What Are Some Turn Offs For Guys – 16 Biggest Ones

turn offs for guys

It is not easy for a guy to tell his wife or girlfriend what she does to irritate him. Turn offs are subjective, yet there are a few turn offs that are universal. Just like with girls, there are a large number of turn-offs for guys that we girls may not know about. Read these top 16 biggest turn offs for guys collected by VKool.com that you may might not be aware of until now!

Turn Offs For Guys – 16 Biggest Ones

1. Long Fingernails 

long fingernails

Yes. This sounds strange, but guys also notice your fingernails. While you might think that long, long fingernails are considered super attractive, it is really one of the biggest turn offs for guys.

Men, in fact, like natural and if you are about to have long fingernails, it might actually hurt them if they are making out with you. Hence, girls, keep your fingernails short and simple and do not over-do them.

2. Too “Perfumey” 

too “perfumey”

Whilst you may love the smell of the perfume you are spraying, and your man may like it in the light form, if you pile on spray after spray and he smells just like it when leaving your house, that is not the best thing. In fact, smelling good is great for ladies, yet spraying yourself so that the scent will embed itself into your own skin is not. Just simply keep it light, ladies and your man will entirely appreciate it.

3. Too Much Makeup

too much makeup

Similar to the above tip on turn offs for guys. Just a little bit of makeup is definitely fine. Yet, do not go overboard assuming you will impress a boy with the fancy artwork on the face. For guys, too little makeup is often better than too much which would might make them visualize a clown whilst talking to you. And, the safe tip here is to use makeup to promote and accentuate the face, not to cover it up as well as hide it.

4. Body Odor 

body odor

Well, this is not something that most girls think too much about as they often are not smelly people. Most people are not.

However, I guess that there might be an occasion day when you feel too overwhelmed by the attack of stress and anxiety and even get a whiff of your sweaty underarm after a hard working day. Nevertheless, if you are meeting your guy after working, then you should remember that he could still get a whiff of your own body odor  even if you do not smell it, particularly as he comes closer to hug or kiss you. It might be trivial, yet the second a man thinks you are smelly, he will think twice about trying to getting you into bed. Well, if you seem smell up there, then who knows how it is going to be down there?

5. Facial Hair

facial hair

Girls, when a man’s cozying up with you on the date, he will not want to see the facial hair covering the upper lip of your own. Well, to put in simple words, if a man prefers a woman with her facial hair, he may as well date such a dude. Similarly, you need to pay attention to your unibrows, hairy arms, or legs.

Thus, if you want to know how to seduce a man in seconds, make sure that your arms and legs are smooth and clean when he runs his hands over you.

6. Too Desperate

too desperate

Another one in the list of turn offs for guys that they definitely hate is a woman that seems to desperate. When you are constantly and continuously clinging to him, it is too much and he will soon get bored with you. A man likes a woman that is independent and that just depends on him when she really needs his help.

7. Playing Dumb

playing dumb

You may think that it is rather cute when playing dumb a lot of time, men like women that have opinions and are smart. In a certain situation, if you know something well, you should speak it up. This is one of turn offs for guys that many girls do not take it seriously, yet it does work. Try to be yourself, ladies!

8. Talking Of Your Ex 

talking of your ex

Men hate when a woman constantly talks about their exes. If you are in love with your ex, it may not be a lucid idea to be with other man. If you continuously talk about your ex, you may want to think about reason why. To sum up, this is still a big turn off for guys that they really hate.

9. Being “Too Easy” 

being “too easy”

Ladies, this is not all about sex, it is about everything. Men like to deal with some challenges which are interesting, particularly in a relationship and like someone that will not give away all of their own secrets on some first dates. If you reveal some of your secrets, just make sure that you still keep your relationship fresh and fun.

10. Overbearing


When it comes to biggest turn offs for guys, overbearing is the next in this list. A man could make his own decision, like you can make your own. Thus, you should not and do not have to be his mom and take care of him. When you are too overbearing with the man, you may make him feel resentful.

11. Entitled


Being entitle is another turn-off for men creating tension and stress in a relationship. Girls, you are not really entitled to anything in a relationship, like your guy is also not entitled to anything. You want to help or do things for your lover as your love him. Similarly, you want to do many things for him because you love him, not because he loves you, and of course, not because that you are entitled to it. Thus, ladies, you should get off your own high horse and treat him with the similar respect he treats you.

12. Rude


Not many girls are rude, yet some still are. This is considered as one of the biggest turn offs for guys. It is all about rudeness and attitude. Men do not like a woman who is rude to people around them or have a bad attitude. It does not mean that girls have to be happy all of the time. We, in fact, all have some bad days in life, yet if your own bad days outweigh the good days, then you should not take it out on other people.

13. Sending Mixed Signals

sending mixed signals

What do you think about a guy who is positive and likes you, yet then he start ignoring you? I guess that you do not like it much. The same goes for guys. Guys hate mixed signals. Therefore, you should not confuse your guy with your own actions. In reality, most guys prefer when girls are upfront about their own desires.

14. Playing Hard To Get 

playing hard to get

Yes, it is true that guys like challenges, as I said the previous tip, but, as a girl, you should not make him work too harder that he needs to do. If you really like him, and so he does, what you are now waiting for? Challenge him a little bit, yet you had better no pass up the chance to have a long lasting relationship. Just go for it and it is time for you to stop the games if you like him.

15. Gossiping 


Do not talk badly about other people in front of your guy as it will make you look bad. Even if what you say is the truth, it still makes you come across poorly. Do you want your guy to mistake you for such a bad person? The answer is absolutely “No”. You would like him to see you for the amazing, lovely, and kind girl that you are.

16. Being Clone 

being clone

Last but not least important when it comes to turn offs for guys that girls might not acknowledge. Peer pressure is such a dangerous thing that girls had better not give in to. It may seem like most women are wearing heels plus with tiny black dresses, yet that does not mean that you must do that as well. Men love originality. No man wants to be with the girl who is the spitting picture of all other girls out there. Your guy wants a girl, who is special, so do not be afraid of being yourself.

Well, girls, what are some turn offs for guys? Now, you have discovered top 16 biggest turn offs for guys that you may not even know about. Make it easier to know what to look for when you turn a man off right? So, you can share your own thoughts about some big turn offs for guys that you know about right below this post. We appreciate your ideas and will reply all soon.

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