16 Rules On How To Be A Good Husband And Father

how to be a good husband

Most people, who get married, truly want their marriage to succeed; unfortunately, not everyone does things essential to make sure it does. This article will provide readers with qualities of men who make great husbands and innovative rules on how to be a good husband and father instantly. Check all out now to start building your happier marriage.

Rules On How To Be A Good Husband And Father – Top 16 Rules

I. How To Be A Good Husband – 7 Qualities Of Men To Make Great Husbands

1. The Provider

That means he puts his family first, always. He is a selfless man, who lives to satisfy those he cares most. Even, he can work two tasks in his sleep. He is the kind of man who has a motivation in mind to earn money, and protects his savings with his life. Especially, he hardly rest when his loved ones cannot rest. Just until he knows the ones he loves are okay, he will be able to rest. He is the man with a desire of perfection at home as well as in his office. His life purposes also contain work-life balance. The words, such as “no”, can’t”, or “impossible”, are not in his vocabulary.

2. Good Relationship With The Family how to be a good husband book

A man who has a close and loving relationship with his own family might be a man you should be with. This kind of man understands the role and importance of family and truly cherishes family time. He will place the great importance on family after marriage and starts to raise the family with his wife. Also, it is said that the man who respects his mother will most likely to treat his wife with respect, too. Normally, he is obviously worthy marrying. If you want to know communicating tips to strengthen a relationship, then check out tips in our website right away.

3. Know The Sanctity Of Marriage

A good man will truly understand the purpose as well as importance of a marriage. Upholding a life-long commitment of love and fidelity to the wife and the children as well is also a good quality of a great husband. Because cohabitation and hookup culture now are becoming standards of the society, so women do not want to miss out on being with a man who wishes to pursue a life-long marriage. In order to maintain a sustainable marriage, you need to know some warning signs of an unsatisfied marriage to prevent it effectively.

4. Work Hard how to be a good husband for dummies

A man who has a hard work ethic should be marriage material. With this quality, he will never give up until he gains his ambitions. He always works hard to provide the future family financial support, regardless of the circumstances. Also, he will instill the similar value in the future children. It is not a good idea for women to choose a man who is stricken with a case of the “entitlement mentality”.

5. Honors The Women’s Femininity

A man who recognizes the beauty of a woman and honors her femininity is worth marrying. He will respect his beloved as a woman, and understand clearly about the purpose of his wife in the marriage. Also, he will value the woman entirely, not only for the physical appearance but also for the features. A man who respects this quality in a woman will also encourage his daughters to maintain their femininity as well as self-worth when they get older.

6. Faithful

A man who is faithful to both others and God, will be a great husband. This kind of man will value and uphold the vows made to others, in general, and his woman, in particular. He will also value the importance of the wife in his life and the mother to his children. His faithfulness also underlies the steps he takes to keep the marriage stable for his wife as well as his children. Moreover, a great husband will prioritize the marriage, and make sure that morals form the foundation of the family.

7. Know The Purpose In Life how to be a good husband guide

A man who knows his purpose in his own life will worth keeping. When determining the life purpose which drives his soul, he will pursue it while still remaining confidence. As he determines his purpose, he might be more career-driven, no matter there are many shortcomings he must face.  Also, due to having this quality, he will continue to be a strongly inspirational source in his wife’s life after a marriage.

II. How To Be A Good Husband – 16 Easy Tips To Follow

1. Be Pleasant

The fact is no one likes an arrogant guy. So, it is better for you to be pleasant to everyone, not only your wife but also your friends, and family. Just be kind, warm, positive, friendly, and understanding. It is usually heard that “what we give is what we back”, so try to be lighthearted as you could even if you had a bad day in the office or are physically exhausted after driving through traffic jams. If your wife does not go out to work, it does not mean her work is easier than yours. She has to struggle with the housework or the children all day. Refer: tips on how to relax naturally with music and methods on reducing stress dramatically.

2. Be True

When it comes to rules on how to be a good husband and father, being true is extremely critical. Being true to your wife means more than simply being faithful, it means that you should keep her as the number one person in your life. Do not let her be the last person knowing your achievements or worries. Back her up when she needs and be the one person that she could truly count on no matter what happens.

3. Share how to be a good husband to a pregnant wife

Over the time, couples start to drift apart. They tend to share their stories, thoughts and beliefs with each other less. So, try to share your life with her, your stories. Share your hearts, time, and problems as well. In short, you had better share everything with her.

4. Be There

That means you should be with her in mind, body, and even spirit. Arrive home after work, do things with your wife in the evenings and especially on the weekends. All above, be her friend; just simply be there to be with her.

5. Be Respectful

Do not yell at her. Do you remember the above quality of a great husband? Just honor her. Do not call her names. Do not demean her. Remember to say please and thank you. Always open the door for her no matter how long both of you have been married. Get things for her without even an asking. There are some certain things a guy shows off his loved one. If you overlook them, your wife might think you do not love her.

6. Care how to be a good husband bible

You want to become a great husband? Then you need to care about your own marriage as well as your wife. You should remind yourself to show your care when she is down, angry, or depressed. Buy her a small present for just no reason. Or, just simply by looking at her, you are showing you care about her. Though telling her that you care about her is not a great way to show off your care, it is still better than do nothing.

7. Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Similar to any relationship, sometimes you should go out of your normal ways to do something for the other. Just because those things will make her happy, you can do them without asking. Pick something up at the store with no complaint, or talk to her mother. Sometimes, the best thing you should do is to keep your mouth closed, or say things to back her up that you really do not mean. The points is, being a great husband means sometimes you might have to do something that is abnormal to you just simply because you love that woman.

8. Demonstrate

Obviously, it is not enough to tell your wife that you love her, or to buy her a gift or a card now and then. If you find that you truly love your wife, and would like to be a great husband, you should do something to show it, not just words. You can surprise her with whatever she loves. Or, you can hug or kiss her even if it will not lead to sex. Do something that is meaningful to only two of you. Keep in mind that you need to do something nice and demonstrative much each day if possible.

9. Listen how to be a good husband to my wife

Everyone always wants their words listened. So, when she talks, just simply listen. Do not try to interrupt her. Hear and feel her voice, pay more attention to the words. Understand what she is saying. That is simple what she needs. If possible, watch as well as listen for subtle stuff. Many women want something but they do not speak out. Others even do not understand their own demands. So, your task is raising your sensitiveness. Listen anyway. Learn methods on how to listen actively here to be a good listener from now.

10. Be Open With Ideas Or Opinions

In the real marriage life, your wife might have opinions or ideas that you may not want to hear. But, it is a chance for you to show that you are a good husband. Try to be open. This does not mean that you should agree with all things she says, but it means you do not have to argue with her. See more tips on how to reverse a broken marriage and advice for men to save a life-time marriage 

11. Talk About Finances Openly talk about finances openly

As a parent, you and your spouse should take about finances openly. Ideally, before investing in something, one should ask each other until both have a common conclusion to pay for it, especially with big investments such as house or insurance.

It’s also necessary for you and her to practice economy every month. Show her to know that you are aware of saving money daily such as never buying stuff, using light properly, limiting eating out and so on.

12. Try Counseling

Well, this sounds quite intense; yet think about it as if you are in 30,000-mile tune-up. Tell her that you are learning to be a better man, husband and father. And you always want to move forward, for instance taking part in marriage enrichment seminar, weekly appointments or having open talks to your wife or meeting a counselor who can help you and her understand each other more.

13. Cherish Your Time With Your Family Members cherish your time with your family members

Time flies and we as a parent should cherish our time with our beloved ones. For you, spend quality time with significant activities with your spouse and children, especially in weekend or holiday. If you can, take time to teach your children some lessons of life and they will remember these lessons like beautiful memories in their life.

14. Limit Media Time

Next to rules on how to be a good husband and father, instead of lying on the sofa and watching TV all day, why don’t you ask your family to get out and have something fun out there? There are various things for you to do beside media time, such as playing tennis with your spouse, waking with all members in the family or reading and listening to a book story. Actually, it’s not difficult to create some daily activities for your family, but it’s your perspective on how to improve your family atmosphere and make people close to each other.

15. Get Involved During Her Pregnancy

get involved during her pregnancy

All women need their men inside during their long pregnancy. Be aware of your role as a good husband and a father-to-be, pay more care and attention to her in this period of time. She will be happy and have a healthy pregnancy. Accordingly, both you and your little family are going to have a healthy baby.

16. Get Involved In Kids’ Education get involved in kids’ education

When your children have been growing up, both father and mother should share their responsibility in teaching their children’s behavior and general knowledge. As this is a common task of good parents. Never stick with a belief that you are a man, so you just need to earn a lot of money to feed your children. You will be wrong and face up with some marriage problems soon because no wives, especial modern wives accept their husbands with this attitude.

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Actually, children can learn many things at school, but never negate benefits of homeschooling since it’s a clue to make family member closer. By teaching your children at home, they can feel a great love and care from their parents. Hence, they will be well-educated children and get rid of bad behaviors and social evils, for instance.

Learning these16 rules on how to be a good husband and father is not an easy work that you can be professional just over a night. In order to be a great husband, you should start from even small things. By this way, you can train yourself gradually and stick to positive changes for the lifetime. Leave all your comment at the end of this post of 16 rules on how to be a good husband and father to let us know what you think. We will answer all as quickly as possible.

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