How to relieve sinus pressure headache naturally – helpful tips

how to relieve sinus pressure headache

Are you suffering from sinus symptoms, such as headache or pain in nose and around your face? Do you know how to relieve sinus pressure headache quickly and naturally? The site has made a writing of 10 helpful tips on how to relieve sinus pressure headache efficiently without having to use any expensive drug or surgery.

Sinusitis is a disease that causes a stuffy sensation in nose, headaches, and pain on your face. The typical causes of sinus pressure are allergies, flu, infections, and colds. Though you may be prone to illness, allergies or infection, you can learn how to relieve sinus pressure headache naturally to feel better.

10 Helpful Tips On How To Relieve Sinus Pressure Headache

1. Moisturize The Air To Make Your Sinuses Smooth

how to relieve sinus pressure headache

Dry air can always make your irritated sinuses swell and worsen pressure, resulting in bad headache. You should have a humidifier in your bedroom, and run it when the air is dry.
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2. Make Your Sinuses Smooth With Steamy Showers Or Nasal Sprays

how to relieve sinus pressure headache

Steamy showers and nasal sprays will provide moisture to nasal passages directly, which helps relieve the pain caused by sinusitis, including headache.

3. Drink Many Kinds Of Liquids And Pure Water To Relieve Sinus Pain

how to relieve sinus pressure headache

Herbal teas are good for sinus treatment. If you are wondering how to relieve sinus pressure headache naturally, drinking herbal teas daily is one of the best answers.

The more water you drink, the more mucus will be released, and the better you will feel. Drinking lots of water can also eliminate toxins from your body, and make you healthier.

Therefore, you should drink at least 2 liters of water a day.

You should also follow food recipes which are good for your health. Do not eat too spicy foods as they can motivate your sinuses to build mucus. The mucus building process can cause headache and pain in nasal cavity and around your face.

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4. Sleep On A Thick Pillow To Elevate The Head

how to relieve sinus pressure headache

This sleeping position helps open your sinus passages, and allows you to breathe well. As a result, it helps relieve sinus pressure headache. If you sleep on a thin pillow, you will find it difficult to breathe, and unable to sleep well.

5. Massage Cheeks And Forehead To Discharge Mucus

how to relieve sinus pressure headache

Mucus release helps relieve sinus pressure headache, so when you suffer from a bad headache, you should try to discharge as much mucus from your sinus as possible. Massaging your cheeks and forehead is a way to break thick mucus to easily discharge it.

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6. Dissolve Excess Mucus

how to relieve sinus pressure headache

If you want to relieve a sinus pressure headache naturally, you should learn to dissolve the excessive mucus. It is the excessive mucus that makes your sinus pressure headache become more serious.
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It also causes pain around your face. In this case, when being asked how to relieve sinus pressure headache, many people answer that they take some drugs for immediate resolution. However, it is not natural that way. The natural method to dissolve excessive mucus is to drink as much water as you can. After that you should blow your nose to discharge the mucus.

The more mucus is discharged, the better you will feel.

7. Inhale Steam

how to relieve sinus pressure headache

You can melt thick mucus with peppermint oil. You can put some drops of peppermint oil in hot water, mix them well, and inhale the steam to break thick mucus. Thick mucus is the cause of sinus pressure headache. After breaking it and discharge it, your headache will be relieved.

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8. Rinse Nose With Salt Water

how to relieve sinus pressure headache

One more tip on how to relieve sinus pressure headache naturally is to rinse your nose with salt water. You can use a Neti pot with salt water in it to rinse and relieve blocking nose.

The rinse helps clean the nasal cavity, remove excessive mucus and dirt in your nose. You should use this Neti device twice a day for good results. Rinsing your nose is also one of the home remedies for nasal congestion.

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9. Hot Compress

how to relieve sinus pressure headache

When the headache is too serious, you can dip a wash-cloth into hot water, then put that wash-cloth on your forehead, and massage around your nose and face to relieve the pain.

10. Get Sweaty

how to relieve sinus pressure headache

Doing exercises to get sweaty is also a natural tip on how to relieve sinus pressure headache. When you get sweaty, the mucus is dissolved and easy to be blown out. When the mucus is out, you will feel less pain in your head. Toxins are also discharged along with your sweat, so you will get better after getting sweaty.

In this writing, I have provided you with 10 tips on how to relieve sinus pressure headache naturally. Though sinusitis is difficult to treat, there are still natural ways to relieve its symptoms. If you are suffering from sinus infection, and have tried many kinds of drugs in vain, you should try out some of these 10 tips to gradually get rid of sinus pressure headache.

Being a victim of sinusitis, I have tried many medical treatments in hope of getting out of the diseases, but they are all useless.

And then I started drinking lots of water, rinsing my nose, and doing cardio exercises to get sweaty every day to see if it worked. The result is my headache has gradually disappeared.

After reading my writing about how to relieve sinus pressure headache naturally, you must have learned some useful ways to treat your sinus infection. Pick up some of those 10 tips above to relieve the symptoms of sinus infection naturally without having to worry about any side effect. Treating sinus infection in this natural way is completely safe and much cheaper than using medical treatment or drugs. To know more information, go out to the Home Health page.

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