How to detect lies and liars – 11 useful tips

We all may know that telling lies is a bad habit, however, it exists at all the corner of society:  relationships, business transactions, daily life…People tell lies for many reasons to gain the other’s respects, avoid the consequences or even protect others, be polite…There are many different types of lies in which white lies are quite popular. A white lie doesn’t harm you, but in reality, sometimes, it comes with intention, therefore you should mind. Luckily, we can find out who are lying to you through some signals that most of liars may react. In this article on Vkool, I would like to share with you 11 tips on how to detect lies and liars. I hope that you will find them helpful and interesting.

How To Detect Lies And Liars Easily – Language And Body Signals

1. They Change Their Head Position Quickly

how to detect lies-they change their head position quickly

One of the tips on how to detect lies and liars is the change of head position. When you are taking to them, if they suddenly change their head, it may show that they are fibbing you. You can detect though the head movements such as: bow down, tilte to the side, jerk down.

2. Their Breathing Changes

how to detect lies-their breathing changes

The breath seems to be heavy when one is lying. It is called reflex action. And of course, it results in the changes of shoulder movement and the voice because of the changes of heart rate and blood flow. Normally, when falling in the nervous situation, you may experience that type of breath.

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3. They Stand Very Still

how to detect lies-they stand very still

Actually, when you are nervous, you tend to make movements. However, you should take notice to someone who stand very still. This signal comes from nervous system and it shows they are willing for the confrontation. When you talk or make conversation with someone, you may have natural movements and changes of posture. If not, they may lie you.

4. They Repeat Words Or Phrases

how to detect lies-they repeat words or phrases

When someone repeats what they say, it means that they are trying to persuade you about something, even themselves. Repetition gives liar more time to come up with ideas and collect their thoughts. So, it is one of the tips on how to detect lies you should take care.

5. They Provide Too Much Information

how to detect lies-they provide too much information

In the conversation, someone provides you too much information with an excess of details, in particular, the unrequested information, it means that they are hiding you something. They tend to talk much with the hope of gaining the other’s belief. Therefore, you should take care to realize that.

6. They Touch Or Cover Their Mouth

how to detect lies-they touch or cover their mouth

Another tip on how to detect lies is that they touch or cover their mouth. This expresses that they are not willing to respond to the question and don’t want to solve that problem. And of course, it means that they don’t want to continue the communication.

7. They Shuffle Their Feet

how to detect lies-they shuffle their feet

This action may show that they are worrying and feel uncomfortable. They want to get out of this situation and walk away. It can be considered as the one of the essential ways to discover the liar. However, you should not hurriedly come to conclusion, because it can be their habit when talking.

8. It Is Difficult For Them To Speak

how to detect lies-it is difficult for Them to speak

Have you ever watched the video about interrogating a suspect? You may find that they feel awkward in expression. Salivary flow during times of stress is declined by the automatic nervous system. It results in drying out the mucous membranes of the mouth. Some signals including biting lips or pursing lips should be taken consideration.

9. Facial Contradictions

how to detect lies-facial contradictions

Through body language, eyes contacts, we can discover their lies. However, facial expression can show us the most obviously. A fake smile is the signal that they are hiding you. For example, a person is angry or upset, but they try to show their satisfaction and conceal the truth by smiling. How do you know that smile is true or fake? In fact, there is a close relationship between smile and eyes. A sincere smile is needed to use the facial muscles and enhance cheeks that makes eye corner furrowed, but fake smile doesn’t.

10. Eye Shifts

how to detect lies-eye shifts

Eye shift is a signal that shows someone is lying. Eye movement and direction can reveal the psychology of a person therefore, liars are afraid of making eye contact. If someone looks away when face to face with you, it means that they are lying you. Moreover, their eyes will move up and down  if they try to make up somethings. Blinking continuously is also an important signal that you need to pay attention. This shows the tension is rising.

11. Telling The Incredible Story

how to detect lies-telling the incredible story

Apart from the above tips on how to detect lies and liars, I want to mention that people tell you an incredible story. Sometimes, you may suspect the others, not by their body language or verbal communication but the content of the story they tell to you. To avoid the contradiction among their words, they tend to tell story in a vague way without important details. Therefore, you can verify by giving the questions in details. If they hesitate or express the confusions, it is likely that they make up the story.

The above article includes 11 tips on how to detect lies and liars that I want to share with you. I hope that after reading my writing, you may find out more information and know how to discover who liars are. If you have any questions or ideas related to this topic, feel free to leave the comments and join the discussion, I will reply you as soon as possible.

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