13 Health And Nutritional Benefits Of Sesame Seeds For Everyone

benefits of sesame seeds for everyone

Sesame seeds may be the oldest condiment known to human beings. Sesame oil is highly valued for its exceptional resistance to rancidity.

Sesame seeds add a delicate, almost invisible, crunch and a nutty taste to a lot of dishes in Asia. Sesame is also the major ingredients of a great Middle Eastern sweet call “halvah” and tahini (sesame seed paste). Sesame can be found and used throughout the year.

I. Nutritional Values Of Sesame Seeds:

The several health benefits of sesame seeds are due to its nutritional content, such as natural oils, minerals, vitamins, and organic compounds which include tryptophan, protein, folate, vitamin B6, thiamin, fiber, zinc, copper, manganese, phosphorous, magnesium, iron, and calcium. The wide range of nutritional benefits of sesame seeds will be explained in the greater details below.

II. Nutritional Benefits Of Sesame Seeds – Best Health Benefits Ever:

Sesamum indicum (known as sesame) is prized as an oilseed for at least 5,000 years, and it is among the oldest cultivated plant in the world.  While it is starting to regain favor because of its exceptionally high levels of magnesium and calcium, few realize that sesame is also one of the foods which are still commonly consumed today with most potent medicinal effects.

Sesame seeds contain from 38 to 50% oil. Sesame oil is edible oil. In cold countries, sesame oil is better than olive oil because it is hard to be frozen.

Sesame leaves and roots are used as a beneficial shampoo for hair growth.

There are two kinds: black and white sesame seeds. Black sesame has more medicinal properties than white sesame seeds so they are widely used as medicines. Black sesame is sweet, has wonderful effects on maintaining healthy blood sugar level, preventing constipation, improving the functions of five major organs inside the body, soothing damaged or weak organs, good for brain marrow, strengthening muscles, brightening eyes, increasing intelligence, being used to cover swelling, wound burns, and boils.

1. Inhibit Cancer Cells: 

benefits of sesame seeds

Sesame’s effects on anticancer have been related to the NF-kappa B signaling. This is also the first out of the health benefits of sesame seeds people should not look down!

Sesame consists of a fat-soluble lignin with sesamin – the phytoestrogenic properties, which have been studied for the ability to inhibit the proliferation of several kinds of cancer cells, including:

  • Lung Cancer
  • Pancreatic Cancer
  • Breast Cancer
  • Prostate Cancer
  • Colon Cancer
  • Multiple Myleoma
  • Leukemia

Along with turmeric, honey, garlic, and a few other substances, sesame deserves to be recognized as a food-medicine that is affordable and easily accessible, if it is consumed in a regular basis. It will really save your life from dangerous possible cancers.

2. Fight Against Radiation-Induced DNA Damage: 

benefits of sesame seeds

Sesame oil has been proven to help our body fight against gamma radiation-induced DNA damage, because it is very high in antioxidants. Sesame can help to reduce the rate of mortality in radiation treated mice; therefore, it can also support the spleen and intestinal damage prevention. Sesame is found 20 times working as a free radical scavenger more efficiently compared to another powerful antioxidant or melatonin.

3. Fight Against Depression:

benefits of sesame seeds

The sesame seed is proven to produce an antidepressant-like effect in chronically depressed mice’s behavioral despair, specifically by modulating inflammation and oxidative-nitrosative stress.

4. Help To Deal With Atherosclerosis: 

benefits of sesame seeds

Sesame seed oil can help to prevent the development and growth of atherosclerotic lesions in the mouse which follows an atherogenic diet. The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant lignin, known as sesamol, contained in sesame seeds, has been considered to be partially responsible for the anti-atherogenic content of this food material. In fact, sesamol is proven to possess more than 2 dozen pharmacologically beneficial active properties, many of which can help you improve the health of your heart.

5. Fight Against Antibiotic-Induced Kidney Damage

benefits of sesame seeds

Sesame seed oil can help to protect our body against gentamicin-induced kidney damage. Sesame is proven in mice that it can reduce the oxidative damages caused by the antibiotics.

This is actually one of the best health benefits of sesame seeds and sesame oil that people should not look down!

6. Help To Treat Multiple Sclerosis(MS): 

benefits of sesame seeds

In the animal model of MS, also known as the “experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis”, sesame seed oil can help to prevent the rats from getting diseases by decreasing the secretion of IFN-gamma – the main factor in autoimmune injury and inflammation initiation in our nervous system. Sesame also has been researched for the potential beneficial roles in Huntington’s condition – another neurodegenerative disease.

7. Massage Oil For Infant Health Improvement: 

benefits of sesame seeds

A study released in 2000 in the Indian Journal of Medical Research dedicated that using sesame oil to massage infants can help to improve their post-massage sleep and growth compared to some control oils such as mineral oil.

8. Help To Deal With Gingivitis/Dental Plaque:

benefits of sesame seeds

Sesame seed oil is widely used for improving the oral health in the Ayurveda, which is known as the traditional Indian medical tradition and in a process called “oil pulling”. It relates to swishing oil taken from sesame seed in the mouth for improved duration and has been believed to prevent dry throat, bleeding gums, halitosis, teeth decay, and to strengthen the jaw, gums, and teeth.

Clinical researchers now confirm that it is capable of relieving Streptococcus mutans growth associated with oral plaque formation, and that it favorably compares to chlorhexidine (chemical mouthwash) in relieving plaque-induced gingivitis.

9. Lower High Blood Pressure Levels:

benefits of sesame seeds

A study published in 2006 in the Yale Journal of Biological Medicine indicated that the oil extracted from sesame seeds can work well for patients with high blood pressure on either beta-blockers or diuretics. Studies have shown that the natural oil of sesame seeds is related to the reduction of blood pressure levels. It can also help to decrease the strain on the cardiovascular system, and to prevent many types of cardiovascular diseases. Moreover, magnesium has been known as a “vasodilator” (a blood pressure lowering agent) for long, and sesame seeds contain high levels of this essential mineral. Each serving of sesame seeds contain 25% of your daily magnesium need.

10. Treat Diabetes:

benefits of sesame seeds

According to a study published in the Clinical Journal of Nutrition in 2024, the oil extracted from sesame seeds can help to improve the efficiency of the oral antidiabetic drug glibenclamide in people with type-2 diabetes. Another research released and completed in the Journal of Medicinal Foods in 2006 indicated that the sesame seed oil’s substitution as the sole edible oil can help to lower blood pressure levels and the glucose levels in patients with hypertension.

11. Improve Metabolic Function: 

benefits of sesame seeds

Sesame seed is an excellent source of  protein, which is broken down and resembled from its component parts into usable protein for the body. This will help to improve our metabolic function, energy levels, overall strength, mobility, and healthy cellular growth. This is also one of the best health benefits of sesame seeds that people should make use of for good!

12. Improve Skin And Hair Health:

benefits of sesame seeds

Actually, sesame seed contains large amounts of zinc – an essential component in the collagen formation, which helps to strengthen and improve the health of skin, hair, and muscle tissue. In addition, sesame seed oil has been proven to fade the appearance of stretch marks and burns on the skin, as well as slowing down and preventing the premature aging process.

13. Strengthen Bone Health: 

benefits of sesame seeds

This is the last but not the least out of the nutritional benefits of sesame seeds that I would like to show my readers in this entire article. In fact, the impressive levels of vital minerals such as phosphorous, calcium, and zinc that are contained in sesame seeds can be a key health booster for your body’s bone system. These essential minerals are very necessary for the generation and development of new bone matter, and they also contribute to repairing or strengthening bones which might be weakened by the onset of debilitating bone diseases, such as osteoporosis, or injury.

This is the list of 13 health benefits of sesame seeds that you and other readers of VKool.com who want to get a healthy life should make use of to improve overall health. These benefits are actually scientifically proven so that you should not concern about it!

If you think that the health benefits of sesame seeds I mentioned in this entire list are exactly what you want to learn, and if you feel that some other people should also learn this information, you just need to feel free to share this list with them and let me see your feedbacks by commenting in the form below.

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