Signs Of An Unhappy Marriage – Top 17 Subtle Signs To View

signs of an unhappy marriage

It might be difficult to learn how to tell if you are in an unhappy marriage, especially if you have been in your marriage for a really long time. So, what ways are there for learning signs of an unhappy marriage? Take a look below and see top signs you should be watching out for!

17 Signs Of An Unhappy Marriage – Beware That You Marriage Is In Trouble

1. You No Longer Have Anything To Say To Your Partner

Living in frequent silence is usually the first warning sign of an unhappy marriage. Yet, do not confuse this with the companionable silence that many couples share in their satisfied, long marriage. Sometimes, due to two people knowing each other so well, they do not need to make small conversation to understand the other person. Nevertheless, in the case of a disintegrating marriage, the silence symbols for an arid and loveless atmosphere, in which two of you have nothing to share anymore.

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2. Both Of You Have No Common Things Or Interests signs of an unhappy marriage review

Remember the early moments of your marriage when you tried out many interesting things together? Thought it is totally natural over that time, each of you finds out your own niche in the relationship, it is still unusual for those spouses to eliminate or give up shared interests. In case you find that two of you no longer do anything fun together, then consider it as one of potential signs of the bad health of a marriage.

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3. Emotional Affairs

If you are in a happy marriage, your partner should be your true confidant. You should feel happy when communicating with him / her and share all the pleasant and the sordid details of your personal life with him / her. I mean personal life contains all secrets and things happening around you in the workplace, community, etc. Do you feel more comfortable when talking to someone else outside apart from your partner about your secrets? It might start as an emotional release, yet it would finally come in your way of marital bliss.

4. Your Relationship Turns Into No-Complaint One

There are a few marriages where the spouses have no complaints about each other at all, as they entirely understand each other and their personal points of view. They get along well. So, that is great if you are going through this state of telepathy in your own marriage.

Yet, if you are in a marriage where you can find mistakes of your spouse, but you choose not to talk about them just as it is not worth making your effort, then you are in an unhappy relationship. Once you lose hope of helping your partner realize their flaws, your marriage may be a no-complaint relationship. Over the time, these little annoyances will cause much bigger frustrations in your marriage.

5. You Have Many Needs signs of an unhappy marriage ebook

We both know that each person has different demands. And, if you might have demands which just cannot be fulfilled by your spouse, both in terms of sexual and emotional demands, so what will you do then?

Will you compromise for the sake of your own marriage or will you walk away? In fact, there is a fragile line between expectations and reality.

Just communicate with your spouse. If your demands are justified, you can have a right to expect it from your spouse. If your needs might be high-maintenance, it is time for you to decide which ones are important to you, your demands or your marriage.

6. Frequent Disrespect And Arguments

If there are regular disagreements between two of you, it is a defining sign that there is something wrong in your marriage. Some couples event resort to constant name calling, hurtful behavior that will purposely hurt the other person.
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Some not only curse each one, they even throw objects at the other person and get violent with each other. As a result, this could also be devastating for children of the unhappy couple if any.

7. You Are The Last Person To Know signs of an unhappy marriage help

A disintegrating is typically characterized by an enhancing widening communication gap between partners. Your spouse will stop sharing important information about his / her social as well as professional life with you. In such a situation, you will find out problems with family members or his / her achievements in the workplace from the second or third-hand sources, such as his / her co-worker or neighbors.

8. Physical Outlook No Longer Matter

Obviously, in the early day of each marriage, most couples take great care of how they appear to each other. Over the time, when the comfortableness level enhances in a marriage, couples become more relaxed about dressing and treating each one. They also do not respect the need of looking perfect for their spouse. Nevertheless, if you find that your partner has undergone a huge reduction in matters of hygiene and appearance, it can be because he / she no longer cares whether or not you find him / her desirable. It is implied that your partner is no longer satisfied in the relationship.

9. A Lack Of Trust

You no longer trust your spouse. Mutual faith is the important and critical factor of any meaningful marriage. If you find that you constantly doubt your spouse’s whereabouts, or if he / she doubts about your infidelity, it is clearly that there is something deeply wrong in your own marriage. Lacking of trust also causes potential divorce. So, in order to avoid divorce effectively, you had better follow some useful tips in our reviews right here.

10. Arguing Over The Same Subject Repeatedly

If your arguments become routine with all the same problems without solution, then your current marriage is either standing still or dying quickly. You might need the assistance of a professional counselor to assist you in finding the solutions to the issues that do not seem to go away.
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11. Selfishness And Not Caring For The Needs Of The Spouse

Once a marriage is unhappy it will appear that one spouse are going to be selfish with his / her feelings. He / she will not care that his / her own activities bother the other person or care for the other person demands.

signs of an unhappy marriage pdf12. Feelings Of Sadness/ Loneliness

When it comes to sure signs of an unhappy marriage, it is normal to say that feeling of loneliness is an obvious sign. Being in an unsatisfied, unhappy marriage can leave one feeling so isolated. If you are suffering from a form of depression, sadness, or loneliness, it is clear that you are unhappy.

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13. Escapism 

The feeling that you have to break free or escape from your current marital condition, whether just within your personal mind or for real, could be one of the clearest sign of an unhappy marriage. But, in fact, the wish to be away from an unhappy or uncomfortable situation, even when you are with someone you love, is all natural.
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But, it indicates that your relationship has its own problem.

14. Regret 

Sometimes, those people who are being in an unhappy relationship often look at their life with a feeling of regret and a “what if” kind attitude regardless of what they made to get married. This is also a sure indicator of unsatisfied marriage.

15. New Hobbies

If your spouse suddenly has new hobbies, you might be wondering what is wrong. The similar will be right to you. If you prefer to enjoy alone, this is one of the signs of an unhappy marriage. Your marriage might be in trouble. Obviously, spouses have different activities, and hobbies, but if you do not want your partner join in your new hobby, then this is a sure sign that your marriage is in trouble. signs of an unhappy marriage program

16. Drinking Or Drug Usage

A lot of people tend to think that they can drown their problems by drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, or using drugs. If such a habit has begun suddenly, that might be a sign unsatisfied marriage.

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17. Lack Of Passion In The Voice

This sign seems so unclear. But, it is still an indicator of an unsatisfied marriage. As with the light in the eyes, happy couples tend to have a lilt or happier tone in their voice. They might laugh more and have more positive conversation topics. This raised and happy tone is evident when they speak with even other people.

However, when your partner seems to have a happy voice when he / she is speaking to others, there is a problem. There will be a noticeable change in tone of voice and subject matter if there is a problem.

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In order to make your marriage succeed both you and your spouse should stay emotionally connected and work towards building trust and love in your relationship. After covering all of the above signs of an unhappy marriage, do you feel that they are useful for your situation? Have I missed anything? Please feel free to add your ideas at the end of this post of signs of an unhappy marriage through comments.

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