57 First Date Ideas for Teenagers & College Students

Are you finding strategies to plan your first date? Are you worried about how to create a unique first date that will impress your girlfriend? I’m here to show you everything you need to plan a first date with your girl successfully. Maybe you know that not any first date idea can work for any type of girl. Therefore, before planning some kinds of outdoorsy activities, you will want to make sure that she is the outdoorsy type. Besides, I’m sure that you do not want to take your girl to a museum if she is going to be uninterested to tears. Before planning your first date, you should think about her interests as well as her personality to decide which first date idea you can try. Recently, VKool.com made a writing of top 57 most creative, fun and good first date ideas for teenagers and college students. Keep reading this writing to learn more.

Top 57 Fun And Good First Date Ideas For Teens And Student Couples – Simple Things To Do In The First Date:

Why does every first date seem to be an endless (boring, actually) cycle of grabbing dinner or drinks at restaurants and bars even when you have been experienced this several times before? Do not get me wrong — I really love drinking just as much as any other college freshman. However, there is actually something a little bit boring in my mind when I do the same things, hear the same song even when dancing with a brand new dating partner. I know many people who think and feel exactly like me! Not to mention, do you really want to wake up hangover after hanging out with someone you did not hit it off with (particularly if there is not even an interesting thing to talk about after all)? Thanks, but I do not want this! And I know you too!

Dating need to be fun if you want it to bring about good results as desired instead of boring feelings and dull impressions in your “future” partner’s mind. And, the first date also should not make you feel forced into making unhealthy choices (such as boozing all the nights of one week straight), or even bored about everything. These wonderful first date ideas for teenagers and college students will pull you out of the comfort zone of your own yet push you into having fun, and at the very least give you and your “future-maybe” too interesting and unforgettable experience. Thus, make use of them for any type of date – not only the first but can also the beyond date of your life! They are so much good!

1. Choose Your Own Adventure:

first date ideas-choose your own adventure

This is the first out of the best first date ideas for college students and for teenagers as well that I would like to introduce in this entire article and want you and my other readers to learn and remember to make use for good! If you have so many ideas but you do not have time for implementing everything coming up in your mind; or rather, it is too hard for you to imagine exactly what your date would like best, you just need to plan your own adventure. If you are feeling adventurous, you should choose some of your favorites, list them orderly, and then print out some concrete pictures (for example, coffee for a coffee date, a picture of art for an art museum, a jazz artist for a night with a jazz concert…), choose a great place suitable for you and your partner to meet, drink a glass of wine together, and allow your partner to choose the best plan he/she wants for your adventure! It would be pretty much a guaranteed great first date for both of you two.

Who do not love going through an interesting adventure with dozens of new things to do? Go ahead!

2. Visit A Psychic:

first date ideas-visit a psychic

Well, this might be a little out there, but it would definitely make sure that you will have many things to talk about. In addition, you can opt for a pretty cheap place to keep your first date extremely affordable. Just ensure that you will stay away from deep diving into your love lives as your first date might be a tad too soon for that. (And it can be also a serious buzz kill, basing on the fortune)

3. Go To A Planetarium Or Any Museum:

first date ideas-go to a planetarium or any museum

When it is too chilly to go out for stargazing, then you can think about a date in a museum. It would be a fun excuse to go to a place you likely have not explored in ages, and it could be also relatively romantic as well! However, do not forget to explore other museum opportunities. Exhibits change relatively regularly; and whether history, space, dinosaurs, art…peaks your interest, there is always a choice for almost anyone.

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4. Play Truth Or Dare:

play truth or dare

I know that this might sound so old school, but playing an easy game can help you reduce and eliminate the heavy pressure of keeping a conversation with a person you just met, and you will be able to keep it as easy as you want. In addition, if things are going smoothly, you even can dare them to kiss you to take your first date to a wonderful end.

5. Go To A Dance Class:

go to a dance class

A yoga or running date is actually very awesome for you to choose when you are looking to sweat a little bit, but it could also become fun (believe me, it would be very funny) to try something new, such as taking part in a swing dancing club. What you should do is just to pick something new to both you and your date (that also needs to be within your comfort zone, of course), and remember to take part in classes for beginners for the best results. If you really want not to shake it, you can choose Tai Chi, rocking climbing, or anything else instead to suit your interest and ability much better. This is actually one of the best first date ideas for college students and even teenagers so that people should consider making use of it once and feel how exciting it would be!

6. Choose A Bar With Billiards Or Board Games:


The days of forcing conversation, staring in silence, and sipping drinks are gone, and the days of Dance Revolution, pool, darts, shuffleboard, and even some chess (if you want some extra elegance) are in. Pick your poison – board games, video games, or billiards and let the friendly competition start. This is also one of the simplest yet most interesting and worth trying first date ideas for teenagers and for college students that I want you and my other readers to learn and apply for good!

7. Try Trivia Night:

first date ideas-try trivia night

If you have a little worry about a solo hang out session, you can make use of a group of activities like the trivia game. Similar to karaoke, trivia is a good chance that gives you great time to enjoy the date with your partner even if you are the least knowledgeable person in the room. In addition, even if that is a bad first date, you have at least come out of it with some good lessons and knowledge.

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8. Try A Painting Class:

first date ideas-try a painting class

Picasso means nothing to you as he is not your interest? Well, under his belt, Picasso actually has decades of professional painting experiences, but that is not something which can bar you or anybody else from buying painting supplies and going DIY or taking part in a painting class even if you are not talented. Bonus: The worse you are, the funnier and more interesting your first date would be, and in fact, it is totally not difficult to find a painting class that serves wine or is BYOB.

9. Check Out The Minors:

first date ideas-check out the minors

This is also another out on the list of good first date ideas for teenagers and for college students that people should learn and make use if they are looking for fun and good first date ideas for teens. Going to the majors is actually very wonderful, but the prices for the tickets could be extremely costly. Much better, instead of worrying about the huge expense you might need to pay for watching a big sport match, you can opt for going to a smaller stadium and single digit price tags. Might be the athletes are not very impressive as they are too young and not very skillful, but the hot dogs and beer taste just as wonderful and attractive (and the extra funds will not be able to make you worry).

10. Go Au Naturel:

good first date ideas - go au naturel

Actually I am not talking about going for a walk in the nude (though kudos to you if you do). Alternatively, you can take some outdoor workouts together with your partner in the first date. Whether you take some swings on the golf course, go for a hike, try outdoor rock climbing (outdoor or indoor), or go for a long bike ride, the natural air will “sweeten” the atmosphere of your date. Much more interesting, you will even be able to get in shape while you are at it! In fact, this is also among the simplest yet most interesting first date ideas for college students and for teenagers that people should learn as it will be useful for every case.

11. Go On A Scavenger Hunt:

first date ideas-go on a scavenger hunt

A date with the scavenger hunting game might feel long over, but actually, you do not always have to make it long. In addition, a scavenger hunt can be very simple to organize yourself. You just need to prepare a list of a few things you have been dying to try (do not be afraid if you want to make something a litter bit more creatively), and get out to find and experience each of them. You can make the hunt game as complicated or simple as you want, and you can always throw any of them in the towel and grab a drink if necessary. Everything can be done just alone or with each other.

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12. Sneak Into A Pool:

sneak into a pool

OK, trespassing might not be the best suggestion on the list of best first date ideas for teenagers and college students or the list of fun and good first date ideas for teens, but it would certainly become fun, and sneaking into a pool is actually a very bad thing for anyone, but just a small adventure bringing about a lot of good feelings. Pick a simple to go place to break into, act like you are a regular, and go for a dip! It would be a wonderful way to have some laughs, build up adrenaline, and soak up the sunlight together.

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