List of most beautiful bridges in the world

most beautiful bridges

Bridges have had a long history. Most of them are designed for people on foot, on bike, car; others are for use by trains or boats. Some long bridges connect 2 continents; others are famous for their histories and cultural interest they inspire; many are well-known for their height or length and a lot more. Check out this list of most beautiful bridges in the world that wow you and take your breath away.

List Of Most Beautiful Bridges In The World That Take Your Breath Away

most beautiful bridges review

1. Khaju Bridge

The Khaju Bridge in Iran built in the 17th century is a fantastic bridge. It has many sluice gates under distinctive intersecting archways and is decorated with rich colored tiles. There are 2 large pavilions at the center of the Bridge, called Prince Parlors, and they are reserved for the Shah.

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2. Bridge Of Sighs

bridge of sighs review

Bridge Of Sighs (Ponte dei Sospiri) was built in the 19th century by Lord Byron. This is a limestone bridge that was across Rio di Palazzo in order to connect the Doge’s prison with an interrogation room. Supposedly, when prisoners looked out the windows, they would sigh before their imprisonment, execution or torture.

In reality, Doge’s prison only held small time criminals and the Bridge of Sighs was built in 1600s by Antonio Contino. It is thought that if people kissed on a gondola under the Bridge, their love could last forever.

3. Pont Du Gard

pont du gard review

Pont du Gard is an ancient Roman masterpiece. It was not built for the human transport purpose. Instead, it’s part of an aqueduct system to carry water about 30 miles to an ancient city that now is Nîmes.

The bridge was built by Marcus (63 BC – 12 BC). Some of the bridge’s stones weigh up about 6 tons and they were cut to fit with each other with no any mortar.

It is said that Pont du Gard is the highest one of the Roman aqueduct bridges. It was also added to UNESCO’s list of World wonders for its historical values. Today, Pont du Gard is one of most popular tourist attractions in France that has attracted many attentions of artistic visitors in the world.

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4. Iron Bridge

iron bridge review

The Iron Bridge in England is not a particularly ornate or large bridge, but something of this bridge make it become unique – this is the first bridge built completely with cast iron.

The bridge was designed in the 18th century by the architect Prichard. At first, he wanted to design a one-arch bridge which could allow boats to pass underneath; yet he died before the bridge was completed. The bridge was built with 363 tones of cast iron and about 800 castings. This bridge includes 5-arch ribs. It took 3 months to range all parts together.

5. Covered Bridges

covered bridges review

Pisgah Covered Bridge in, North Carolina was washed away in 2003 by a serious flood, but it was rebuilt with 90 percent of the original wood. Now, it is one of the 2 historic covered bridges left in this state.

Covered bridges look simple because they have enclosed roof and sides. Before the bridges were well-known by the films in 1995, the names Tunnels of Love or Kissing Bridges have been the joy and pride of many towns across Northern America and Europe where over 10,000 of these bridges were made.

6. The Wind & Rain Bridges

the wind & rain bridges review

The Wind & Rain Bridges are the most beautiful bridges built by a minority ethnic group in China named Dong. As these people live in valleys and lowlands with a lot of rivers, they are great bridge builders. The bridges are named Wind & Rain since these covered bridges can allow people to cross rivers and protect them against natural elements.

Especially, the Dong group did not use rivets or nails to build the bridges. Instead of that, they dovetailed all the wood. One of the largest, the most fantastic bridge among them is Chenyang Bridge that spans Linxi River near a village of the Dong people. The bridge now is nearly 100 years old. Like other Wind & Rain Bridges, this one was also built with no single nail. 

7. Ponte Vecchio

ponte vecchio review

The bridge spanning cross the Arno River, Italy is a beautiful medieval bridge. Actually, it is not only a normal bridge, but also a marketplace, a street, and Florence’s landmark.

The Ponte Vecchio was built the first time in 1345 and then an old span was repaired. To finance this bridge, many roadways were rented, especially tanners, butchers to hawk the wares.

Related to the building of the Ponte Vecchio, this is the birth of the word “bankruptcy”. It is said that “bankruptcy” came from the bridge when a seller couldn’t pay his debt. The table – banco the merchant used to sell wares was broken – rotto. So, the seller had no table – bancorotto, and he was bankrupt.

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8. Brooklyn Bridge

brooklyn bridge review

The Brooklyn Bridge started to be designed by John Roebling in 1855 and had been the longest suspension bridge.

Today, the Bridge is a main crossing of the East river. This is the greatest heavily trafficked bridges people built until now. The truth is that it took Jon Roebling over 14 years in order to get the agreement of the city for building this bridge.

After Roebling got the approval, Roebling surveyed a site and his foot unfortunately was crushed as an accident. He then died of tetanus about 3 weeks before a planned groundbreaking. Washington Roebling, John Roebling’s son took over this project.

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9. Tower Bridge

tower bridge review

England is famous for Tower Bridge but don’t you know that this country is also known with terrible traffic jam problems? Actually, these problems happened at the 19th century and that was the reason why Tower Bridge was built.

The Tower Bridge construction began in 1886 by John Wolfe Barry and Horace Jones. The first design was a bridge with 2 towers that were built on piers, thus the bridge would not interfere with port facilities.

One year after the construction began, Jones died. George Stevenson and Barry modified some changes in the design. For instance, the bridge had ornate Gothic style, instead of the brick facade design.

In 1894, when the bridge opened, the public was aghast. Over time, the public in the world warmed up to this bridge. Now, the bridge becomes the most recognizable landmarks of London, England.

10. Golden Gate Bridge

golden gate bridge review

If you love Hollywood films, you can see the Golden Gate Bridge has featured in many films such as Godzilla (2024), The Internship (2024), The Internship (2024), Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2024), The Book of Eli (2024), Boys and Girls (2000) and hundreds of other films.

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There is one of the recognized symbols of California, U.S. It is also considered one of the most recognizable bridges in the world. The Golden Gate Bridge opened in 1937 and had the longest suspension bridge main span at 4,200 feet.

11. Nanpu Bridge

nanpu bridge review

Nanpu Bridge is known as one of the most innovative, funky spiral bridge design in the world. It opened in 1991. The designers of Nanpu Bridge came up with novel ideas to save space. It has the main span of 428 meters and become the 57th longest cable-stayed bridge.

12. Pearl Bridge

This is a great bridge with the longest central span of with 1,991m that open to the public in 1998. The Pearl is 1 of the main links of the Honshū-Shikoku Bridge that created 3 routes across the Inland Sea. The Pearl Bridge stood a real test of strength even before the bridge completed when it was survived the Kobe Earthquake in January, 1995.

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13. Tsing Ma Bridge

tsing ma bridge review

This is the ninth longest span suspension bridge in the world, and became the 2nd longest at time of completion. The bridge features 2 decks and carry both rail and road traffic. No walkway is designed for this bridge. The wide deck of the bridge carries 6 lanes of automobile traffic with 3 lanes in each direction. The bridge’s lower level has 2 rail tracks and 2 sheltered carriageways that are used for traffic lanes and maintenance access when severe typhoons strike the city Hong Kong.

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14. Gateshead Millennium Bridge

gateshead millennium bridge review

Referred as ‘Winking Eye Bridge’ or the ‘Blinking Eye Bridge’ because of its tilting method and its shape, the Gateshead Millennium Bridge is the first and only tilting bridge in the world until now. And the most awesome thing about the bridge is that bikers and pedestrians crossing the Tyne River can see it as if a winking eye whenever it is lowered or raised. The bridge opened in September, 2001.

15. Sydney Harbor Bridge

sydney harbor bridge review

Sydney Harbor Bridge is one of the most attractive tourist spots along with the Opera House and the Sydney harbor in Sydney. It is about 2.4 kilometers in length and has 28 panel-arches. The bridge was designed to connect the North Shore and the Central Business District. It is the 6th longest spanning-arched bridge in the world and becomes the centre of attraction for magnificent firework display on special holidays like New Year’s Eve.

Above is a list of most beautiful bridges in the world, including 15 wonders with their particular features. To discover more the best things in the world, visit the category of Lifestyle in the Vkool site.

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