Fit Affinity Lean Fat Burner Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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An appetite suppressant and weight loss supplement, Fit Affinity Lean Fat Burner is a diet pill that aims to help you burn fat by stimulating your metabolism. But is it safe? In this review, we’ll take a look at how this product works, its ingredients, and overall effectiveness.

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Fit Affinity Lean Fat Burner Overview

Fit Affinity Lean Fat Burner is a weight loss supplement intended to be used in combination with regular workouts. The official website promises this pill will power you through your workouts, helping you lose stubborn pounds, improve energy, and boost metabolism.

The maker of this product recommends taking this supplement twice daily for best results–which include an improved mood, higher energy, increased focus and concentration, and a greater capacity for working out.

It gets a little confusing, however, as the website claims this product was made to be used while working out regularly, then states in a separate infographic that the pills work without exercise.

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Fit Affinity Lean Fat Burner Claims

The Fit Affinity Lean Fat Burner page makes a lot of claims in a short amount of web copy. The company makes weight loss pills, and puts out a series of instructional workout plans. The two types of products are sold alongside one another to promote fat loss, as well as improve the user’s overall physical fitness levels.

Fit Affinity Lean Fat Burner was designed to be taken twice a day–at breakfast and before your workout. According to the site, the product speeds up your metabolism, so you don’t need to work out, but adding this to your routine, along with exercise can improve the outcome.

Fit Affinity gives shoppers the choice between purchasing one bottle at a time or enrolling in their 6-week auto-ship program.  The site says the product typically retails for $99.00, but it’s currently being offered for $39.99.  It’s unclear why the site says you can “subscribe and save” when both options cost the same amount.

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Fit Affinity Lean Fat Burner Ingredients

The product label includes several types of ingredients including caffeine, amino acids, vitamins, green tea, and more. Here is a look at the contents of this formula:

  • Caffeine
  • Cayenne powder
  • Carnitine
  • Choline
  • Cocoa Seed Powder
  • Biotin
  • Green Tea Leaf Powder Extract
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA)
  • Advantra-Z

Caffeine is used as a natural stimulant. The substance is known for its ability to help users feel more awake and focus, as well as increase energy, and jump-start the metabolism.

Caffeine may cause anxiety, a rapid heartbeat, diarrhea, nausea, insomnia, and stomach pain.

Green tea extract also contains some caffeine, as well as a substance known as L-theanine, an amino acid that gives the user a focused sense of calm. While there are plenty of products that feature green tea as a weight loss ingredient, there’s no evidence that the substance has any meaningful effect on obesity.

Cayenne pepper is also thought to affect the metabolism. It’s unclear if this ingredient has any significant impact on weight loss.

Another critical element in this formula is Guggul powder extract. This ingredient has historical roots in India–it’s been used for centuries to treat conditions related to the mood and is thought to aid in weight loss.

That said, the root might cause some adverse effects like gas, nausea, diarrhea, and an allergic reaction.

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The Science Behind Fit Affinity Lean Fat Burner

Fit Affinity Lean Fat Burner contains mostly natural ingredients. We’re talking cayenne pepper, green tea, and caffeine, as well as biotin and ALA.

These ingredients aim to improve the metabolic rate in women trying to lose weight. Unfortunately, while there is plenty of research centered around ingredients like caffeine, it’s hard to say whether this formula, as a whole, yields consistent results when used as directed.

The Fit Affinity Lean Fat Burner official website does not present its readers with any meaningful look at the science that powers its products. We also thought the claims that you don’t need to work out while using this product seemed a little dubious.

Caffeine is thought to boost the metabolism, pretty effectively, but the combination of the common stimulant and the ingredient Advantra-Z. Advantra-Z is marketed as an alternative to ephedra, a weight loss substance banned by the FDA. Still, Advantra-Z might not be safe.

The combination of the two ingredients may cause an increase in heart rate and blood pressure, insomnia, nervousness, and irritability–even in healthy adults with no pre-existing conditions.

There’s also the issue of guggul–an Ayurvedic remedy that has yet to be studied in great detail. The ingredient has long been used in India to treat all kinds of ailments, but it might also cause skin rash, diarrhea, anorexia, and stomach pain.

That said, things like green tea and biotin offer benefits to the user–antioxidants, brain support, and healthy hair, nails, and skin.

That said, the good ingredients might not necessarily outweigh the bad, especially where your cardiovascular and digestive systems are concerned.

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Word on the Street about Fit Affinity Lean Fat Burner

Fit Affinity Lean Fat Burner has scores of testimonials on their website. There are 2,000+ positive reviews, to be more specific. With that in mind, it’s important to note that there are no bad reviews posted on the website, which makes it look like these reviewers are either paid or fake.

Amazon, however, does represent a broader spectrum of experiences. Some users said that this product did help them lose a couple of pounds here and there–and that the product seemed to be more effective when coupled with a regular workout routine.

Other users stated that the product upset their stomach, gave them heartburn, or made them feel jittery. We should also point out that this product does contain caffeine, so it’s unclear if the disparities in results have more to do with how some people process caffeine.

In addition to the mixed reviews, it seems that Fit Affinity has received an F rating from the Better Business Bureau. Most of the complaints posted on the site reference a bad experience with the product–stomach pain and the like. The business has not followed up with unhappy customers.

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Is Fit Affinity Lean Fat Burner Worth a Try?

Overall, we don’t have enough information at this time to figure out whether Fit Affinity Lean Fat Burner is a useful tool for weight loss. The official website has tons and tons of positive reviews, but those sentiments weren’t replicated elsewhere.

Amazon features multiple listings of this product, and overall, consumers collectively gave this one a three-star average. People felt that this didn’t work as expected, that it was too expensive given the lack of results.

On the other hand, some Amazon consumers mentioned that this product did help improve workout results. So, we could chalk it up to different body types, metabolisms, or workout routines.

Some fat burners are relatively safe, relying on things like caffeine to jump-start the metabolism and promote weight loss. But, there’s a whole range of supplements that fall into this category.

We’re not sure if Fit Affinity’s version is safe. At first glance, it doesn’t seem to have anything too dangerous included in the mix, but the company seems to be overstating the claims–including noticeable weight loss within a week and that you don’t need to exercise to see results.

Yes, you’ll lose weight if you burn more calories than you take in. So, if you plan on taking this supplement and don’t plan on exercising, you’ll likely want to be aware of how many calories you’re getting with each meal.

Ultimately, the claims that Fit Affinity makes in regards to their fat burning supplement don’t line up with the ingredients listed. We like that the product doesn’t seem to contain anything dangerous, but it appears that users are paying for a product that causes a placebo effect at best.

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Fit Affinity Lean Fat Burner FAQ

  1. Where can I buy Fit Affinity Lean Fat Burner?
    Those interested in purchasing Fit Affinity Lean Fat Burner can find this product on the official website, as well as on Amazon and eBay. All channels sell the 45-day supply for $39.99, though the “regular” price is $80. There’s no word on how long this promotion lasts or if it’s an ongoing deal.
  2. What is the serving size of Fit Affinity?
    The official Fit Affinity website advises users to take two pills with breakfast on regular days, and two tablets with food on exercise days. It’s unclear if that means all meals or just whichever is closest to the time of day the user typically would work out.
  3. Do I still need to work out?
    The website gives conflicting recommendations here. We’d suggest working out while using this supplement, but the site states that the pills alone will be enough to generate some weight loss.

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So What Really Works?

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