How to treat foot blisters naturally at home – 10 tips

The cute and colorful sandals have side effects: foot blisters. Especially when the weather is hot, your feet will be swelling and sweating. The friction against the shoes makes you feel painful and unpleasant. In order to avoid blisters, you should wear the fit shoes. You need to choose the shoes carefully. Importantly, when you suffer from blisters, you should not pop it.

The possible reason may be that popping blisters can result in infection and it can make the symptoms worse. As a result, blisters can come back. According to Dr. Wu, the best solution in order to keep the blisters from infection is to cover the blisters with a bandage. The problem will recover by itself. However, sometimes blisters are too annoying that you are tired of waiting for healing. But the good news is that there are many home remedies and techniques on how to treat foot blisters naturally at home.

How ToTreat Foot Blisters Naturally At Home – Effective Home Remedies And Techniques

Blisters, fluid-filled sacs, appear on your skin. Blisters will occur when the shoes do not fit well causing friction. On the affected skin, the blisters may be accompanied with redness. If the sacs are ruptured, the blisters can spread into other skin areas and cause infection. The main cause of blisters is unfitted shoes which is too small or too large. When you wear too tight shoes, your feet will sweat a lot.

Walking a lot is other cause of blisters because it can result in rubbing and friction. In order to reduce the risk of developing blisters, you should wear the sock lines under socks. Polypropylene sock lines are better than cotton one because they will keep your skin dry. Foot blisters do not require any medical treatment. It can recover and heal by itself. However, it is important for you to protect the affected skin areas in order to avoid the infection and development of blisters. Prepare the water-based gel pad on your hand if you are going to hike or walk on your foot all day. When you suffer from foot blisters, you should pierce it before finding the relief. If the blisters are annoying and unpleasant, I suggest some good and effective home remedies and techniques on how to treat foot blisters naturally at home. If you concern, please read the article on to know more.

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1. Keep The Affected Areas Clean: 

how to treat foot blisters-keep the affected areas clean

It is the first tip on how to treat foot blisters especially when the blisters pop. If you do not keep the blisters clear, it is difficult for problems to recover. Keeping the affected areas unclear will result in infection and further complications. In order to avoid these problems, it is needed to wash your foot gently with warm water.

2. Rest Your Feet: 

how to treat foot blisters-rest your feet

The important tip on how to treat blister is resting your feet. It means that you should take off your shoes for a few hours in order to let your feet heal. Especially when you suffer blisters from your running shoes, it is better to wear a different pair of shoes which makes you feel comfortable and relaxing. Your feet need time to heal. If you work hard and keep pushing, the problems can get worse.

3. Compress The Blisters With Chamomile:

how to treat foot blisters-compress the blisters with chamomile

Chamomile is effective in treating blisters. In order to do this treatment, you should dip the chamomile tea bag in warm water and then apply the tea bag on the affected areas like a compress. This treatment will help you alleviate the pain and reduce the symptoms of sore throat.

4. Home Remedy Aloe Vera Gel:

how to treat foot blisters-home remedy aloe vera gel

If you look for the home remedies on how to treat foot blisters, you should try Aloe Vera gel. According to Teresa McGinnis, Aloe Vera can work well as the healer. The possible reason may be that it contains the anti-inflammatory properties. These properties will help you ease swelling and redness. Moreover, it keeps your skin hydrated and moist in order to make sure that the blisters can heal faster.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar: 

how to treat foot blisters-apple cider vinegar

You can soak or dab the affected skin with apple cider vinegar. Both ways work well. Therefore, it is the effective home remedy on how to treat foot blisters you should try. The possible reason may be that apply cider vinegar contains antibacterial properties. As a result, it keeps the blisters from infection especially when the blisters pop. Because the vinegar is harsh, you should dip the cotton into the vinegar and then apply gently the cotton around the affected areas.

6. Deodorant: 

how to treat foot blisters-deodorant

The foot blisters can cause unpleasant smelling. According to Dr. Wu, deodorant can help your feet from odor. In addition to, antiperspirant can keep your feet dry. Therefore, antiperspirant can be considered as the way on how to prevent foot blisters.

This idea is totally true because the foot blisters can be worse due to friction and moisture.

7. Diaper Rash Cream: 

how to treat foot blisters-diaper rash cream

If you ask the way on how to treat foot blisters, I would like to recommend a diaper rash cream. People are used to use diaper rash cream when they were babies. Moreover, even when you grow, diaper rash cream is considered as the wonderful way to prevent and cure foot blister. Although this cream may be messy and thick, it can keep your foot skin dry.

8. Black Tea:

how to treat foot blisters-black tea

You can soothe the blisters with black tea treatment. According to Dr. Wu, green tea may be more effective in treating foot blisters than black tea because the green tea has more anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, it is better to apply the green tea on the affected areas with blisters.

9. Home Remedy Toothpaste:

how to treat foot blisters-home remedy toothpaste

Applying the toothpaste on the affected areas will alleviate pain on your feet. Moreover, toothpaste can be used as the home remedies to treat several problems including sores, blisters and pimples. However, it is important not to choose the toothpaste with cinnamon ingredient because cinnamon may irritate your skin.

10. Tea Tree Oil Ointment: 

how to treat foot blisters-tea tree oil ointment

Because of antibacterial properties, it can dry the blisters. For some patients with blisters, it may irritate your skin while some do not feel hurt. However, it is still treatment for blisters you should try.

These are 10 tips and home remedies on how to treat foot blisters naturally at home you should try. I hope that you will find these tips and techniques helpful and effective. If you have any experience to share or any questions to ask, please raise your voice by leaving your comments bellow. I will answer as soon as I can. Thank you for reading.

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