16 Foods To Boost Energy Level, Mood And Fight Fatigue

Updates: 06/1/2024

Nowadays, we have a lot of things to concern about our life: schooling, working, housing, earning money, and other social burdens that are exhausting us every day. We lack sleep; we lack healthy meal plans; we also lack time to relax. All of these things lead us to get fatigue and tiredness. Thus, we need to get more energy to go through the day well. The best method that does you this favor is consuming foods to boost energy and I am here to give you 16 foods to boost energy level, mood and fight fatigue

Top 16 Foods To Boost Energy Level, Mood And Fight Fatigue

If you need to “pull” yourself throughout the day, it is simple to think that chugging an energy drink or popping a supplement will help to recharge your body’s “battery”. All-day energy does not come from a concoction in a can or a pill. It actually comes from natural foods, which is full of nature’s secret stash of natural revitalizers, including fiber, protein, and complex carbs. You should stock up on these 16 foods to boost energy level, mood and fight fatigue; and watch how your body boom!

1.      Lentils:

foods to boost energy levelsWith the perfect combo of fiber, complex carbohydrates, and slowly digested protein, lentils will be an ideal energy food – one of the best foods to boost energy. You just need to eat a half cup of cooked lentils to provide your body with more protein than an egg, and even more than ¼ of your daily consumption of fiber for just 115 calories and zero fat. That is because they do not require soaking. You should cook them in a piece of the time it takes you to make beans. Then, you should use them to add more protein in veggie burgers, soups, and salads.

2.      Whole-Grain Cereal And Low-Fat Milk:

Eating low-fat milk and whole-grain cereal is an ideal way you can take to begin your day on all cylinders or to refuel your whole body after working out. Not only does it provide an energizing mix of slowly-digested complex carbs, protein, and fiber, it can be prepared within less than one minute. To get even more muscle, you should choose a cereal that has been fortified with iron – a mineral our body needs to form hemoglobin, responsible for delivering oxygen throughout the body. Also, you should not forget to add some sliced strawberries to your meal. Vitamin C contained in strawberries will help you absorb more iron.

foods to boost energy while pregnant

3.      Edamame:

Eating a balanced snack every 3 to 4 hours prevents dips in blood sugar that leave you lethargic and listless. Edamame could be one of the smartest picks of all. Not only is it perfectly balanced with slowly digested fiber, complex carbs, and healthy fat, it packs a whopping 16 grams of protein per cup for less than 200 calories. Plus, it’s rich in magnesium and B vitamins that our bodies need to convert carbohydrates into energy. Make your own snack packs by parceling cup-sized portions of frozen edamame into baggies. They’ll defrost just in time for a late morning nosh. In this recipe, we’re upped the energy-factor in traditional succotash with the addition of vibrant green edamame.

There are a lot of other healthy natural foods that help boost energy and beat fatigue quickly, if you want to know, you should read the Boost Energy Naturally book.

foods to boost energy in pregnancy4.      Brown Rice:

Brown rice is not just loaded with complex carbs. This ingredient is also a great source of magnesium. There is a fact that low magnesium levels can hinder your body’s energy metabolism. You just need to consume a cup of cooked brown rice to get more than ¼ of the magnesium a woman requires daily and 1/5 the amount a man needs.

5.      Green Tea:

If you do not like drinking coffee, you should drink green tea instead (coffee is also one of the best foods to boost energy that I am going to introduce in my writing, I put coffee in the next paragraph).

Green tea is rich in L-theanine – an amino acid that can make you feel alert, awake, and invigorated without the jitters which other people take from coffee. L-theanine can also protect your body against energy-robbing diseases like the flu or the common cold. When people took a green tea supplement 2 times a day for 3 months, they will get 23 % less likely to be sidelined by the 2 illnesses above for more than 2 days.

You can also learn other super healthy juice recipes and foods that fuel your day.

foods to boost energy for women

6.      Coffee:

Studies show that coffee can help to reduce the risk of depression, and it is a huge energy booster. Researchers found that those people who sipped 2 to 3 cups of
caffeinated coffee daily were 15 % less likely to suffer from this bad mood than people who drunk less than one cup a week.

foods to boost energy reviewWomen who sipped 4 cups of coffee a day even fared better, reducing their risk of feeling blue by 20 %. If you are tempted by a coffee drink topped with whipped cream, you should focus on saving a few calories and money along the way.

7.      Walnuts:

Walnuts are one of the few natural sources of melatonin – a hormone that the human body produces naturally after the sun goes down in the evening. Melatonin helps to control your body clock and makes you feel sleepy. Once you sleep more soundly, you will get more energy to go through the day. However, as we age, the body produces less and less of melatonin. If you do not want to use the supplements, you should opt for walnuts as a nighttime snack. For a double dose, you should mix some tart dried cherries, another melatonin-rich food, with a small pinch of walnuts. Walnuts can also be sprinkled over a fruit smoothie and make a great topping to a fresh salad.

There are a lot of other healthy natural foods that help boost energy and beat fatigue quickly, if you want to know, you should read the Boost Energy Naturally book.

8.      Farmer’s Cheese:

foods to boost energy pdf

A recent study discovered that protein-rich foods can help you stay alert and awake, making them one of the best ways to start a day. However, aside from yogurt, milk, or eggs, protein at breakfast can be hard to find. You should ditch the fat-filled margarine, butter, or cream cheese and instead, pumping up the protein in your breakfast with farmer’s cheese. This ingredient presses cheese curds that have been split from the whey till it is almost dry and has a same texture but slightly drier than ricotta. Farmer’s cheese can be made from the milk of cows, sheep, or goats. You need to use 2 tablespoons that provide 4 grs of high-quality protein for just 40 calories and 2.5 grs of fat.

9.      Polenta:

Polenta is primarily made from cornmeal. This liquid from Northern Italian is packed with complex carbs. Not similar to simple carbohydrates from highly-processed grains, the complex carbohydrates are broken down slowly so that they can keep your blood sugar level stable, providing a sustained energy release that can last for many hours. In addition, polenta is easier to make with quick-cooking varieties that you can prepare within as little as 10 minutes. You can simply stir polenta into broth, milk, or boiling water and serve it. For a comforting whole-grain begin to your day, you should chopped dried apricots or fold in dried tart cherries. Or else, instead of your usual pasta, you can prepare a quick-fix dinner topped with marinara sauce.

10. Icelandic Yogurt:
foods to boost energy downloadThis creamy, thick concoction is also known as skyr, is a redoubtable counterpart of Greek yogurt. Just like Greek yogurt, Icelandic Yogurt is made from 3 times the milk contained in most traditional yogurts and then strained carefully to remove excessive liquid. It results in a velvety, rich creation that boasts 14 grs of slowly digested protein for every 5.3-ounce container. The main separation between Greek and Icelandic yogurts is the fat content they contain. While Greek do or do not contain fat, Icelandic yogurt is just made with non-fat milk. Therefore, it is proven to be totally fat free. If you cannot find Icelandic yogurt to use, you can also choose fat-free Greek yogurt to consume.

11. Melons:

The last of foods to boost energy that today I introduce is melons.

Melons, such as watermelon, honeydew, and cantaloupe are not just bursting with energizing minerals and vitamins. With 90 % of the overall weight coming from water, they will help you fight off tiredness and fatigue by keeping you hydrated. That is good news that even a mild dehydration can weaken your mood and energy. You should opt for a cup of watermelon or diced cantaloupe on your way to prepare a melon-packed salad or work for a hydrating midmorning snack to enjoy for lunches.

There are a lot of other healthy natural foods that help boost energy and beat fatigue quickly, if you want to know, you should read the Boost Energy Naturally book.

12. Eggs:Eggs

Both yolk and white of eggs can be a perfect whole-food option to supply micronutrients and protein. Thanks to Vitamin B involved in egg yolks, energy is converted in your body and Vitamin D helps maintain bones strong. Dietary protein is profound because it gives our bodies amino acids, which helps to build muscles and nourish your body. Eat boiled eggs with carbohydrates during a 45-minute window of working out for offsetting the cortisol response and thwart muscle breakdown.

Stick to 1 egg and 2-3 egg whites for a healthy energy-filled breakfast.

13. Coconut (Water, Flesh, Oil, And Butter):

The water inside a young coconut is a drink that contains full of electrolytes and it is applied in blood transfusions. It contains a large amount of potassium, which is good for proper rehydration. It also has great antiviral properties.

The water inside the coconut contains kinetin that keeps the coconut young although it is under the sun all day. In addition, kinetin has a profound effect on our body and makes you young.

Coconut meat is abundant in fiber and protein. It is also a saturated fat needed for our body. It is proven that the saturated fat included in coconut oil positively affect the immune system, skin, and thyroid gland.

Coconut oil and butter are known as a healthy saturated fat and are good for cooking because the coconut oil and butter stay stable when being heated whereas olive oil is not stable.

Discover: Benefits Of Coconut Oil

14. Trail Mix:

It is believed that nuts and dried fruit are the perfect combinations of healthy fiber, fats, and protein. There is a stable supply because fiber will slow down glucose- release. The same as fiber, protein is able to slow down metabolism of carbs and adjusts muscle damage to thwart Back Pain Relief 4 Life post-training soreness. Nuts, seeds, and oils are notorious fats due to supplying long lasting energy especially for longer runs over one hour. Carbs are the first macronutrient used during the activity so they may become exhausted at which spot your body depends on energy from fat.

To cut excess sugars and oils, combine raw nuts like pistachios, peanuts, or almonds with seeds and dried fruit. Include some whole grain cereal to pack to provide more carbohydrates.

15. Goji Berries: goji berries

For several years, goji berries have been applied in Chinese medicine for increasing energy and improving the release of hormones. Goji berries make your body have the ability to deal with pressure and support healthy mind and memory. One doctor named Duncan said that goji berries have a lot of advantages for boosting blood flow, which assists in oxygenate all cells and tissues of your body.

Getting goji berries in liquid form is more simply assimilated into your body. Meanwhile, you have to eat more dried goji berries to achieve the same benefits.

16. Quinoa:

Quinoa involves more protein than any other rice or grain. It is Back Pain Relief 4 Life gluten free grain. This grain contains Back Pain Relief 4 Life lot of amino acids, lysine, cysteine, and methionine, which is ideal for building muscle. Long lasting energy levels are built up b carbohydrates. Blood pressure levels, cardiovascular system, and bowel health are supported by quinoa which replaces wheat or refined carbohydrates.

Like rice or bread, switch out a grain for quinoa and realize the energy levels increase.

Besides, you should learn other useful ways to boost energy besides eating healthy and powerful foods. Moreover, to go through the day better and smoothly, you should also learn effective ways to feel better and tips to beat off fatigue.

All of the 16 foods to boost energy level, mood and fight fatigue are what I have used to fuel my body throughout the day, and now, I am glad to share my very own experiences with people who desire to boost energy within a short time.

If you feel these 16 foods to boost energy level, mood and fight fatigue I offer in this article are really useful for your current expectation, just feel free to leave all your comments/feedbacks at the end of this post. We appreciate your contribution and will respond all as soon as possible.

There are a lot of other healthy natural foods that help boost energy and beat fatigue quickly, if you want to know, you should read the Boost Energy Naturally book.

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