19 Self Esteem Building Exercises For Youth And Adults

self esteem building exercises

Most of us agree that self-esteem is the most important key to get success, and people who are confident are more likely to be successful, healthy and enjoy a more beautiful life. Yet, the questions are: how to be more confident, and how to develop self-esteem fast? You will be surprised to know that building self-esteem is so simple, just by following 19 self esteem building exercises that I am going to tell you.

I. Self Esteem Building Exercises – Prepare For Yourself

1. Look At What You Have Already Achieved

Think about your life and list 10 important things that you have achieved in the past with certain successes. Perhaps you were at the top of the tree on your exam, the leader of your group or did something different from someone else’s life successfully. And then, put all of them into a file that you can look at them often and enjoy achievement that you have had!

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2. Think About Your Strengths

The first thing is that you must aware of yourself. I mean thinking about who you are and where are you standing? Look at your achievement because it is a key reflecting yourself with your strengths as well as weaknesses. Ask someone about them. The best is your close friends who understand you clearly and exactly with your strengths and weaknesses. From these, think about the opportunities as well as threads that you have to face.

3. Think About What’s The Most Important To You And Where You Want To Go

Setting goals is an important task to reach self-esteem and confidence. It also is the process that you use to set yourself target. Setting goals helps to exploit your strengths, restrict your weaknesses, realize your opportunities and also control your threads. After setting goals for yourself, identify what should be the first step. Make sure that they are small goals and take a simple step to complete.

You can get to know the tips for goals setting with the goals on track guide and steps for making these goals come true with the action machine program.

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4. Start Managing Your Mind

In this step, you will learn how to pick up and destroy negative self-talk which can destroy your confidence. And then, learn how to use and create strong mental images of your feeling when you achieve goals. An optimistic thought can help you much in achieving difficult goals like a motivation for your action.

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5. Commit Yourself To Success

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Make a clear and certain promise that you can commit yourself to the goals and you will try your best to achieve it. However, if they are based on risk, make sure that you set additional goals to manage these properly.

Anyway, make that promise!

II. Self Esteem Building Exercises – Try To Be Brave

1. Do Not Compare Yourself To Others

One of the most effective self esteem building exercises and tips is to stop comparing yourself to others. Maybe you are not talented, not beautiful, or not tall as someone else and you feel insecure about these. Remember that, you are the only person in the world and no one like you. I mean you have your own abilities, thoughts, and feelings. When you compare yourself to other people, you tend to compare with a person who has best things in life. This is not a good way to assess you! Think that there are many people who have difficult lives but they are always happy than others. Why? They know that they are the one and never worry about comparing to others.

2. Make Eyes Contact In Each Conversation

self esteem building exercises for kidsMost people are afraid of how others judge them in different situations. One of important keys in making effective conversations is making eyes contact. This action tells yourself that you are worthy, unafraid and confident. As a result, send the other people who are talking to you the same message. If you don’t dare to look directly into others’ eyes, look between their eyebrows in the center of their head. Make sure that you are not staring at other or too close because this may intimidate the person you are talking with.

Making eyes contact quite some times before it becomes a habit. Once you get into the habit of making eyes contact, you will naturally find more confident in all circumstances.

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3. Exercise And Healthy Eating

self esteem building exercises for teenagersself esteem building exercises for adultsOne of the causes for lowing self-esteem is appearance. Improving your physical appearance can boost your confidence, too. Doing some self esteem building exercises is the best way to make you feel better as well as look better. Exercising on a regular basis can improve your physical appearance and confidence. The more you feel comfortable, the more you smile. When you smile more, you are absolutely confident.

According one study, 70% of weight loss starts with your diet. Thus, find a diet that works for you and add an exercise routine. Make sure that it’s the exercise making you comfortable, happy, and really want to do. If not, you will see no improvement.

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4. Dress Nicely

self esteem building exercises for womenHave you ever heard “When you look good, you feel good”? If you dress nicely, you feel good about yourself. You’ll feel confident, noticeable and ready to tackle the world. You can also feel changes in the way that you carry yourself. Dressing nicely means something different from others. But it doesn’t mean that cost much many, wearing casual clothes that are nice looking and presentable. It is an easy way to boost your confidence.

5. Compliment Others Often

Get positive thinking. Do not pay your attention too precisely! Positive thinking in your mind will make you more relax and see the good on others and compliment on their strong points. But, how this helps you boost confidence? When you often compliment on others with a sincere way, you may get the return from them. It strengthens your strong points and makes you more confident.

6. Be Kind And Generous

self esteem building exercises for girlsIf you are too strict, move on. But with others, try to be kind and generous with them. It’s a tremendous way to improve your self-image. When you are kind to everyone, they will do the same for you. Consequently, you feel good about yourself and think that you are a good person.

7. Widen Your Knowledge

It’s one of the best strategies to build up confidence. You can boost your confidence in many ways, but the greatest way to improve yourself is knowledge. Research and study are some good ways to do this. The more you know about everything, the more you feel confident. In any subject, you can contribute your opinion, and it’s very useful for you in building up your self-confidence.

8. Face Your Fear

The main reason makes you low in your confidence is not daring to face with fears and fear to failure. Our fears control us and affect on the way that we feel about ourselves. That means when we fear something, we feel weak and not confident to face with them. Try facing with fears instead of running from it. Don’t avoid things that you are afraid of, get understand what and why you afraid of it. Once you know the reason, you know how to overcome it.

Never fear failure! All of us fail many times before success. Some failures cannot decide your life. No pain, no gain! The way you face with these failures is the way you live.

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9. Search Books About Confidence

Research some books that tell about how to get confidence and build self-esteem. A lot of advices that work for you and you can apply them. Read them. Learn experiences from these books. For example, “Instant confidence” by Gary Vurnum, “The confidence plan” by Timothy E. Ursiny, “Develop your self confidence” by Glenn Harrold, etc.

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10. Be Satisfied With What You Have

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Many people feel not confident because they think that they are not enough something, such as money, emotions, good-luck, etc. By acknowledging and appreciating what you have, you can remove the feeling of being incomplete and unsatisfied. Find an inner peace to think about yourself, your life and all the things that you have to.

11. Speak Slowly

It can be a simple thing but have a huge effect on how others perceive you. When you speak quickly, it means that you are so nervous, so speak slowly shows your confidence. Moreover, perhaps some people feel uncomfortable when you speak to fast and don’t want to talk with you again. If you don’t feel that someone who speaks slowly confident, try to do it several times! It will make you more confident.

12. Stand Tall

When you remind yourself to stand tall and straight, you will feel better about yourself. It’s also your first impression to others. What do you want with your first impression? Slumped shoulders, eyes looking down or a great posture head held high and attentive eyes? Stand tall! I mean, by standing tall you will feel more awake and confident with your eyes are raised.

13. Look In The Mirror And Smile

self esteem building exercises for menThe expressions on your face can encourage your brain to register certain information. So, looking in the mirror and smile everyday can make you feel happier and more confident. Remember that, your expressions may effect on the others’ feelings about you. For instance, when you see someone smiles with you, you will feel more comfortable and also want to smile with them. The interaction is a good way to remove your shames.

14. Fake It

Sometimes, pretending you are so confident might make you believe that you are so. And the way that you pretend can make others feel that, then they like talking to you more; hence, you get your confidence after several times of doing this.

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These are some tips that can work for you on the way of getting confidence and building up self-esteem. You can follow tips above in a suitable way and get the best results!

If you have any comment about the above self esteem building exercises that I have mentioned, let me know! I appreciate your contribution and welcome any debate about this topic. Leave all you comments at the end of this post. We will answer all as soon as possible.

There are a lot of other unique self esteem building exercises for youth and adults that you can find in The Self-Esteem Workbook.

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