Benefits Of Gaming For Kids And Adults

benefits of gaming for kids

You may have heard that games are bad or they do not teach you or your kids anything. But, a variety of educational games exist, including card games, board games, interactive puzzles as well as video games. Most kids and adults enjoy the challenge of joining in games, and the game-playing process may actually make gamers smarter and more capable. Besides, games can also bring people closer when you enjoy the activity together.

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Benefits Of Gaming For Kids And Adults That You Should Know

In this article, I want to reveal some of the benefits of gaming for kids and adults in details, so you should spend time reading the following interesting lifestyle facts and the amazing benefits of gaming for kids and adults.

I. Benefits Of Gaming For Kids

As parents, we focus our more attention on the potential risks than on potential benefits of gaming, but some of these games are an important part of modern childhood. In case you understand what to look for, games can be an effective tool to help your kids develop life skills. These games can help parents opt for proper games, help educators find ways to add their teaching and help game developers produce teaching games.

1. Benefits Of Gaming – Help With Motor Skills

This is the first out of the benefits of gaming for kids that I want to reveal in this entire article and want all of my readers to know and make use for good! For toddlers and kindergartners, playing board games and other educational games play a vital part in developing their motor skills. These games, which strengthen balance and encourage manual dexterity, help your kids coordinate their bodies with their brains and experience with how both of entities cooperate. Addition to this, advanced video as well as electronic-game systems also have an effect on improving visual focus and hand-eye coordination. According to a research [1], action video games can actually boost motor skills effectively!

Developing motor skills is known as one of the best benefits of gaming for kids, so do not forget it!

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2. Improve Children’s Self-Esteem

A study points out that many learning video games can help improve children’s self-esteem and simultaneously provide them with positive feelings of accomplishment. Some educational games, whether they consist of completing a virtual level or solving a puzzle, provide rewards for tasks that children have completely independently and these games may stimulate them to take productive risks in their other areas as well.

3. Develop Social Skills

According to a study [2], interactive games have a significant advantage of improving social skills through stimulating diplomatic and organized communication between kids. When adults do not join in games, children have to negotiate playing rules, follow directions and take turns to continue playing game. Besides, learning games can inspire cooperation and even play a role in the development of mediation skills and conflict resolution.

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4. Benefits Of Gaming – Improve Focus

benefits of gaming - improve focus

Studies show that many learning games, especially board games, have the effect on improving children’s focus and simultaneously lengthen their focusing time. Children who easily become frustrated and may stop doing other activities without seeing results may be likely to stick with games for a longer time due to the possibility of rewards and advancement. Besides, sticking with a game can help children develop maturity and patience.

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5. Improve Memory

Board games and mathematics activities also need repetition and memorization for success. Children who play these learning games often learn the benefits of practicing these kills. A plenty of quizzes and tests in every grade all have similar formats to those present in quiz games and board games. Children can have better chances to score well by mastering these formats and systems in a setting.

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6. Enhance The Children’s Intellect

There is a variety of games that focus on challenging the children’s mind. They are often referred to “logic” games. According to a study [3], these games can help teach children the concepts of cause and effect, improve the math, and computation skills; and can even almost double a child’s intelligence.

This is, in fact, one of the amazing benefits of gaming for kids that parents should learn and make use to enhance their children’s intellect.

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7. Benefits Of Gaming – Encourage Creative Expression

Some educational games that may encourage creativity, such as Cranium and Pictionary, push children to consider atypical ways of explanation and think outside the norm. Expanding and exploring creativity through these games can also help children improve their nurturing self-acceptance and self-esteem. And these games can inspire a higher connection between activity and personality.

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8. Improve Problem-Solving Skills

Games can help kids’ brain development. When they are playing games, they have to search, negotiate, plan and then try different ways to advance. Many recent games involve problem-solving and planning. The process by which children have to customize their characters’ appearance and develop their new game levels, also helps with creative self-expression, understanding of game structure and rules, and new approaches of highlighting interests and personalities. Besides, video games do not need to be labeled “educational” to help them learn to use strategies, make decisions, anticipate consequences as well as express their personalities.

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9. Benefits Of Gaming – Help Children Make Friends

In contrast to parents, most of the young children see these games as a social activity, not just an isolating activity. Playing video games create an environment for young children to easily make friends, allow them to hang out and enjoy time with their friends. In some studies, boys were likely to play games with their friends, either play online or in the same room. Addition to this, young boys said that these games were a focus for their conversation among their friends. A boy said that his friends mostly talked about games and girls. Other studies found that kids with mild-learning disabilities tend to choose the reason of making new friends so that they played games.

Even, children who play games with other children from other countries, they can benefit from sharing and taking turns. They can learn about other people and other cultures and their online friendship can be helpful to their future social development.

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10. Inspire The Children’s Interest In Culture And History

The content of some certain games can stimulate children to read and research more. Some video games such as Civilization, Age of Mythology and Age of Empires can inspire a child’s interest in history, ancient cultures, geography and international relations, especially in case their parents are alert to chances. When children play these games, they can pick up a large amount of complex language and content that work as a preparation for future learning of a deep and complex sort. Addition to this, these games often help children design maps or other content, thus helping them acquire technical and creative skills while enjoying fun.

11. Benefits Of Gaming – Learn About Setting And Achieving Goals

benefits of gaming - learn about setting and achieving goals

A large number of games are goal-oriented and this characteristic can teach children how to set a goal and stimulate them to achieve these goals through mastering their required skills and by becoming more strategic.

Besides, children can enjoy the satisfaction and reward that comes with small goals. In turn, this helps raise their confidence. Children can learn that setting proper goals can help them beat much more games in both their gaming world and their real lives.

12. Help Children Learn In A Fun Way

Educators are developing new techniques to make boring lessons more interesting. Many people believe that by changing the traditional approaches of teaching into more creative and innovative strategies, children learn more and then develop the ability of understanding and absorbing more complex information. Nowadays, online games are packed with fun facts that kids really just learn as they are experiencing so much fun.

Computer and other games can be fun and safe for kids if their parents guide them to choose an appropriate game, read other parents’ reviews and talk with them to decide how much and when they can play these online games. Playing online games with moderation can be fun to pass time and learn new information.

13. Encourage Children To Exercise

In a research, players, especially young boys talked about new moves from sports games and then they practice these moves on skateboards or at the basketball court. Some children start playing new sports after they are introduced sports games. Research also showed that playing real sports games lead to an increase in spending time on playing sports and exercising in their real lives.

In fact, this is also among the benefits of gaming for kids so that you should help your children choose an appropriate game in order to encourage them to exercise more.

14. Give Children A Good Chance To Lead

When kids play games in groups, they need to take turns following ad even leading, depending on who owns specific skills required in that game. In a study, kids who had played game online in a group felt that they had experienced leadership skills including motivating and persuading others, and mediating disputes. Plus, online multi-player games provide children with a rare chance to join in, and some cases lead a mixed-age team. And no one cares your age if you can lead your team to the victory.

15. Let Children Share The Joy Of Competition

When it comes to benefits of gaming for kids, you should not skip out the fact that playing games can help children share their joy of competition. It is normal for kids, especially young boys, to compete with their friends when they jockey for recognition and status. In focus group studies with young children, competing with other people and then winning was one of the most common reasons for them to play video games. Besides, video games are a safe environment for kids to express these competitive urges and can provide children who are not good at playing sports with a chance to excel.

16. Offer A Chance To Teach

About 1/3 of the children we researched showed that they played games in part as they wanted to teach others on how to play such games. Some children gain this status because the child who knows how to pass the hardest parts of a game. In fact, teaching other children can build communication and social skills and patience.

This is in brief one of the amazing benefits of gaming for kids so that people should not look down, but try to make use by allowing your children to play games and take a chance to teach others.

17. Practice Some Responsibility

Playing some online social games can be a good chance to teach your children how to be responsible and this is very important when managing the time. You can make an agreement that works for both you and your children. Your children will have plenty of time to study, have time to play games and meet with their friends.

There are a lot of other benefits of gaming for kids in this entire article. Continue reading this entire article to discover them!

18. Bring Children And Their Parents Closer

The best part of playing games is to see the children become experts and share their gaming skills with their parents. Now, some game systems are friendlier to new players, it is possible to share time together. Besides, playing a game side-by-side stimulates conversation, which may stimulate your kids to share their problems with their parents. Playing games together allows parents to strengthen their relationship and learn more about their children’s interests, weaknesses, strengths and their way of thinking.

19. Have Fun

benefits of gaming - have fun

Learning skills and strengthening relations is so great, but on their terms, they just want to have fun. Paying games will make your children happy and it also makes their parents much cooler. This is actually also one out of the benefits of gaming for kids that a lot of children in the world love and have been playing game to have fun in the free time.

II. Benefits Of Gaming For Adults

The use of games for kids and adults alike is a good way to improve a plenty of physical and mental skills, and often provide them with a lot of benefits. Especially, in our modern lives, many adults focus heavily on work and family commitments and we have no time for pure fun. When we have some leisure time, we tend to sit in front of the TV or computer than join in fun play. By playing games, you can reap health benefits throughout life.

1. Relieve Stress

Paying game is fun and can cause the release of endorphins, which are the body’s feel-good chemicals. Endorphins help promote a sense of well-being and temporarily relieve pain. The time to play game is a time to forget about commitments and work in a creative way. Focus on your actual experience, not on achieving any goal. There is no need to care about anything beyond enjoy yourself and having fun. Besides, the social interaction of playing with friends and family members can also reduce stress and depression.

In fact, this is also among the benefits of gaming for adults so that you should consider playing games to relieve stress naturally.

2. Improve Brain Functions

Another out of the benefits of gaming for adults that I want to reveal in this entire article and want all of my readers to learn and remember to make use is that playing games can help to improve brain functions effectively. Playing chess, doing puzzles or playing other games that challenge the brain can be a good way to improve brain functions and prevent memory problems.

3. Boost Creativity

This is also one of the benefits of gaming for adults that you should know and make use for good, especially those are trying to dissolve their problems. You will be able to learn new tasks better when they are fun and you are relaxed and playful. Laying games can help stimulate your imagination, thus helping you adapt and deal with problems.

4. Improve Your Relations With Others

When it comes to benefits of gaming for adults, you should not skip out the fact that playing games can help improve your relations with other people. In fact, sharing laughter and fun can be a good way to foster compassion, empathy and trust with others. Playing games can help you make new friends, break the ice with strangers and make new business relationships.

5. Keep You Young And Energetic

Another one on the list of the amazing benefits of gaming for adults that I want to reveal in the entire article today and want all of my readers to know and consider playing games if you are trying to keep you young and energetic. Playing games can speed up your energy and even improve the resistance to diseases, thus helping you feel young and energetic.

6. Develop And Improve Social Skills

Social skills will be improved in the process of playing games. During childhood play, children learn about body language, verbal communication, cooperation and teamwork. And as adults, you go on refining these skills through playful communication.

In fact, this is among the benefits of gaming for adults so that people should try to play games to develop and improve your social skills for good!

7. Fix Relationship Problems

Play performs a vital role in building healthy relationships by creating a positive bond, dealing with conflict and disagreements. In long-term relationships, playing games together can keep things fresh, exciting. Also, it can help you overcome tiny aggravations that may build up in a long period of time.

8. Boost Productivity And Innovation

Keep in mind that success at work does not depend on how much time you work, it depends on your work’s quality. And this quality of your work depends on your well-being. When your work hits a serious problem, spend some time playing game and have some laughs. When you play games, you boost the creative side of the brain. This can help you observe the problem in a new way and find out fresh and creative solutions.

9. Improve Your Vision

benefits of gaming - improve your vision

Scientists discovered that playing games in moderation can improve your vision. According to a study, 10 weeks of playing games was associated with a better ability to distinguish different shades of grey.

10. Slow Down The Aging Process

Brain games involving memory and problem- solving have been scientifically proven to have positive benefits on older game players. According to a study [4], just 10 hours of playing games resulted in an increased cognitive functioning in those who are 50 years old and more and that improvement could last for a couple of years.

Do you want to know other benefits of gaming for adults? Continue reading this entire article and then consider playing some games to reap their benefits for good.

11. Improve Balance In people With Multiple Sclerosis

It is a disorder that affects multiple nerves, MS patients often have problems with the balance. And now, there is no medication to help with this disorder. However, a recent study found that people with MS who played games needing physical interaction while they stand on a balance board experienced an improvement afterward.

12. Make Faster Decisions

Somebody can make faster decisions than the rest of us and that ability may be enhanced through playing games. As new information is being displayed during the process of playing, we are forced to quickly adapt. According to a study, adults who played fast-paced games were 25% faster when answering questions about an image that they had just noticed if compared to non-players.

13. Curb Cravings

Another one of the amazing benefits of gaming for adults that you should know must include curbing their cravings. Adults who are overeating, smoking or drinking may be best-served by having a controller instead. A study showed that 24% reduction in desire for the vice of choice after anticipants play a puzzle game.

14. Reduce Risks Of Mental Diseases

One of the benefits of gaming for adults is to reduce the risks of developing cognitive decline, including dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Remember that playing games is a way to exercise the brain and build it stronger. According to a study [5], video game training can be utilized to counteract well-known the risk factors for mental diseases 

This is also a great one on the list of the benefits of gaming for adults that people should not look down but learn and consider playing games as soon as possible.

15. Lower Blood Pressure

As you know that high blood pressure is related to higher risks of developing artery damage, stroke and heart disease. And you can reduce this risk by playing games. This is because along with increasing the endorphins and laughing, playing games can help you lower the blood pressure. This will lead to a release of endorphins, which help blood to circulate and muscles to relax and even help lower the blood pressure.

16. Improve Immune System

Studies have shown that depression, negativity, and stress can decrease the ability to fight diseases. Whereas, positive feelings that often comes with board games, can help prevent these negative effects by releasing endorphins that can reduce stress and improve the immune system. A board game can increase the ‘survival genes’ and then activate them in the brain, making its cells live longer, thus helping fight diseases.

17. Use A Therapy Treatment

This is the last but very important out of the benefits of gaming for adults that I would like to reveal in this entire article and want all of my readers to make use of playing games if they want to use games as a therapy treatment.

Many board games need the use of motor skills to move or pick up pieces that that both dexterity and coordination. Regular activity helps improve these skills, which is very important for people with physical or mental disabilities, those who are recovering from accidents and the elderly. Therefore, these games are added to therapy [6] treatments to help improve nerve function and muscle over time.

While many of us may think that the ideal playtime should happen outside, healthy play can also happen inside. However, it is still a good idea to set limits on the type of games you and your kids play and the amount of time. Another thing that I want all of my readers to do after reading this article about the benefits of gaming for kids and adults is to read another article that introduces 5 fun games for children at home and school – the 5 Fun Games For Children At Home And School article. This is actually an interesting article that includes fun games children should consider playing at home and school and how to reap all of the benefits of these games. These fun games have already supported many children in the world effectively in having fun and improving their skills so that readers of should not skip out this recommended article and then allow your children to play these games at home for good.

This is the list of benefits of gaming that you should read and remember for good. In fact, playing games has been already proven to provide kids and adults with many benefits. After reading the list of benefits of gaming, if you feel that this list is very good for your health and life and can also help other people around you, you should share this list with them. Finally, do not forget to leave your comments in the comment box below. I will reply you as soon as possible.

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