How To Become A Flight Attendant – Top 11 Important Requirements

how to become a flight attendant

The really important side of the flight attendant job is the safety of all passengers, and of course all fellow crew. All flight attendants need to be trained highly in security and safety, thus in the unlikely situation that anything might be wrong, all these flight attendants need to be prepared to action quickly.

Another important aspect of the role of a good flight attendant is a system of customer service. From something simple as serving meals, to the special thing as supporting someone with the plans of onward travel, to helping a frustrated mother of a crying baby, to supporting a tourist plan the holiday.

Discover Many Tips On How To Become A Flight Attendant

1. How To Become A Flight Attendant – Flight School

All school of flight attendant is not important. Every airline has their own individualized training that can be certified via the special Federal Aviation Administration that all the flight attendants required meeting, so this thing is not essential. The school cannot bring all people an edge. All people do not need to spend money on any school of flight attendant.

2. How To Become A Flight Attendant – Education

how to become a flight attendant for american airlinesAll airlines will require that people need to have a degree of high school or Degree of Government Equivalency (G.E.D.). If someone didn’t have passed the G.E.D. or finish high school, they cannot get a job like a flight attendant. All airlines absolutely never get hire anyone without a degree of high school.

When people see each airline’s qualifications of minimum hiring, people need to realize that degree of high school is merely minimum. More is usually better, especially education, because people have a degree of high school will not expect to get a job in an employment office of any airline.

Many airlines’ employment offices will favorably look for applicants who need to try better by looking for very high education. A study states that more than one-half of good flight attendants hired need to get at least 1 year in college, and more than one-third need to have an Bachelor’s  or Associate’s degree. A few of flight attendants have Doctorate’s and Master’s degrees; these advanced degree types are not required for this job certainly, but these degrees will be useful if they plan on getting some positions of supervisory or a management someday.

Moreover, if someone is lacking experiences of customer services, a lot of airlines can overlook this weak point if he/she gets a college education behind. All hiring departments stated that experiences of college will make applicants better and more mature. They need a lot of responsibilities and challenges in order to become flight attendants.

3. How To Become A Flight Attendant – Experience of Customer Service

The experience of customer services isn’t a firm requirement. It means that people will apply without these experiences of customer services. On the other hand, a lack of experiences of customer service will make it more difficult for people to be hired. Experiences of customer service can bring people a competitive benefit in the request to be a flight attendant.

Remember that people must do their job in front of the public regularly. From serving, assisting, and greeting passengers to doing announcements, people can be representing their companies in an important role of customer services. Because this can be necessary to get the most positive image, all airlines need to be especially careful about choosing candidates who contain a lot of experiences of doing job in the public.

Almost people cannot realize that they contain a background of customer services. If they have ever done in a condition in which they needed to deal with a regular basis in front of the public, then they have experiences of customer services. This can contain doing job in a clothing store, serving in a restaurant, or answering custom support system via telephones in a environment of corporate.

However, if people don’t have any experience of customer service, they do not need to be despaired. They will have a difficult time than other people who have, but it cannot preclude them from getting the job, especially if they excel in some other qualifications. For example, some airlines can substitute an education of college (even with no any degree) for a lack of experiences of customer service.

In addition to these useful tips, if you are looking for a comprehensive guide that shows you everything you need to know to become a flight attendant, you should read The Essential Guide To Becoming A Flight Attendant.

4. How To Become A Flight Attendant – Language Skills

Speaking fluently some other languages, like German, Japanese, Chinese, and French, Spanish is another requirement of hiring departments for flight attendant; on the other hand, almost airlines concern with people’s ability to speak fluently English. Speaking fluently English is a needed thing. If people will not able to speak English fluently, they will not get hired for U.S. airline.

All airlines require people to have ability to speak some 2nd language. Airlines need to require preference of second language for any international destinations. On the routes, a designated single language of Origin/ Destination (called LOD/O) flight attendant will be assigned to these flights. These positions are awarded to many high level of flight attendants, and this can make this job difficult to get for all qualified applicants. LOD/O flight attendants can be paid with the higher salary, approximately from $1.50 to $2.00 per hour.

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5. How To Become A Flight Attendant – Appearance

how to become a flight attendant for united airlinesAll airlines are really particular about looking for employees who have an attractive and neat appearance. So that all flight attendants can be employees to get continuous and direct contact with the public of traveling. All flight attendants can be looked professional and neat in order to develop the airline, and improve an identity of appealing brand.

In fact, some airlines will not permit body piercings, some visible tattoos, “rebellious” hairstyles, long hair on men, offensive-looking makeup or bizarre jewelry, and poorly manicured hands. Some other airlines may not allow facial hair on all men! In training, people can be provided regulations of specific grooming which need to be adhered strictly.

6. How To Become A Flight Attendant – Citizenship

All U.S. airlines will require people to become a registered alien or U.S. Citizen with legal right to be accepted employment in the America. Moreover, they need to have the right to travel from and to other countries with the serves of airlines.

People will be required to get a card of social security. In some situations, they only need a simple passport. If they don’t have a simple passport, they need to get one right now, because they need to take some weeks to get.

7. How To Become A Flight Attendant – Relocation

Some airlines will require people to be ready to relocate to any place of the listed domiciles of flight attendant.

8. How To Become A Flight Attendant – Attitude

It’s very important to contain patience and a positive attitude for many different situations and personalities. All flight attendants need to prepare to face on any of these happened in day. All people who have folks and introverts attitudes will not be hired. To become good flight attendants, people will need to be:

  • Friendly
  • Helpful
  • Reliable
  • Cheerful
  • Able to solve all stressful situations

In addition to these useful tips, if you are looking for a comprehensive guide that shows you everything you need to know to become a flight attendant, you should read The Essential Guide To Becoming A Flight Attendant.

9. How To Become A Flight Attendant – Vision

how to become a flight attendant in new yorkTo be good flight attendants, people need to have a natural clear vision to meet requirement. They must have a great binocular vision. 
People need to have distant vision acuity with glasses or contact lenses about20/30 (6/9) or better. Or they need to have a near visual acuity for reading about 30 or 50cm, and N14 about 100cm. Moreover; they need to have good color vision levels. 
Some kinds of airlines prefer that they can wear glasses, whilst some other airlines can accept their employees wearing contact lenses. If someone is wearing contact lenses, they will need some soft types, or some other types which can be suited to the dry environment of the cabin.

Unfortunately, people cannot become a flight attendant if they do not have the above minimum requirements of vision. This special job is about safety of all passengers, so attendants need to meet all minimum requirements of function and health. People can have a medical license, which is provided by airlines, to become flight attendants. It means that all airlines can ask for a medical license to be brought before people join and regular checkups with doctors during their career. All airlines cannot hire anyone if he/she does not fulfill requirements of minimum medical.

10. How To Become A Flight Attendant – Weight And Health

Airlines always have stringent guidelines of weight and height for all flight attendants. However, due to a lot of recent lawsuits about discrimination, almost airlines are just looking for proportion of all flight attendants’ weight and height.

Nowadays, this is very critical to have a good shape than a shape of super model. All airlines require their people with essential strength to open the emergency doors, the good agility to attract passengers in some cramped conditions, and the good stamina to be survival about 16-hour days. An out-of-shape or overweight person will not have needed strength, stamina and agility to perform. I recommend that people need to get themselves into good physical health before any initial training.

All airlines need healthy people. So all people who want to become flight attendant need to be in contact with many passengers per week, both in airplane cabins or the airports. People should have a strong system of immunity to ward off all the sickness, or flu and having a healthy body to recover back from all trips during 4 days. People with a history of drug, alcohol abuse, and personal illness, or a bad history of family medical will not be hired by all certain airlines.

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All the law will require all certain airlines to administer comprehensive physicals to all new employees. Before applying, ensure people have good health and free drug. If people cannot pass drug test or the physical test, they cannot be accepted by all the airlines.

11. How To Become A Flight Attendant – Height

how to become a flight attendant for delta airlinesAlmost flight attendants have the level of height about 5’2″ to 5’9″. If anyone does not have this simple range, all certain airlines will not hire this person.

A short person will have difficulty getting the overhead compartments in the airplane, which can be typically about 6′ to 6’10” inches high. Some special airlines do not have minimum requirement of height, but they can require all employees to pass a reach test. The reach test will be a demonstration of people’s ability to reach the necessary components in a cabin of the airplane.

People need to perform a reach test on their own. They can get a tape measure, and then measure a distance of 6’10” from their floor, and mark on their wall. If they can reach this mark with their bare feet, they will have chances to pass reach test of all airlines.

If people find that they cannot meet the minimum requirements of height for any major airline, they should not let this thing discourage them. They can apply to become employees for some commuter aircraft; commuter airline are smaller than others so the height will be less important.

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This is a complete list of useful tips on how to become a flight attendant for all people to get their dream job. People can share this blog for all people who are looking for this information. Or people can leave their comments at the end of blog to contribute to this topic.

In addition to these useful tips, if you are looking for a comprehensive guide that shows you everything you need to know to become a flight attendant, you should read The Essential Guide To Becoming A Flight Attendant.

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