living. Just stop and slowing down could give you more energy to be more productive and stop laziness.

9. Train Yourself Out Loud 

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This tip on how to stop being lazy and depressed at work seems rather strange, yet truly is a good self-motivation methods that many people apply. Well, to start with this tip, you break your task into smaller, logical ones and then train yourself to get out loud. Talk to yourself that “You have to complete this. This is so easy. Let’s do it right now!” Doing so and you will soon get you into organized. When you complete each small task, congratulate yourself that you have done well. In reality, coaching yourself out loud will make you more cognizant of your progress; therefore, motivate you to work harder on the next task. You hardly get success at once. It is simply just a game of inches. Each small inch of forward progress is really a grand accomplishment because at a certain point of your work life, you could add up all these inches.

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10. Thinks About The Benefits Of Stop Being Lazy

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Sometimes, if we think of the benefits of doing a certain thing, we will have more motivation on doing it. Similarly, with stop being lazy, if you think about what benefits you could get if getting to work, you can overcome laziness. In the previous tips on how to stop being lazy and depressed at work, you have learned to be present. Now, it is time for you to focus on a better present. What would happen if rather than wasting your time in bed, you wake up and do yoga, finish your work, or cook a wonderful breakfast? It would bring to you a feeling of being worth. That is what. Let those positive ideas take over your thoughts and you will finally realize that once you can develop that habit, everything will become much easier than it used to appear to you.

11. Make A List Of The Goals And Desires You Want To Get 

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In order to get rid of the seduction of being lazy and know how to stop being lazy instantly, you can make a full list of the desires, goals you want, then you will be kept being motivated through its ease of checking that list. To boost the effectiveness of this, you can put the copies of this checklist everywhere around your home and your workplace, such as on the refrigerator, by the computer, or on the mirror of your bathroom. Place them in the areas where you often look at. If you get started to check this list, you will not want to stop. Once you complete each goal of the list, you will feel good to continue. Unless you cannot complete it, you will be disappointed and feel worse. That way, you will not let yourself feel worse the next time.

12. Address The Biological Imbalances In Your Brain

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By addressing the imbalances in your brain resulting into focus, mental clarity, and motivation issues, you will know how to stop being lazy. Ditch those junk foods and lower your alcohol consumption. The biggest benefit, nevertheless, comes from proper vitamin and mineral consumption.

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13. Refuel Your Mind With Premium 

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You might have heard this saying, “you are what you eat”, right? If you eat like crap, you might also feel like crap. And, if you feel like crap, you will do crappy work. Hence, do not let it take control of you. Refuel your own mind as well as body by eating healthy foods, keep fit and getting enough sleep each night.

To put in detail, what you are drinking throughout your day has a lot to do with your own state of mind. Junk food does not give the human body the nutrients it needs to be active. Avoid eating some foods that make you lazy, such as chip-crackers, white-bread, cheese burger, beets, bagels, donuts, and pizza. Rather than, you should opt for wild-salmon, tuna, broccoli, seeds and nuts, blueberries, almonds, and cherries.

14. Know That Your Work Is Worth Doing

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Many professionals, geniuses, and experts will readily admit that the majority of their achievements are about 99% sweat and just about 1% talent. There is very rare undisciplined talent in different fields of the life, such as academics, sports, financial autonomy, or arts. If you work hard, what you can get might be much more than your expectations. You could not become a great businessman, a great cook, or great at your work just overnight. Commonly, to achieve success, you will fail, fail and fail. There is nothing ashamed here. This, in the contrary, is good because it means that you are going, not being still.

15. Exercise 

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Exercise can bring to you much more than just physical health alone. The benefits of exercise are innumerable, yet one of the major ones is to get people energized and fresh. While exercising, you are getting your blood flowing, improving your metabolism and waking up different organs and parts of the body. Exercising even 15 minutes every morning will help you get motivation to do the work all day long more enthusiastically. That way, you also feel lively through the afternoon.

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16. Reward Yourself 

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It is necessary for you to learn to reward yourself for even the small things that you accomplish or try. Once you manage to do something well, even it is so dreading, you really deserve a nice treat. By doing so, you will build in automatic reinforcement that you are doing properly and in the right way. Keep your rewards simple but efficient, like watching some fun or action movies, extended breaks, splurging on a calorie-laden snack or similar things. Leave really big rewards for the end point. If you can make of self rewards appropriately, you can train your own mind to actively work before getting the reward.  This is also an inspiration because when you are relaxed, you will find some great ideas which you could not find when you are stressed or overloaded.
Keep in mind that breaks are necessities and rewards. So, you should not be confused the demand of taking regular short breaks, to recover the freshness and creativity with procrastination and laziness.

On the other hand, you should clearly acknowledge the flip side to rewards is punishment. That means, if you cannot complete the task, there should be a punishment for yourself. This will remind yourself that you are lazy and even good-for-nothing.

17. Ask For Help If You Need 

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A lot of people think that it is wrong to get the help from other people, especially their colleagues. This is really an unhealthy attitude towards the life. No one is perfect. People are social beings and a part of their existence is about helping one another. Though asking for help from other people needs some practice, but it is critical part of your growth. Do not struggle alone as this not only wastes your time and effort, but also makes you feel overloaded or stressed furthermore.

These 17 easy tips on how to stop being lazy at work are collected from many successful people around the world. Hopefully you can find some useful lifestyle tips in this list and make use of them right away. Share your thoughts with us by dropping your words below and we will feedback soon.

If you are looking for an ultimate guide to stop being lazy & depressed at work, 23 Anti-Procrastination Habits is the best guide you should read.

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