How to deal with loneliness after a break up or divorce

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Updates: 07/9/2024

Have you ever been lonely in a crowd? If yes, you might suffer from loneliness. Most of us have experienced several levels of abandonment or loneliness, though only for a short period of time. Here are 25 ways on how to deal with loneliness after a break up or divorce that help you change the feeling of loneliness easily.

How To Deal With Loneliness After A Break Up Or Divorce

1. Loneliness Is An Emotion

how to deal with loneliness after divorceWhen people feel lonely, actually, there is something that triggers a memory of that feeling, not as they are lonely or isolated. The brain is designed to recognize the pain or danger, and that contains painful scary feelings. Thus, loneliness gets your attention. Once your brain starts making a sense of that feeling, you will continually ask many questions for yourself, like: Why am I so lonely? Is it because no one loves me? It will become a bigger problem if you just realize that feeling and accept without reacting.

2. Reach Out

The majority of people with loneliness tend to feel they are losers, when it comes to feeling loneliness. People, as a result, will withdraw into themselves, their thoughts, and their lonely feelings. This is totally not beneficial. If possible, prediction of loneliness may motivate you to reach out and nourish friendships that is the healthiest stuff to do when you are alone and sad.

3. Make A Plan To Defeat Mental Habits Of Feeling Lonely

Once you realize that you are handling with emotional habit, then making a plan to handle with loneliness will be a good option. Because interaction with healthy friends is not, so you should reach out to other people to initiate conversation even when your depression and loneliness are provoking you not to do. This will bring good effects as exercising when you are lazy or tired.

4. Concentrate On The Feelings And Needs Of Others

It is said that the less attention you pay on your own thoughts, the less lonely you feel. Therefore, instead of criticizing yourself and biting your loneliness, it is better for you to redirect your attention to others. See: simple ways to eliminate social anxiety naturally.

5. Get Busy

how to deal with loneliness without friendsThis is similar to the above tips on how to deal with loneliness. Keeping yourself busy is really an efficient way to help you keep loneliness at bay. If you are in a situation where you are bored, or could not find a task, then volunteer with things you are interested in or think you care about. Feeling needed and helpful is actually important sometimes.

6. Find Someone Like You

I know it is hard to do, yet if you can do so, you will feel better. Nowadays, there are more tools than ever before to chat with other people right from your home. You can look for someone who shares your interests. This will make it easier for you to identify groups, with which you can have something in common, a natural basis for starting a relationship.

There are a lot of useful ways to deal with loneliness, so if you want to know more, The Secret Rules Of Self-Love is the best guide you should read.

7. Boost Your Self-Esteem

When it comes to finding a way on how to deal with loneliness, self-esteem enhancement should be considered. Why? A lack of confidence can hold you back in most social situations. If you do not feel good about yourself, then meeting new people could be stressful. Thus, you should think about yourself and your strengths that other people admire, then build on that. For fast self-confidence improvement, you can refer tips here.

8. Emotional Honesty

Try to be open with your friends, tell them your worries and fears instead of running the usual superficial conversations. If you are afraid of sharing your emotions or feelings, then you might have a confident problem. In other words, some people say that telling other people that they feel depressed or down will make them weak. This is totally not true. If you feel down, this does not mean that you are bad and if you are depressed then this also does not mean you are actually inadequate. It just shows that you are a normal human. Acknowledge that human beings also have down times as well as up times.

9. Turn Off Electronics

how to deal with loneliness after a breakupYou might think that this seems so irrelevant to the topic of how to deal with loneliness. However, in fact, being mindful about those people who are around you instead on watching TV or texting could lead to closer relationships. Although watching TV can be comfortable, after all, you still feel loneliness. Television could be used as a tool to connect. For example, people at your workplace watch a certain show and have conversations about the topic of that show. By watching the show, you will be able to joint in the conversation of those people. Maybe, you can invite the people over to watch with you. If you spend your evenings on watching TV, consider trying a new experiment. Just spend one week without watching TV. After that, you might discover more about fulfilling ways to spend your precious time in a more satisfying way in the long term.

10. Work Out

When it comes to learning how to deal with loneliness, you must focus on your body and mind first. Once the body is healthy, and feeling tuned, the mind will in turn begin to follow suit. And, because you are currently spending most of your time alone, you should have a large amount of spare time to improve your physical health, while boosting the endorphins which will please your brain concurrently.

11. Be Curious, Yet Do Not Expect Perfection

how to deal with loneliness program

Each time you express and show up is an actual experiment, an interesting adventure in social bonding. If you are interested in other people, they will be attracted to you as you get their attention. Curiosity about other people can take your concentration away from those painful feelings and that may make you hide and sulk.

There are a lot of useful ways to deal with loneliness, so if you want to know more, The Secret Rules Of Self-Love is the best guide you should read.

12. Join In A Class

how to deal with loneliness system

Have you always wanted to learn how to play guitar? Is there a certain style of food you have always wanted to take a class in? Whether it is an art class, an exercise class, or a class at your local community college, taking part in a class will automatically expose you to a group in which people share at least one of your interests.

It could also provide you with a sense of being part of a group; thereby stimulating creativity, giving you something to look forward to, and helping you starve off loneliness. Are you interested in playing musical instruments or playing sports? Take a look at:

13. Volunteer

Becoming a volunteer will supply you with the same benefits as joining in a class, such as meeting other people, belonging of a group, and getting new experiences. Also, it can help you find out more meaning of your life, your happiness, and your life satisfaction. Of course, it will reduce loneliness. In addition, working with other people will help you feel the sense of gratitude for what you own in your life. You can consider working at an animal shelter, or gardening, or cleaning up your neighborhoods on Saturday mornings.

14. Lean On Family

Though it might be difficult to meet new people and create a group of friends you could lean on, your family will provide an exceptional support and you will not have to worry about how people view you. After all, your family members are the ones who watched your growing and understand you both physically and emotionally. Allow them to comfort you in your hard time and also allow yourself to be open to their own companionship. 

15. Find Support Online

how to deal with loneliness in marriageAs loneliness becomes more and more popular in the modern life, there are a lot of people online who are looking for others to connect with. You can share your feelings with them, but be careful of who you meet via the Internet. Do not share your personal information. You can find real support, interaction, and lasting friendships from those people you meet online. Discover: unique tricks to boost communication skills.

16. Raise A Pet

Those pets, particularly dogs and cats, might be helpful for you. They can help you get rid of the feeling of loneliness. Getting a pet will bring you both benefits of companionship and altruism. Adopting a pet from your local shelter will supply you a friend that will love you unconditionally. If you get a dog, it will also assist you in exercising as you often walk him as a daily routine. Additionally, pets, in general, can provide unconditional love which could be a great relief for loneliness. Get to know positive effects of raising a pet now to start having a small friend right now.

17. Call Or Talk To Someone You Trust And Love

Talk to a trusted relative and friend. Get some ideas and a sympathetic ear from them who you can trust your feelings and thoughts. In addition, they can help you feel pleasant to join and have interesting talks and time.

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18. Cry

Why not? If crying can help you feel better, don’t be shy to let it go on. This is a natural remedy for your soul.

There are a lot of useful ways to deal with loneliness, so if you want to know more, The Secret Rules Of Self-Love is the best guide you should read.

19. Start Blogging start blogging

If you like writing and composing, why don’t you start a blog and make you busy with typing, showing your real thought, make more friends and sharing knowledge with others.

20. Create A Vision Board

If you love colors and art, get some poster board, scissors, glue, magazines and start creating your own work. You may feel happy when completing your own vision board and hang it up.

21. Explore Different Types Of Therapy

Some types of therapy such as cognitive behavioral therapy can help change one’s thought and actions for dealing with loneliness, depression and other symptoms of isolation. When you are aware of a solution for your bad mood, meet a mental health doctor to find a cure.

Beside cognitive behavioral therapy, you can try mediation therapy. By meditating and practicing meditation techniques, you can identify and release your negative thought that may cause your loneliness.

22. Strengthen Your Existing Relationships

Sometimes, you don’t realize that there are many people, who always stand by you when you need them. So don’t forget to strengthen your existing relationships you built before. Because, they will be those, who understand you most and give you the best advice and support at the right time when you are lonely.

23. Keep Your Faith keep your faith

Some strategies are proven to protect you against loneliness and exploring your faith is one of these ways. In general, faith helps you accept the truth in life. For instance, when talking about the faith with a religion or a God. If you have a bond with a God, keep it and your God will help you overcome troubles and give you more strength to balance your life.

24. Have Realistic Standards

Hawkley once wrote that loneliness is only a mismatch between the ideality and the reality you have. Your realistic standards will reflect how you are living and having real relationships with others. Imagine that you just have a true friendship or a true love when you spend time building it with real activities. Moreover, you may be lonely as your realistic system is not clear or you are not aware of the importance of realistic values in life.

25. Think Beyond Yourself

Loneliness can make you feel self-focused and you only think that everything is about you. However, remind yourself that like love, happiness just be created when we build and share it with each other. Additionally, you should put you on another position to understand this truth. For example, when you invite a friend or a family member to have a lunch, you and your partner can eat and drink and talk, so you will have happier time than sitting alone and chewing foods without any talk.

In reality, the overall key of how to deal with loneliness after a break up or divorce is to stay positive and concentrate on the things you could do alone, not the things you have to do as you are alone. If you have any further tip on this topic, just feel free to drop your words at the end of this post. We appreciate and will reply all soon!

There are a lot of useful ways to deal with loneliness, so if you want to know more, The Secret Rules Of Self-Love is the best guide you should read.

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