Combat Loneliness In Marriage, Love Or After Divorce

loneliness in marriage

Loneliness is just a feeling. For any reason causing this bad mood, you are able to control it. In this writing, I’m going to show you simple yet effective tips on how to combat loneliness in marriage, love or after divorce.  Keep reading this article on VKool site in the line of Relationships to deal with this psychological problem as fast as possible!

Combat Loneliness In Marriage, Love Or Even After Divorce

1. Overcome Your Fear

loneliness in marriage

When you feel lonely and don’t know how to get rid of it, your fear comes. This is a kind of fear and exactly this is a fear of facing the truth. To overcome this fear, you have to stay in your real life. Accept your loneliness, but fix it soon. Also, your loneliness may be linked with some other fears such as your low confidence, fear of darkness, fear of strangers, fear of public speaking, illness, bugs, or medical procedures. When you are ready to face your fears and fix them, you will be more social, happier and enjoy your life without loneliness.

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2. Connect With The World Through Creativity

loneliness in marriage

It is said that loneliness and boredom are related to each other. Doing creative activities can help decrease these bad moods. For instance, you can knit scarves, sing songs, write sometime, draw pictures and so on. Just try doing something you like and get engaged in activities you love. Then, you will get rid of loneliness in marriage, love or any unhappy or boring things in your life.

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3. Turn Off Electronics

loneliness in marriage

Normally, you turn on your TV, radio, and computer and entertain in spare time. However, if you repeat these activities all day and feel bored at them, turn them off. Get out of Internet and media. Instead, find something new to do. For instance, you can call your friends and go out with them. You can also take part in a club or a group of single moms if you are divorced and have children.

4. Live With Mindfulness Of Actions

loneliness in marriage

For both young and old people, loneliness and depression are about not feeling happy and connected. Spending time with others won’t ease their situations and they may feel worse due to the lack of relationship, love and care in their lives. Unfortunately, not all people are lucky to get love and care; and connectedness from each other. So, to save yourself, you have to strengthen yourself by empowering your mind. Learn to have positive thoughts. Learn to accept your life and fix it for yourself. If you can control it with your mind set, you will get balanced. The more you can create the connection between yourself and the world, the less loneliness you have to suffer from. All actions can be made depending on your mind. Live with your mindfulness of actions and do it well.

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5. Learn Small Talks

loneliness in marriage

Those who engage in meaningful talk, rather than small talks, have a great sense of well-being. Yet, small talks may be a way to have deeper talks. You, therefore, should have more small talks to get closer to more social relationships and get rid of loneliness in marriage, love or after divorce.

Small talks sometimes are meaningless, but it is not likely as you meet a friend for coffee, then discuss your shame about your divorce, or your breakup some years ago. It can happen, but it is not likely.

Small talks are also ways of acknowledging people by letting them get clear that they matter. Small conversations also a necessary way to deeper talks so that you can see whether there is possible for a sweat or romantic relationship.

If you really want to have more real and good friends, small talks are like a welcome as well as a compatibility test. Keep that in mind! Moreover, they are foundation for more new meaningful connections. Perhaps, it feels similar as cleaning a house, get your groceries or put on the makeup for company.

For most, small talks are just the beginning and it is connecting through deep conversation that is your desired goal. Hence, if you aim to combat loneliness in marriage, love or divorce, you should try to have small talks with people.

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6. Start A Blog Or Diary

loneliness in marriage

If you feel alone and don’t want to go out with friends today, stay in your home and write something like a diary or blog. It’s a great way to be creative, improve your memory, nourish your beautiful soul and get rid of worry, stress and distraction.

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7. Create A Vision Board

loneliness in marriage

Beside writing, you can start making your own vision board that describes what you want your own life to be or look like. Get some scissors, magazines, glue and poster board, and start. Hang up the vision board you’ve made to remind yourself of an awesome life you are creating and fun things are in store just for you.

8. Have A Pet

loneliness in marriage

Animals are so lovely. If you love them, pet one or some as friends and they will help you get rid of loneliness in marriage, love or after divorce. Pets like dogs and cats are always friendly, adorable, funny and easy to raise. So, if you do not dislike them, raise a pet, play with your pet and you will see how better your life is with this pet.

9. Realize That Loneliness & Depression Are Just Your Feelings

loneliness in marriage

Yes! Loneliness is just a feeling. You have to mind yourself psychologically. Get clear about being alone and isolated with feeling lonely. When you feel lonely, your loneliness comes from the way you think, yet when you are alone and isolated, these are factors that affect you. In short, though you are lonely or alone or isolated, they are distractions and bad moods. Don’t allow them to stay in your mind. Erase them out of your thoughts by empowering your mind and treating yourself good!

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10. Notice Your Self-Deflating Thoughts

loneliness in marriage

When people are young, they often create self-centered stories for explaining their feelings. For children, it is different. If they are unhappy, they will say they are not well or there is something wrong with them. In some cases, it is personality that forms different ways people react their own matter in life. If you are extrovert, it will be easy for you to show your sadness with someone and tell your stories with your friends. Introvert people are different, it’s hard for them to show their loneliness, shame or sadness. Simply, they keep these feelings in their own mind, suffer them on their own and other people can’t see any problem happened to them.

Some are different more. They are not extrovert or introvert. They are just lower themselves of self-esteem. They have self-deflating thoughts that loneliness comes with them and they have to suffer from this feeling. They just accept this bad feeling and can’t escape from it. If you are among them, do something positive to be happy soon!

11. Fight Emotional & Mental Habits Of Loneliness

loneliness in marriage

When it comes ways to combat loneliness in marriage, love or any issue in life, control your emotional and mental habits. In fact, these habits can affect your reaction to be lonely-free or not.

For instance, your healthy relationships with friends are good. This is a foundation for you to make your effort for reaching out to other people. When you are in hard time, they will help you to get rid of depression, sadness and loneliness. Even when you are lazy or tired daily, if you have healthy emotional and mental habits, you will be able to fix yourself fast. In other words, you have to learn to be dynamic, happy, positive and ready to face difficulties and struggles in life.

12. Keep Yourself Healthy

loneliness in marriage

Last but not least, you have to pay attention to keep yourself healthy. When you are well, you will be more active and positive. As a result, you will be ready to combat loneliness in marriage or in any problem in your life. Start your day with healthy breakfast, exercise, workout, talks and smiles.

Bottom line:

Loneliness and sadness are inevitable in life. You should learn to handle them daily and be happier without loneliness. Keep in mind that you are awesome and you make your own life. Hope that these tips can help you combat loneliness in marriage, love or after divorce. For any comment on this writing, leave it at the end of the post! Thanks and see you in the next posts.

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