How To Get Rid Of Fear Of Heights Fast And Instantly

how to get rid of fear of heights

Scientifically, fear of height is a common name of Acrophobia. This is a type of irrational apprehension, you can experience when standing at a height.

The fear of heights can get dangerous if the sufferer has occasional panic attacks and it’s not easy to get rid of this condition. This is actually pathetic. This phobia is also described as the spinning sensation. To overcome the fear of heights or acrophobia, keep reading this article on VKool site on the line of lifestyle on how to get rid of fear of heights fast and instantly. You first will have an overview about this phobia, then discover proven tips and approaches to treat the fear of heights effectively.

How To Get Rid Of Fear Of Heights Fast & Instantly

I. Causes Of Acrophobia

causes of acrophobia

Acrophobia is a fear of falling from a height and fear of death. It occurs when you climb, fly and it is obsessive for most children. It is also common in adults who have history of death with this phobia.

This made a fear settling on the mind and heart. You can find it extremely hard to escape this condition. However, some neurologists believe that fear of heights is caused by a kind of dysfunction responsible for maintaining balance and forming anxiety.

II. Common Symptoms And Signs Of Fear Of Heights

common symptoms and signs of fear of heights download

Here are common symptoms of phobia of heights:

  • Trembling
  • A hot flushed feeling
  • Shortness of breath
  • A rapid heart rate
  • An immanent feeling of fear and apprehension
  • Muscle tension

When the symptoms are extreme, you may not even function normally. At that time, you feel as if your whole existence is at stake. You just want to stop climbing, afraid of climbing ladders, avoid going to mountainous regions, don’t want to take an amusement ride or hate looking down from windows or balconies.

Keep reading the next part to know how to get rid of fear of heights fast and instantly.

III. Approaches To Treat Fear Of Heights 

approaches to treat fear of heights download

There are some approaches that were studied to help people overcome the fear of heights. The greatest ones include relaxation techniques, hypnotherapy and cognitive behavioral therapy. Below are more details of these ways on other tips and tricks on how to get rid of fear of heights. Check out all of them right away!

If you are looking for other tips to dealing with fear of heights, Overcome your Fear of Heights is the best guide you should read.

1. Learn Relaxation Techniques

learn relaxation techniques download

When you are afraid and having panic attacks, you will experience uncomfortable physical symptoms like a suffocating feeling or racing heart. These physical symptoms may be frightening themselves and what making your fear so distressing. Nevertheless, by practicing relaxation techniques, you will be more confident to tolerate uncomfortable sensations and calm down yourself quickly.

There are different relaxation techniques like meditation, deep breathing, and muscle relaxation that are powerful antidotes to fear, panic and anxiety. With a regular practice, these techniques can help improve acrophobia sufferers’ abilities to control physical sensations of anxiety. Besides, relaxation techniques can also help the sufferers cope effectively with other types of social anxiety and stress in their life.

For instance, breathing techniques can help you take control of dangerous situations. When you are having panic attacks, you tend to take shallow and quick breaths (hyperventilating) that can add to physical sensations of anxiety. When you take deep breaths from your abdomen, it helps you reverse these physical feelings. You won’t be upset when breathing quietly, deeply and slowly. Within a couple of minutes of deep breathing practice, you’ will feel less tense and anxious.

learn relaxation techniques download

  • Stand or sit comfortably with the back straight
  • Put 1 hand on the chest and the other one on the stomach
  • Take a deep breath in through the nose for 3 or 4 seconds
  • Let your hand on the stomach rise and the hand on the chest move little
  • Next, hold your breath for about 7 seconds
  • Exhale through the mouth for 8 seconds, then push out while contracting the abdominal muscles
  • Let your hand on the stomach move in when you breathe out and the other hand move little
  • Breathe in again
  • Repeat the cycle and stop when you feel centered and relaxed

Practice this breathing technique for about 5 to 10 minutes once or twice a day. Feel free to practice. It is best to do when you feel calm and comfortable.

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2. Apply Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

apply cognitive behavioral therapy download

Next to approaches on how to get rid of fear of heights fast and instantly, try cognitive behavioral therapy. The better you understand your fear, the better you will beat off the fear of heights. You should challenge your unrealistic and negative thoughts about your fear by searching and learning more information and approach about them.

Knowledge is power and experience is so fun. Watch videos of people who are going down happily and question yourself: why can’t you enjoy this feeling like them. Find out the cause of your fear. If it’s just because you had the history of fear of heights, the psychological approach will be beneficial for you. If your phobia comes from your feelings, learn to control your mind. Your fear or any mental problems can be solved if you apply the right method. Just try and be patient to see the result.

Also, you may fear of heights because your physical health. If your brain is weak, strengthen it with brain foods and supplements and brain exercises. Face your fear to train it be familiar to heights.

If you are looking for other tips to dealing with fear of heights, Overcome your Fear of Heights is the best guide you should read.

3. Visualize & Expose Yourself To A Fear

visualize & expose yourself to a fear download

Like relaxation techniques, gradual exposure and visualization practice are recommended for tackling phobias. Imagine you are in a situation to face a fear confidently whatever it will be. Psychologists advise people to be as clear as they can. If you are afraid of flying, imagine every detail such as the place you sit; your feeling of the seat or who will sit next to you. Visualize yourself in a certain situation and take deep breaths.

On the other hand, you can expose yourself gradually to a fear. For example, if you are afraid of climbing high, you should look at pictures of climbers, watch videos of climbers and climb more often to get rid of the fear of heights.

4. Forget The Past

forget the past

When it comes to ways on how to get rid of fear of heights, forget the past. Psychologically, people are often obsessed with scaring things they experienced in their lives, especially when they were facing the Death. As a result, their scare is a scar of life. When they see and think about it, they don’t want it to repeat it any more. The fear of heights is the same. Many people are scared of traveling by flight as they have faced flight accidence once in their life.

Also, it’s not easy for them to forget all the past. Every object, image, sound and word can be linked to their obsession.

The only way for them to overcome the fear of heights is to face it. Do it again like a hero. Ask for some psychological help from an expert, your family and friend and they will help you be confident and more comfortable to start it.

5. Challenge Negative Thoughts

challenge negative thoughts

As I mentioned above, you have to challenge negative thoughts to get over phobia of heights. The biggest fear forming in your mind is death. You just need to be aware of it. Instead of showing your fear with fast heart beating, sweating, trembling, short breaths, muscle tension, hot flushed feelings, you should be calm to be safe.

Your negative thoughts are also linked to the loss of body control and mind. So, calm down your mind and fill it with positive thoughts. Just say that you can do it. You have to be awake, it will be fun, you are brave and you can do it.

If you are looking for other tips to dealing with fear of heights, Overcome your Fear of Heights is the best guide you should read.

6. Hypnotize Yourself To Overcome Fear Of Height

Next to powerful techniques used by experts on how to get rid of fear of heights fast and instantly, this is hypnotization.

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a. Do it step by step

Do it step by step download

This technique is used by psychologists and hypnotists, called ‘flooding’. The fact is that if you face your fear, then your natural fear system will be overpowered. When you try to calm down, your fear will be controlled and gone.

Set some challenges for yourself. For instance, make a plan to go for walk across a bridge over a stream, and feel. You can look down under the bridge and see it is okay. Next time, find a higher bridge to go across, then you will see it’s good, too. So, you can get rid of the fear of heights.

b. Lower your fear as you get higher

Lower your fear as you get higher download

Terror, anxiety and fear feel like they are making you trembling and go to death. Of course, you can eliminate these feelings completely and immediately. So, take your control lower it.  Lie down or sit comfortable. Then, close your eyes. Focus on taking deep breaths with attention to exhale for mobilizing your relaxation response. Next, visualize what you’ve watched on TV or imply imagine the things that should be good for you.

Bottom line: Hope that these tips and techniques on how to get rid of fear of heights fast and instantly can work for you. Drop your comment at the end of the post and share it!

If you are looking for other tips to dealing with fear of heights, Overcome your Fear of Heights is the best guide you should read.

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