How to use your subconscious mind power to get what you want

how to use your subconscious mind

The conscious and subconscious mind always give us many interests to study and discuss. There is a connection between your conscious and subconscious mind. If you can balance your mind, you will master the law of attraction and get successful and happy in life. It is believed that the subconscious mind makes up about 88% and the conscious makes about 12% in your mind activity. So, how to use your subconscious mind that empowers your overall mind for good? Read this article on our VKool site and apply tips and techniques to balance your mind like a master.

How To Use Your Subconscious Mind Power – 18 Tips To Get What You Want

I. What Is The Subconscious Mind

what is the subconscious mind program

Subconscious is a psychological concept that is a part of the consciousness, but it is not in the focal awareness currently. According to Pierre Janet, a psychologist, the subconscious mind is formed when underneath layers of critical thought of conscious mind exist a very powerful awareness called the subconscious mind. Since there is limited information about what may be held in the conscious focal awareness, a store of one’s experience and knowledge is needed – this is considered subconscious.

II. How Does The Subconscious Mind Work

how does the subconscious mind work download

The subconscious mind can store one’s previous life experience, beliefs, skills, memories, situations, images that person has been ever had and seen.

The best way to get clear about the subconscious mind is to think about the example of a car learner. At the beginning, he had to focus on driving and he did not have any talk with anyone while he was driving. At that time, he just used his conscious mind to control his car. A few week later, when he had form the driving skills, he could automatically drive his car on the street to his office and house while having talks with someone. This happened as his driving habit and skills have been transferred into his own subconscious mind and his conscious mind is relaxed and become free. This allowed the car driver to repeat his driving routines daily with ease.

what is the subconscious mind download

From this example, we can know that the subconscious mind is often responsible for automatically triggered emotions and feelings that people suddenly experience by facing new situations. For instance, when you are going to have a presentation, you may have fear and anxious feelings. This is caused by your subconscious mind. If you train yourself to be more confident in conversation with your conscious mind, you will be able to improve your panic attacks and low confidence.

On the other hand, the conscious mind is responsible for logic actions and calculations performed while people are totally conscious. Plus, the subconscious mind controls other body functions like heart beats and breathing.

Another example that may help people better get clearer about the subconscious mind is the breathing process. Before you read the previous line, your breathing might be controlled by the subconscious mind.

how does the subconscious mind work download

Now, try to control the breathing for a few minutes. You then can do so, of course! At this time, you used your conscious mind to control your breathing. However, if you lose your focus the subconscious mind, it may takeover – again.

According to Giridhar Gopal Saraswat, a Research Scientist at the UPSEB, there are 7 steps to your subconscious mind, including Think – Visualize – Transmit – Apologize – Believe – Receive – Thank. Follow all these steps to control your subconscious mind for good.

In short, controlling the subconscious mind is the key to get successful in life. Utilizing the power of your subconscious mind and master it since today.

III. How To Use Your Subconscious Mind Power To Achieve Your Goals

1. Listen To Your Intuition

listen to your intuition

The subconscious mind often gives you different messages throughout your intuition. These messages usually come as thinking about a person and subject. The intuitive feelings may be referred to “gut feelings” or “gut reactions”. When you have these messages come, pay higher attention to them. Follow the intuition. The more you practice it, the more you can receive messages.

2. Listen To Your Dreams

listen to your dreams

Don’t you know that the language of subconscious mind is in dreams? When you can see, feel, hear or identify messages in your dreams, this is the time you’re communicating and connectting with your subconscious mind. Also, you’re going to dream log and look for clues in your dream or repeat some patterns in your dream that can help to develop the connection between your dream and the reality.

3. How To Use Your Subconscious Mind Power With Practice Visualization

how to use your subconscious mind power with practice visualization download

Visualization practice not only helps the subconscious mind come forward, but your imagination for flourishing. This is vital for you to connect with your subconscious mind. A simple imagination exercise is to look at an object like an apple or a picture. Look at it for a few minutes, then close the eyes, but continue seeing the object. Besides, you can practice visualization by imagining a peaceful scene. Focus on one thing to get rid of anxiety. Do it often to control your subconscious mind daily.

4. How To Use Your Subconscious Mind Power With Self-Talks & Self-Questions

how to use your subconscious mind power with self-talks & self-questions download

Yes! You should practice self-talk in order to encourage yourself. So, have positive self-talks that will sent positive message to your mind. For instance, you should say positive affirmations every day such as “I can do it”, “It’ll be alright” and “Nothing Is Impossible”. On the other hand, you can question yourself such as “Why not?”, “Who Am I?” “How Can I Do It”. In fact, these self-talks and self-questions will help you do your thing you’re your conscious mind first. After you overcome the hard time of practice, you will automatically operate the things and run your life with success.

5. Tap Into Your Creative Side

tap into your creative side download

The subconscious mind is like talking to people without words. Also, it loves to become creative. So, find an art to practice it. Words are often the domain of the conscious as well as logical mind. In other words, the subconscious mind prefers music, sounds and images. Tap into your creativity! It helps your subconscious mind express itself. Many people have experienced that practicing music, pottery, art or any form of the self-expression could open up their characteristics. So, nurture and cherish your creative ability to live authentically and get closer to your subconscious mind.

Besides, artistic endeavors like drawing and requiring the use of subconscious mind to create works can help you express your real feelings. Practice an art or take part in a class is an awesome way to start tapping into the subconscious mind through the process of creativity.

6. Learn About The Subconscious Mind

learn about the subconscious mind download

Next to ways on how to use your subconscious mind power, you should get clear about this so that you can practice it skillfully. Take a book on how to use your subconscious mind power to get what you want, read scientific journals of the psychology or learn a psychology course.

As I mentioned in the first part, you need to understand the subconscious mind in its connection with the conscious mind. Basically, the things belonging to the conscious mind include planning, will power, critical thinking, short term memory and judgments or decisions; and the things belonging the subconscious mind include habits and patterns, automatic body functions, celluar memory, creativity, emotions and protective reactions.

7. How To Use Your Subconscious Mind Power With Meditation

how to use your subconscious mind power with meditation download

One of a powerful ways on how to use your subconscious mind power is to find your inner peace and calm. Meditation is the best way to achieve it. In the mediation practice, you will learn to relax yourself that can enable you in order to hear deep messages from your subconscious mind.

You will turn off your conscious mind and fall into a relaxed state. From that, you will able to access feelings and thoughts, which are otherwise suppressed by your brain activity daily. Take time to practice quiet meditation and then you will get amazed at your subconscious mind control.

8. Tap Into The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind

tap into the power of your subconscious mind download

If you desire something, the greatest way is to inform your subconscious mind by repeating your desire in your thinking. You first need to plant seeds of that desire, then water these seeds with the constant repetition. Actually, this is an effective way to control your subconscious mind, as if you are preparing the fertilized soil so that your seeds can grow into full manifestation quickly.

However, it is easy for one’s mind to be packed with more desires and all confuse his subconscious mind as well as kill his original seeds that were planted. It’s imperative that after one has planted the seeds of desire in the garden of subconscious mind, he has to water and feed the seeds until they sprouts. At last, he will be able to harvest the fruits.

9. Have A Quick Review Before Your Bedtime

have a quick review before your bedtime download

Among simple ways on how to use your subconscious mind power, learn to review things before going to sleep. Just a quick review before the bedtime can help you know the good things and limited things you have done through the day. Then, you will use your conscious mind to fix the things.

There are different ways for you to go to a quick review. You don’t need to directly think about activities today. Instead, you can read a book and find out a lesson from the end of a story in that book. Make a connection between that story with your life, find the similar things from the stories with your real life. Finally, remember the main points in your mind.

10. Go With Your Instinct

go with your instinct

Simply think that going with your instincts is to learn to be yourself. Try to be decisive to solve your own troubles. When the bad things happen, you tend to act with your subconscious mind. In some cases, it’s also hard for you to know what is right or wrong. Hence, depending on your decision and your desire, you should go with your instinct to use your subconscious mind or conscious mind as long as you are happy.

11. Write It Out

write it out

This is a simple tip on how to use your subconscious mind power. Each time you take a pen and a paper, you will encourage your mind to write down something. Firstly, it will come with some unclear ideas, and this is the first step to go to something creative. So, why don’t you get ready to take your paper and pen to boost your creativity immediately?

On the other hand, just think that everything can come from your brain and get into your mind naturally. Never limit your mind to use subconscious thinking to get successful in your job and life.

12. Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

reprogram your subconscious mind download

Subconscious thoughts can be formed basing on the same things done over and over. For instance, you should repeat doing things as your daily basic. You can set your alarm clock to get up early, cleanse your room each weekend or do exercise daily. All the things will make your life routine so that you can keep it on track without any difficulty.

13. Make The Conscious The Subconscious

make the conscious the subconscious download

Limiting beliefs are that you have to overcome in order to turn your subconscious thoughts into your subconscious mind.

In fact, it is not easy to convert these 2 thoughts. To start it, you have to focus on the reality, face your fear of failure and observe your thoughts. Attending to the reality can help you build your conscious awareness. Then question yourself whether you are willing to change it or not.

If you are not willing to reflect on your actions and feelings consciously, your effort to change something will get thwarted by your subconscious thoughts and beliefs.

make the conscious the subconscious download

In addition, if you aren’t aware of energy you are bringing to discussions with someone, you will defensively react in a specific context instead. However, you will rarely intensify negative emotions you feel insides such as shamed, rejection or loneliness.

In short, the process of controlling your conscious mind and subconscious mind is the most important way to change defensive patterns related to you and your beloved ones.

14. Control Or Embrace Your Painful Emotions

control or embrace your painful emotions free download

Yes! To become emotionally mature and develop your emotional intelligence, give your subconscious thinking a full permission to experience a wide range of emotions of the vulnerability.

As a human being, aspire to have positive emotions such as love, confidence, enthusiasm and others among them. That is what your heart relentlessly yearns for.

Hardly is the instruction needed for handling with positive emotions, however!

Work is needed to learn how to empathically be connected with your compassion, and high strivings of heart, in the moment when you’re challenged. Plus, it is necessary to learn on how to balance your overall mind and body so that your response will not take over your thoughts consciously.

control or embrace your painful emotions download

You now may wonder that how you have painful feelings. Simply, this is a something natural that comes touch your heart, weaken or strengthen you possibly.

Consider the following things:

  • It is painful that teach your heart to love yourself and other people unconditionally.
  • It is also hard to teach yourself to do uncomfortable things and painful ones.
  • It is your natural feelings to fear a thing and avoid doing difficult tasks.
  • It is not easy to express something without wallowing in your de-energizing power.
  • It is uncertain to feel safe to remain a connection with someone empathically.
  • It is hard to take charge of emotion in order that your brain can release yourself to fully take and give passion and love to others.

control or embrace your painful emotions download

If you think that you will achieve happiness and success depending on certain outcomes, or events, it is a buildup of your emotional suffering.

It is also necessary for you to learn how to manage your energy and keep your happiness in some cases triggering yourself. In addition, get clear about what the triggers may be.

When embracing painful emotions as action signals, life lessons or teachers, you can release yourself to more emotions of exuberance such as gratitude, enthusiasm, courage, compassion, love as well as the fulfillment of what you feel in different relationships.

control or embrace your painful emotions program

To show your emotional experience in life, learn to develop your capacities related to remaining centered, confident and calm regardless what’s going on with you.

Simply, question yourself whether you are fear or you will control your life, then you will have your own responsibility to find your inner happiness and well-being.

15. Understand A Subjective Thought And A Objective Thought

understand a subjective thought and a objective thought download

Although people know that thoughts can have super power to become “things”, it is essential to get clear about the differences between a subjective thought and an objective thought.

A subjective thought can enter your subconscious mind when it is often impressed with sufficient feelings and you often do things easily when getting worried over the things.

An objective thought on the other hand, is a result of your general thinking, like the process of re-collection and study. Actually, there are no feelings involved. Hence, it can’t control or enter your subconscious mind.

Affirmations that are infused with your emotions may be a way to successfully tap into the power of your subconscious mind if they are repeated on your daily basis with vigor and passion.

16. Observe Your Thoughts & Choose Things Admitted To Your Subconscious Mind

observe your thoughts & choose things admitted to your subconscious mind download

Learn to observe your thoughts and know which ones are generating your emotional responses. Get rid of negative thoughts because they do not allow themselves to be subjective. Similarly, you should form positive thoughts and you need to imbue them with your real emotions. Water the seeds of your positive thoughts often by repeating it over and over through days and months. As a result, your the mind will work so that you will reap a great harvest of success and happiness.

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17. Take Some Risks To Develop The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind

take some risks to develop the power of your subconscious mind download

Why not? Nothing good comes to you easily. So take a risk to change yourself and empower your mind for great success. Revenge, blame and envy are some things inevitable in life. I would like to advise you not to dwell your thoughts with a vengeful nature because they can seep into the subconscious mind and make you become one who lose your control or do things personally.

To get rid of envy, program your mind to focus on the reality. Use your conscious mind to analyze your situation. Put yourself to other people’s position so that you will have reasonable thoughts and act right.

About blame, it’s easy for you to blame yourself and someone when you are impatient, angry, depressed, or stressed. Use your conscious mind to get back to the present. Question yourself on what you are doing, how your blame help you solve your troubles, what are the things you will do after doing wrong things and so on.

18. How To Use Your Subconscious Mind Power Through The Power Of Substitution

how to use your subconscious mind power through the power of substitution download

Last but not least among effective ways on how to use your subconscious mind power, learn to adjust your subconscious mind for stopping discordant or weed-like thoughts. Replace them with energetic and positive thoughts. You need to understand that your negative action may be caused by the way you think. If you think something negatively, you will act negatively. Negative thoughts like wild plants in your mind. The sooner you can pick them out of your mind, the better you can control your subconscious mind and balance your life for more success.

Accordingly, positive thinking is a fertilized soil for your soul. The more positive thoughts you have, the more beautiful mind you will have.

A mind filled with all negative thoughts will not easily be changed to be a beautiful mind with good thoughts. It depends on different factors such as living environments, education or society. By controlling the subconscious mind and balance the conscious mind with subconscious mind in community, people can change their destinations and live their happier lives.

Controlling the subconscious mind is a matter of emotions, concentrations and intent coupled with visualization. Those are differences between a wasteland of a subconscious mind or an abundant and plentiful one. Are you sure that you can keep your thoughts and action balanced? To do it as well as master the law of attraction, don’t forget to practice these ways on how to use your subconscious mind power.

For any feedback about this writing on how to use your subconscious mind power to get what you want, leave yours at the comment box below.

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