12 Natural Makeup & Beauty Tips For Teenage Girls 2024

Top 12 Natural Makeup & Beauty Tips For Teenage Girls That You Should Know

You are a teenager and want to enjoy this wonderful time in your life? How to do it? Making more friends, joining a club, learning a new sport or a hobby, they are some choices for you. But if you are a teenage girl, do not forget to make yourself different with beauty care. Check out this article in our site to explore top 12 natural makeup and beauty tips for teenage girls 2024!

1. Makeup

make up reviewMakeup makes teenage girls become more confident and happy with some changes on their faces such as lighter skin, pinker lips or darker eyelids. However, remember to wear sunscreen before you makeup, teenage girls! This can protect your skin from UV light and sunburn and help you look a few years younger. The following are some makeup tips for teenage girls you should know:
– Don’t buy any cosmetic product without testing it first. If possible, ask for a sample to make sure that this product is safe for you.

– Avoid doing dark lips and smoky eyes because it makes you look tacky for your young face.

– If you have beautiful facial patterns, play up your best features. For example, if you own pretty eyes, line them darker to get more attention. If you are a teenager with a wonderful pout, use flattering lipstick to get attention.
– To protect your skin, avoid covering your acne with a thick layer of foundation as it can make acne condition worse. If needed, you can use an oil-free formula. Actually, foundation suits women of 30s, and it hides natural beauty of teenage girls. Ideally, teenagers can cover up blemishes with concealer, then apply a tinted moisturizers.

– Pat concealer, instead of rubbing it. Never rub concealer, instead pat it. carefully, pat it over your acne and blemishes. Some concealers contain medication to aid in curing acne, so consider these concealers to use and pat it in. Pat your concealer by using your fingers, but not rubbing it.

– Eyeshadow can help bring out eye colors. You should select natural shades for a daily look. Hazel and brown eyes look great in warm colors like gold and copper. Besides, you can use eyeliner as a way to accentuate eyes.

– Apply a little mascara that helps darken lashes and call attention to eyes. For different eye colors, you can apply different mascara colors. For instance, if you have blue eyes, opt for a dark brown mascara; if you have dark eyes, frame them with darker mascara shade.

– Remember to balance out lips and eyes. If you want to have a heavy eye makeup, make nude lips with a little bit of gloss. If you want to get a darker lipstick, keep face lighter, avoid using heavy blush with light eye-shadows, and avoid lining eyes heavily. Don’t line your lips in a color that darker than your lipstick or gloss.

– Do not play up everything on your face everyday. Never wear everything like foundation, blush, powder, liner, eyes shadow, mascara, gloss and lip-liner daily. At teenage, you just need to wear a great mascara and concealer for your blemishes and gloss. If necessary, add blush in winter. Don’t overdo makeup as it is bad for acne and make you become a spoiler.

– Be natural, choose light or organic cosmetic products to enhance your features. In fact, teenager’s skin is more sensitive than that of older women. At this age, their skin can react strongly to cosmetic products. So be careful to choose them and care for your face with these natural and safe ingredients.

2. Skin Care

As a teenage girl, you should know basic skin care rules as follows:

– Have a bath and get a scrub to clean and remove dead skin daily. Focus on areas like back, shoulders and chest.

– Wash your face twice a day, in the morning and at night after working day or before bedtime. For oily skin, gently scrub the T-zone on face to remove blackheads.

– Shave legs after having bath to avoid cuts and pain. When waxing, remember to have a quick cold bath.

– Try to get a sound sleep every night to prevent dark circles and acne.

– Save your money by making homemade facemasks and scrubs.     3. Lip Care lip care review

Why do teenage girls must take care of their lip beauty? Simply, this is more sensitive body part than other ones in the body. Lips can ease crack, dry and bleed not only in winter but also other season in a year. Here are some general lip care tips for teenage girls:

– Exfoliate your lips with some homemade exfoliators like honey and sugar.

– Moisturize your lips frequently. Never let your lips dry out.

– Don’t lick lips and peel out dry lip skin.

– Don’t wear lipstick on your chapped lips. They just further dry lip skin.

– When buying lip care products, remember to check for the expiration date. Expired products are not safe for your lips and your health in general.

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4. Hair Care
hair care reivew In the line of beauty and style for teenage girls, you also should take care of your hair. Below are several tips that make it easier to make your hair look gorgeous and stylish.

– Avoid overdoing blonde highlights on hair. Be sure to stay close to your natural hair tones.

– Get a comfortable haircut to save time in dressing and look younger. Short hair is the best choice for you.

– If you have oily scalp, skip commercial products and pick some natural baby products. To create a new style, just make some loose curls with your barrel iron and you can change your hairstyle with ease. This method can reduce heat damage to your hair.

– Notice how to choose and use shampoos as well as conditioners for your own scalp and hair type. Do not shampoo and use conditioner too gradually as it can make hair damaged. Of course, if you have oily hair skin, and play sports, you can wash hair daily with mild hair care products to eliminate oil and dirt from your scalp.     5. Fashion & Hygiene

As a teenage girl, you should care about your own fashion that suit your personality and body type. However, at this age, try to wear clothes and underwear that are comfortable, not too tight to have normal physical growth and better hygiene. For more details, if you wear tight clothes, your body temperature will increase and create a good environment for sweat and bacteria to stay.   Add to hygienic tips, you need to take care of your dental health. Brush your teeth twice daily, before bedtime and in the morning. Use mouthwash and floss. Avoid using flavored mouthwash such as bubble gum, since you may get bad smell after then.

6. Shave Or Wax

shave or wax review

May teenage girls get embarrassed with their unwanted face and body hair,  any hair that you don’t want on your body. Shaving and waxing are simple ways to solve this problem. But remember that shaving frequently can make your hair grow back faster and thicker. As I mentioned above, just shave or wax after having bath as your hair will be softer and it can be easier to remove, then.

7. Nail Care

Take care of your both fingernails and toenails with simple natural beauty tips for teenage girls 2024 below:

– Don’t bite fingernails because this is not hygienic and this also leaves mails curved and misshaped.

– Use your nail file and trim your nails properly.

– Don’t grow your long toenails and keep them clean.

– Paint your nails if you like but be careful with expired products and toxics from nail colors.   Recommended reading: Nail Care Tips

8. Staying Hydrated

At this age, teenagers should have more physical activities in order to increase growth and strength. So, drink more water (about 8 glasses per day) and consume fruits that contain a large amount of water to stay hydrated and keep skin fresh and healthy.   Discover: Benefits Of Drinking Water     9. Wear Jewelry   In addition to interesting beauty tips for teenage girls 2024, you may like this tip. Actually, wearing rings, necklaces, and bracelets can make you look greater if you choose ones that suit your outfit and personality. So pay attention to your appearance and let jewelry make you become a beautiful teenage girl.

10. Smell Good

smell good review

Beside jewelry, girl can wear perfume to get relaxed and confident. Wear it often or spray a little on some body parts like wrists and neck in special occasions. People you met may get used to that scent and appreciate it and remember you because of that smell.

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11. Real Beauty Comes From Inside

Though you use any natural beauty tips for teenage girls, remember to show your real beauty that comes from inside. Makeup is important for girls but you can’t do it all day. Clothes and accessories are the same. Instead, create your own beauty and happiness with your good personality and feel free with your style. If people who understand your person, they will find your own beauty and you will be cheerful for it, always!

12. Be Yourself

Though you change your hair style or clothes, let people know that you are still yourself and you are happy with it. Do not be the same with others. Inversely, do not try to change yourself when you do not know exactly your personality is. The first thing you must do is to form your own personality and make people naturally feel your special characteristics. In fact, you will only finish developing your personality in this age. In next years, it’s time for developing working skills and other ones for an adult. For this reason, you should learn to be yourself and aware of your beauty and style today.

I’ve shown you top 12 natural makeup & beauty tips for teenage girls 2024. Check out all these natural tips and practice the best ones you need to get pretty since today.

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