36 Easy Games To Play With Kids At Home Are Revealed

games to play with kids

Along with the lessons in school, children must have time to play together, and playing with your kids is one of the easiest ways to help your kids grow and love their parents. While many parents are confused about the games playing at home with their children, Vkool.com completed an article about easy games to play with kids at home that father or mother can apply easily without difficulties. Keep reading the article thoroughly to know exactly how to play with your children in the funny way.

Easy Games To Play With Kids At Home With Satisfaction And Fun

1. Marshmallow 

games to play with kids

With thin sticks, marshmallow bag, you can build teepee, 3-D house or puffy pal. Your children use sticks and marshmallow to have their own building. They may add animals or favorite toys in the house to add more fun.

Among the easy games to play with kids, this is one of the most excellent choices for the parents when the kids may play at home without lots of equipments.

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2. Family-Photo Bingo

games to play with kids

Playing with game of photo, your child’s memory will be improved quickly. You can arrange 9 photos in three rows; give your child with pieces of checker or cards to attend as chips of bingo. When you call “daddy”, “mummy”, or “grandma”, your kid will take the photo with card. The winner will get through in three rows. This is one of the most momentous games to play with kids when you can improve your kids’ memory.

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3. Cooking Pizza

games to play with kids

Cooking pizza is not only the task of mothers, but it is one of the most significant games to play with kids at home every day. Getting sliced cookies in refrigerated, fatten them in cookie sheet, bake and make it cool for 10 minutes. Now your child can decorate pieces of pizza with cheese, sauce, strawberry, etc. This game is suitable to small girls as cooking skill is required. To develop this game, you may choose other simple ingredients to teach and play with your toddlers.

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4. Greetings 

games to play with kids

Give your child the glitter, card, stickers, and the photos in magazine, ask your kid what he wants to say to the people, write down, envelope it and slide into the mailbox when the weather is clear. This game will teach your children be polite with other people, especially the older people.

5. Story Challenge 

games to play with kids

Before going to bed, you should read the favorite books to your child, pick a critical point in the book, and ask him some questions about the action. This is a game that you may improve mindset of your kids.

6. Sensory Table 

games to play with kids

Have lots of washing basins or bowls with textured objects such as dry beans, peeled grapes, cooked spaghetti, or cornstarch, have your child sifted his hands through and ask him what he feels and challenge him to predict the object.

7. Disco Dance 

games to play with kids

Almost of the kids love dancing Disco, which is one of the most well-liked games to play with kids at home that you should try.

Now close the blinds, dim the lights, hand your child with small scarf, flashlight to curl around. You can choose the classical music such as “I will survive” or “Dancing Queen”, and so on.

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8. Barbie 

games to play with kids

With Barbie collection, you can choose the series of bikini Barbies, sunscreen, yacht, towels, and tub, sunglasses and I think that your child will be interested in this game.

9. Mini Car Wash 

games to play with kids

Get lots of trucks, cars, spaceships, and bus. This game is like a real job when your children put them into the garage, have the tub, and cleanse them with sprayers and squeeze bottles.

10. Marvel Mask 

games to play with kids
Now make the mock balance beam or hopscotch on the floor, your child grasps the tape pieces and markers to create his own shirt. Lay down the floor and hand over the house with doll.

11. Picnic With Family 

games to play with kids

Now you need to have a picnic basket, foods, water, cheese, paper, packets, napkins, and juice boxes to have lunch outside your house. Spread the basket in the room with all things you have for lunch, and empty out the lunch.

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12. Egg-Carton

games to play with kids

You need to prepare, 1 egg carton, small elements such as toy, shell, coin, etc. Now get each space with 12 elements, your child looks at the carton, block the carton, and let him write down what are inside the carton. Or, you can let him close the eyes, take some elements in the carton, and ask him what are missing when he opens his eyes. This is very funny and safe game when egg carton are the boxes made from natural treasures that many parents used for their kids playing.

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13. Twister

games to play with kids
Prepare at least colored papers, tape, and scissors. You should take advantage of the floor and wall in this game. Now cut each color paper into four circles, tape them into the floor, twist them up by your feet and hands. Or you can have a hat with pieces of paper to commands on the papers. You can play this game with your kids to improve energy and get fun.

14. Dress Dance 

games to play with kids

To play this easy game, you should prepare the old clothes of Mom or Dad and music. With the items you have, spread the pieces of the clothes, turn on the music, and let your children dance. Stop the music and encourage your kids put on the costume as fast as they can until the music start again. Whoever dresses more clothes in time, he will be the winner in this game.

15. Fortune Teller 

games to play with kids

What you need are scissors, markers, and a piece of paper. Now have your child pick the color, indicate the fortune teller back, continue the game with the colored letter like GREEN should be there, open, and let your child get a number. You can open the number and see the activity before picking up the number. When your child chooses the number, he will join in the activity written there. When he finishes the task, turn around the fortune teller and play again. The activities you can write down in the number are “have a dance”, “create a puzzle”, “make up your Barbie”, etc.

16. Up Scavenger Hunt 

games to play with kids

You need to have markers, paper, 1 old pillow, and 1 valuable element. This game is very beneficial because your item will be clean and your kid has fun, too. You can choose the cookie as the valuable item, silver coins, or cardboard, etc.

Hide the treasure in the private place, find the items in the house and gather them into one place, use the markers and have the colored lists of elements that you need to find to locate where the treasure is. When your kids are seeking the treasures, you can instruct him or give him clues to discover the valuable thing.

17. Hide And Seek 

games to play with kids

Hide and seek is one of the most popular games to play with kids. Especially, small children like this game when they are eager to explore the world. Your child or you close the eyes, count the number without looking, and trying to find the others when open the eyes.  You do not need to have any equipment with this game, and you should count the number more than three.

18. Can Kicking 

games to play with kids

It is like the game of hiding and seeking, you need to have a metal can, a team or one person are called “it” can participate this match, the can is in the middle of the ground, other people hid the can while it closes the eyes and count the number, which is at least three. Hence, “It” finds everybody. If someone is captured, he will hold a pen. The un-captured players kicks the can, they will be free. Game will end when the players hold the pen.

19. Picking Up The Flag

games to play with kids

This game is one of the easiest games to play with kids at your home. You and the other parents may join in this game. You need to have two flags or markers, divide group into two teams with their own flag. Start this game, you can run into the opposite team to capture the flag and run back to your place. You can add on the enemy player to your area. The enemy may tag their own player in jail and the jail will be broken. The people in jail may create good opportunity for the team tags them into the territory.

20. Parachute 

games to play with kids

Parachute is also one of the interesting games to play with kids. People may hold the parachute round the edges and someone will tell what they have to do. People may disturb the parachute up and down, go away, up and down, run under the parachute, sit on the parachute edge.

Players may use the beanbags or balls to jump when they ruffle the parachute. While everybody tousles the parachute, one person will sit in the mid of parachute. To play this game, you may have ten children participating in.

21. Four Square 

games to play with kids

To play this game, you need to have a playground ball and a square court. To start this game, each square will have one person, the highest player in number one and the lowest person in number four. You spring up the ball among people; bounce it to another player before the player grabs it. When playing with kids, you may have the rules and if the players break the rules, they will have to move the rank.

22. Traffic Cop 

games to play with kids

Traffic cop is one of the meaningful games to play with kids at the large area. You can choose the blank places and have the equipment on wheels, scooters, wagons, and bikes. One person will drive the traffic to be assured that children will not crash into the others. This game will teach your kids follow the traffic for safety.

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23. Jump-Rope

games to play with kids

Jumping rose is one of the most effective ways to teach your kids develop jumping skill and the jumping speed. It is so interesting to jump with friends. You need to have a player who will jump; three players will jump double Dutch.

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24. Jacks 

games to play with kids

You can choose an indoor location or the outdoor flat place. The player tosses the jacks on the playing ground, scatters them with one hand like rolling dice.

The ball is thrown up and bounced, and it is catched again. The picked jacks will be counted and ordered and you may set the rules for this game like “bounce the ball”.

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25. Chinese Jump-Rope 

games to play with kids

You need to prepare good chairs and there are three people in this game. Two people will sit on the chairs and their feet stretch in the rope, the third person will jump between them and grasp the rope from the sitting person, jump the outside, inside, right, and left of the ropes. All the players should use the same patterns. If the player performs correctly, the rope will be moved to the calves. If you miss, the other will be in turn. You will need 5-6 meters of rubber bands for this game.

26. Marbles

games to play with kids

You will need to draw a circle on the sidewalk or in the sand, try to knock the marbles of other people out of the circle with your marble. To join this game, there are at least two people; of course, you will need to have the marbles in small, large or chalk size.

27. Asking Mother

games to play with kids

This game is one of the most interesting games to play with kids at home. A person in the group asks another player “Mother, May I…?” and that person may say Yes or no with the question. In turn, each person will have the right to ask another people.

28. Red Light, Green Light 

red light, green light download

Like the game of asking mother, Red light, green light is also one of the easiest games to play with kids without any equipment. You need have a small group and the kids may play inside a room. A player will be the traffic light, and other kids are at the end.

When the traffic light stands up and confronts the group, she or he will say “red light”, everybody will freeze. The traffic light back and say “green light” and the group will block the traffic light, who will try to turn around and say “red light”. If someone moves, he must go back to the original place. The winner is the person who tags the traffic light first.

29. Simon Says 

games to play with kids

Among the fun and easy games to play with kids, this game is a perfect choice for all the kids and parents when you can play anywhere, even in the small place or in a car. You need to have a small group and no equipment is required. A person will be Simon and say “jump”, “stand up”, and so on. Simon will think of his action and requires the player follow. But if the person does not include the saying “Simon says” will be out and the last person will be Simon in the next game round.

30. Red Rover 

games to play with kids

There are two teams in this game and each player will be in a long line, hold hands each other, and face the other team. The team turns and calls “Red Rover, Red Rover, let (the name of the kid) come over” and that child will leave the line of the team, run, catch the other line, and come through the hands. If they come though the hands successfully, they will come back to the team, if not, they will join in the new team. When the team has the only one player, he or she must batter down the other team, if impossible, that team loses in this game.

31. Spud 

games to play with kids

Spud is one of the outdoor games to play with kids with lots of fun. You need to have a ball and a small group to start this game. Each player has a number and they are around the person, who plays as “it”. It tosses the ball and the players run. When the ball catches the top of toss, “it” will call the number and he or she will run away. The called person will come back and catch the ball and when he catches the ball successfully, they say “Spud”, and everyone will freeze after that. The person who catches the ball will hit the other players with the ball. The new person will get the letter, S, P, U, and D and “it”. If they miss, the person will hand the ball to “it” to start a new round.

32. Seven Up

games to play with kids

Although this game is usually played at school, you the parents may follow and play with your kids at home. To play this game, seven players go to the front and teacher (you) says “Heads down, thumbs up” and everyone will put head down, expand arm, and thumb up. The kids go around and each player will press the thumb of the other down. Hence, they come back to the room and the teacher says “heads up, seven up”. The players will head up, and seven people will stand up. Name the person who they press down the thumb, if correctly, they change to the presser with other people. The minimum number of people in this game is 14 and your kid may call his friend to participate.

33. Hand-Clap

games to play with kids

Normally, there are two people includes in this game. Clap hands while sing a song. There are many rhymes online but you can learn some easy songs such as “Miss Susie”, “Miss Marry Mack”, “Pat-a-Cake”, etc.

34. The Whip 

games to play with kids

The whip is a safe game at home that you can play with kid. There is a small group and they hold the hands each other, in line. The person at the end of line will run around and change the directions.

The whip tail will move around and force the players close. If the tail is longer, it is harder to hold on. If the last player goes down the tail, they may try to move back in the closer position.

35. Telephone 

games to play with kids

Telephone is one of the funniest games to play with kids at home. Now a small group sits in a circle, one person will think a sentence to whispers with another person in round. That person will repeat it with the next player. This action will continue until the end of the ground and the last player will speak out the sentence. If the sentence is different to the original sentence, then they must go around.

36. Freeze Dance 

games to play with kids

A person will be responsible on music. People will dance when the music is turned on, when the music is turned off, the players will freeze in the position. If any player caught, he will be out of the game. Continue and you will get the winner of the game. To start this game, you need to have a music player and a person who will adjust the music. You may be a DJ in this game for your kids dancing. With the other games to play with kids, freeze dance is a nice choice for parents when they want to encourage their children moving and improving flexibility.

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After reading my writing of 36 fun and easy games to play with kids at home, I hope that the article helps you get more information about tremendous games to play with children. If you have any question, you can leave it as below and I will respond to you. Now get started for fun with your lovely kids.

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