18 Homemade Stain Removal Tips For Clothes Are Exposed

homemade stain removal tips

Do you have a tough stain on your clothing or carpet? There are so many different substances that could stain your clothes as well as carpet, from drink, food to ink, lipstick, and oil. Each stain has a special remedy, and the material of the garment will have a certain impact on how people clean it. This article from VKool.com will give you tips on how to remove stains from different fabrics. Read on these stain removal tips for clothes and carpet now!

I. Stain Removal Tips – Remove Stain Naturally From Different Types Of Fabrics 

stain removal tips

When dealing with a stain, you should think about the fabric of the garment – whether it is cotton, wool, synthetic, or silk. Before doing anything, you should check the care label of the garment for any instruction; then, follow these instructions below:

1. Eliminate Stains From Cotton

stain removal tips

Cotton is the fabric which is durable, so you could use different techniques to eliminate stains from cotton garments without having to worry about damaging the fabric.

2. Eliminate Stains From Synthetics 

stain removal tips

In reality, there are various kinds of synthetic fabric, and generally they are durable, so you could be firm when working on the stain. Normally, synthetic fabrics might respond effectively to the regular detergents which include enzymes, yet harsh chemicals such as bleach are really not a good idea.

You should check that any particular stain removers that you are using are really safe for the synthetic use.

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3. Eliminate Stains From Wool 

stain removal tips

Those commercial stain removers might damage the wool fibers, so you need to make sure that you read the guidelines on the label.

Besides, you need to use a special detergent which is designed for wool, then dry that garment flat in order to maintain the shape. If essential, you can take that garment to a professional for special strain treatment.

4. Eliminate Stains From Silk 

stain removal tips

Though you might just treat a small stain, it is crucial to use a proper detergent on the silk as well as to soak the entire garment in order to avoid the condition of water spotting. Because silk is very delicate, tough stains will be better treated at those professional dry cleaners.

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II. Stain Removal Tips – 18 Natural Ways To Remove Different Types Of Stains 

1. Eliminate Common Stains 

stain removal tips

Let’s cope with it, most people run for the all-purpose stain remover right after the disaster strikes. However, the ingredients you could find at home might also help you eliminate stains.

Try these techniques on inconspicuous areas of the garment first for warranting that there will be no discoloration as well as damage. You could always take the garment to a specialist for the recommendation.

2. Eliminate Chocolate Stains By Using Milk

stain removal tips

  • Initially, you eliminate excess chocolate by putting your garment in the freezer before scraping hardened chocolate off.
  • After that, you run the hot water down the back of that chocolate stain for melting it and pushing it via the front.
  • Next, you rub the washing-up detergent into that stain before soaking to that garment in milk from 30 minutes to 1 hour.
  • Then, you can wash the garment as normal. You can repeat if you want.

3. Eliminate Berry Stains By Using Lemon Juice 

stain removal tips

The next one in this list of stain removal tips is using lemon juice.

  • You can wash the berry stain as usual, then leave it out right indirect sunlight for a short amount of to get benefit from the bleaching effect of the sun rays.
  • In case it is such a tough pain, then you rub the lemon juice over the top. Another option is to lay slice of lemon on that stain.
  • Then, rinse it off and dry. Repeat if you want.

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4. Eliminate Tomato Stains By Using Vinegar 

stain removal tips

    • You need to soak that tomato stain in the neat white vinegar for about 30 minutes (use 1-2 tablespoons)
  • Then, you rinse it off before rubbing detergent directly onto the stain before letting it under the running cool water. You could repeat the routine if necessary.

5. Eliminate Ink Stains By Using Hairspray 

stain removal tips

The ink stain could be tricky to eradicate.

  • First, you can soak the infected area in the alcohol-based product, such as hairspray or methylated spirits. This will help remove stains effectively.
  • Second, you dab at the ink stain with the absorbent cloth till it disappears.
  • Last, wash it as usual.

6. Eliminate Oil Stains By Using Diswashing Liquid 

stain removal tips

The oil as well as other form of greasy stain could be removed by using a squirt of diswashing liquid or the washing detergent which is applied right directly and rubbed in. Then, you let the garment under on a hot cycle and repeat if you want.

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There are a lot of different ways to remove stain on clothes, Tide Boost Stain Release Plus Bleach is the most common used and highly appriciated product on the market.

7. Eliminate Blood Stain By Using Salt 

stain removal tips

When it comes to stain removal tips, go for salt. If you want to eradicate blood stain by using salt, time is of the essence. The sooner you deal with it, the better the result.

Just simply create a good paste of cold water and salt. Then, you rub this solution right directly onto the blood stain, perfectly in 10 to 15 minutes after the blood stain happening. Next, you rinse the garment off with cold water (avoid hot water) and do it again if you want.

When it comes to stain removal tips, using urine sounds so crazy, yet it works with blood stains. Of course, after rubbing the stains with urine, you need to wash those clothes carefully.

8. Remove Spot Emergently 

stain removal tips

You planned your outfit for a night party so well, yet you did not have that in mind when ordering that tomato soup and red wine. If you spill something on the clothes whilst you are out, so do not panic. Your night does not have to be damaged as long as there is available a club soda around you.

Just use straight ahead the club soda from the bottle, it is a great emergency spot remover. Make use of it with a damp, clean cloth. In case you are near a laundry machine, you can create a simple yet powerful strain remover by well combining the lemon juice with the cream of tartar. You should wash it as normal, and the marks will be gone forever.

9. Remove Grass Stains 

stain removal tips

It is fun when you are sliding into third base at the annual family baseball game, yet your lovely smile might fade after you see the grass stain on your own favorite pair of shorts. However, you should not worry because grass stains are not as invincible as they seem.

The grass stains on the clothes could be eliminated with the old toothbrush plus with plain white toothpaste. Make sure that you use the paste form, not a gel. Then, you squeeze a little bit toothpaste on the grass stain before dipping the toothbrush into clean water and use it to scrub away that stain. Do this routine again if you want to remove all of the stains. After that, rinse the affected off with water and launder your clothes as normal.

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10. Remove Collar Stains 

stain removal tips

You do not need a particular laundry pretreater or stain remover to eradicate a ring around the collar. The stain around the collar could be easily eliminated with a touch of something that is available in your house – shampoo.

To use shampoo to remove collar stains, you pour a little shampoo (any type) onto the collar before rubbing together to work the shampoo in well, and then rinse thoroughly. After that, launder as normal.

If you are afraid of the inconvenience of this method, you can take the complimentary bottles of shampoo from hotels for a smaller, free package of the collar stain remover.

11. Remove Lipstick Stains 

stain removal tips

If you kiss too much on the collar of your sweetheart, then you need this laundry trick. In order to abolish the lipstick from dark fabrics, you could grab a piece of white bread to remove that crust. It is not necessary for you to forgo a sandwich, just simply use the heel of the loaf as no one will like that piece of bread, anyway. Then, rub it on the lipstick stain gently till it picks up all the lipstick. After that, you sweep away all leftover crumbs with the soft, clean bristled brush.

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12. Remove Coffee Stains 

stain removal tips

If coffee stick out on the silk, you can purge by two methods:

  • Use lemon juice to strongly rub onto the stains, then rinse with water.
  • Use alcohol 900 which is mixed with water, and then scrub, wash.

If coffee stick on thick fabrics such ast table-cloth or bed linen:

  • Using Oxygen water (Eau Oxygenee) to purge.
  • Use a little egg yolk which is whipped well in a small routed warm water to clean the dirty are. Then wash with soap and water.

There are a lot of different ways to remove stain on clothes, Tide Boost Stain Release Plus Bleach is the most common used and highly appriciated product on the market.

13. Remove Tea Stains

stain removal tips

The tea stains sticking on clothing need to be eliminated by soaking the clothes into the water with ether. Then, rinse it off with cold water or wash with soap.

Get a lemon piece and rub on the tea stains. In the case there is not available lemon, you just dip into the soapy water which is heated up. This method only applies when the tea stains are newly stained only.

14. Remove Rust Stains 

stain removal tips

Want to purge rust stains on clothes? You can use vinegar mixed with water to wash.

With the clothing contaminated by clay, iron nails or wire, you can pre-impregnate the clothes with a solution of 5% Tamin and then rinse with clean water. Next, you take oxalic acid or acid citrique dip onto, the rust stains will be gone

15. Remove Yellow Stains 

stain removal tips

If your white clothes are stained because of not be worn for so long, then if you want to bleach the stains, you boil a potato with its shell, and using the whole potato scrub clothes like rubbing soap. Then, rinse with cold water and exposure to the wind to let the clothes cool.

There are a lot of different ways to remove stain on clothes, Tide Boost Stain Release Plus Bleach is the most common used and highly appriciated product on the market.

16. Remove Sweat Stains

stain removal tips

Oftentimes, especially in the dry season, the clothes stick stains caused by sweat. These spots are usually found in that neck, armpit shirt. If you want to clean your sweat stained clothes, there are some ways to do this:

    • You can soak the clothes in warm water mixed with Javel water. Then wash it with soap and water. However, if your clothes are nylon shirt or jacket, you should not use Javel water. You should soak the clothes in cold or warm water for about 30 minutes. Then use water mixed with “ammonia” to bleach stain spots.
    • Using rice water or soybean water to bleach stains out of clothes is very effective. The simple way is, after getting your clothes wet, you can use rice water and pat soak up the stain, then wash with soap.
    • Use essence squash for removing sweat stains is also a great way. Take 1 piece of crushed squash, put into cloth bag juiced, use the water juiced from the cloth bag to jar clothing contaminated by sweat stain, then wash off with clean water.
    • For textiles, you can get whipped egg yolk which is added with a little bit alcohol, then use the solution to illuminate stains, let it dry and clean shaven. If it is not clean, you can use orange oil heated up crush up once again, then use laundry soap to rinse as usual.
    • Use antibiotics. Before you give up any hope to remove traces of sweat stain on your white shirt, try this: break two antibiotic pills and mix the powder in 1/2 cup of warm water. Soak the sweaty section of the clothes in this solution for 2-3 hours.
  • Use baking soda Make a mixture of 4 tablespoons of baking powder, 1/4 cup of warm water. This can be used for multiple types of stains on clothes. For example, for stubborn stains, let the mixture dry for about 2 hours before washing. For collar stains, rub this mixture which is also added with a little vinegar on the sweat stains.
  • Salt can be used to bleach the sweat stains on clothes. Mix 4 tablespoons of salt in 1 liter of hot water. Brush your clothes with this solution until stains disappear.

17. Remove Smut Stain 

stain removal tips

In order to remove the smut stains on your clothes, soak your clothes in oily alcohol for a few hours, then use a soft brush soaked in benzene to brush the smut stains. Then, rinse with cold water.

18. Remove Burn Mark 

stain removal tips

To remove burn marks, you can use soapy water to brush onto the scorched spots, then scrub it with Oxygénée water. After that, get the clothes exposing to a cool place, let it dry with winds. Use a towel soaked in Oxygénée water and place over the burn marks to anneal for flat.

If the clothes are colorful or nylon, you have to brush using soap water and Oxygénée water, rinse with water added with vinegar or acid and expose the clothes to the cool, windy place.

These above are super-useful stain removal tips that you can make use of instantly. These tips are so convenient and the ingredients used are available in your home or in your local stores.

If you have any idea about this article of stain removal tips or any other lifestyle topics in VKool, share your thoughts with us below this post .We will feedback soon.

There are a lot of different ways to remove stain on clothes, Tide Boost Stain Release Plus Bleach is the most common used and highly appriciated product on the market.

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