16 body language tips and tricks for you to act now!

In fact, there is no specific advice on how to use body language. What you do may be interpreted in several ways, depending on the setting and who you are talking to. The body language used in different situations will be different, such as when talking to the boss and when talking to a girl or guy you are interested in. These are some body language tips that allow you to improve your communication skills as well as achieve success in life easily.

Body Language Tips – Improve Your Body Language Effortlessly

1. Understand Context In Body Language

When it comes to body language tips, in order to respond properly to body language during a social interaction, you should understand the circumstance of the interaction. Learning how to recognize key signals from context will help you respond better to your body language.

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body language tips review2. Understand Your Own Body Language

Understanding the body language of other people will be very helpful, but you also need to understand the message sent by your own body. It is so easy for your own body language as well as your words to send conflicting messages that is the trigger of misunderstanding. In fact, many people tend to spend much time on perfecting their words compared with their body language. However, they never realize that their own body language and their words may send very different messages.

When your words and your body are sending different messages, people tend to go with the message sent by your body. If you did not mean to send that message, trouble ensues.

3. Be Natural

Even if you were success in controlling your own body language by “the guide”, you would look fake. While there are certain factors of body language which could be improved upon to create a more efficient message, you still should act like yourself and are not robotic.

4. Do Not Cross The Arms And Legs

Maybe, you know that you should not cross the arms because it can make yourself seem guarded or defensive. This advice goes for the legs as well. It is better for you to keep the arms as well as legs open.

5. Handshakes

body language tips in hindiHandshakes are often the first impression you give the other person upon meeting him/her. Having a good grip can show off a sign of power, wisdom, confidence, whereas a “fishy”, weak grip might show fear and insecurity. Another factor of this kind of communication that people do not usually think about is the placement of the palm:

  • Palm down: try to avoid presenting your hands in this way because it expresses that you are occupying a position of authority. Your palm down shows superiority and forces other people to shake your hand with their palm up that is submissive in this circumstance.
  • Vertical palms: when you keep your palm vertically facing that of the other person that expresses your respect and also implies equal footing.
  • Palm up: this is called as submissive palm position. This is used as a non-threatening gesture, reminiscent of the pleading gesture of a street beggar. This handshake should be avoided to motivate equality.

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6. Relax The Shoulders

Once people feel tense, they are prone to wind up as pressure and tension in the shoulders. They may move up and forward a bit. Try relaxing and loosening up by shaking your shoulders a little bit and move them back slightly.

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7. Identify Your Body Language Patterns 

Make a conscious attempt to think about what your body does in various interactions with various people. You can make use of a mirror to examine facial expressions and posture, particularly when you are angry, happy, or nervous.

8. Make Eye Contact, Yet Do Not Stare

body language tips pdfIn case there are some people you are communicating, just give them eye contact in order to produce a better connection and see if they are listening or not. Nevertheless, keep too much eye-contact might creep other people out while giving no eye-contact may make you seem insecure or unconfident. If you are not used to maintaining eye-contact, then it may feel a little scary or hard at the beginning, yet keep it working can help you a lot and you will steadily get used to it.

9. Whether Your Body Language Is In Sync With Your Intended Messages

It is said that the body language is effective if it expresses the message that you want to communicate. If you want to show off your confidence but your posture makes you seem unsure of yourself, then you are communicating ineffectively. If your non-verbal signals match your words, you will not only communicate more clearly, you will also be perceived as being more charismatic. However, that does not mean that you do not have to pay attention to every detail when communicating as long as the overall impact of the cluster is in sync with your own messages.

10. Emphasize The Point

Have more than one gesture. This will help get your message across. If you would like to make sure you are not misunderstood, then you should repeat gestures when speaking the idea aloud. If the listeners do not pick up on one gesture, they will likely be familiar with the other. It is not necessary for you to use every gesture for each word, yet it will be great if you have a toolbox of gestures used to reinforce important, but easy misinterpreted concepts.

11. Make Use Of Smile

body language tips interview

A genuine smile will stimulate the sense of well-being as well as others. As normal, a genuine smile comes on slowly, crinkles your eyes, lights up your face and fades away slowly. More importantly, smiling directly affects how other people respond to you. In other words, by smiling, you do not take yourself seriously. The advice is to relax and laugh as other people say something so funny. If so, people might be more inclined to listen to you because they think you are a positive individual. But do not be the first person to laugh at your own jokes as it can make you seem needy and nervous. When being introduced to the other person, you should keep smiling but do not keep a smile plastered on the face. If not, you will seem insincere.

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12.  Slow Down

This advice goes for a lot of things. Slow down both in your words and your gestures as well as movement. Walking slower can not only make yourself seem more confident and calm but also makes you feel less tense. If there is someone snapping you, do not snap the neck in that direction, instead, you should turn it a little bit

13. Do Not Fidget

It is recommended that people should avoid phasing out or transforming fidgety movement or nervous ticks like shaking the leg or continuously tapping the finger against a table quickly. Moreover, fidgeting can distract you when trying to get something across. Thus, you had better slow down and concentrate on your movements. 

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14. Mirror

Usually, when getting along with someone, if the connection is good, you will begin to mirror each other unconsciously. And, that means you mirror the other person’s body language a bit. The recommendation is that in order to help the connection be better, you could try proactive mirroring. So, if he leans forward, then you also lean forward. And, if he holds his hands on his thighs, you may do the same. Nevertheless, do not react immediately and do not imitate each change in his body language because the weirdness will ensue.

15.  Use Hand Gestures Carefully

body language tips for studentsJust be conscious of what the hands are saying as you speak. Instead of fidgeting with your hands and scratching the face, use them to express what you are trying to say. Some hand gestures could be so effective in emphasizing your points, while others could be distracting or even offensive to the listeners, and could result to the conversation or listening being closed down. It also assists people in watching other people’s hand gestures to see how they come across to you. Use your hands appropriately to describe things or to add weight to a point you want to make. But do not overuse or it might become distracting. Also, do not let the hands flail around; take them under your control.

16. Identify Cultural Norms

The last but not least critical one in numbers of body language tips I would like to introduce to you is identifying cultural norms. If you have recently entered a new culture, you might need to modify your current body language. Cultural norms regarding body language vary considerably and if you do not speak the same body language as the local people, you are liable to be misunderstood a great deal. This could lead to some serious implications.

Taking advantage of body language properly can help you achieve many great things in life. If you follow these  simple and powerful body language tips, I bet that you will enhance your nonverbal impact in the workplace as well as daily life.

Leave your ideas at the comment box to let us know what you think about this topic of body language tips. We will answer all soon!

If you want to understand more about the body language, you should read the What Every BODY is Saying book.

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