How to increase blood platelets count naturally: 13 easy ways

Platelet is the smallest of your blood cells that help in blood clotting by creating plugs in the blood vessel holes.  Some telltale signs of one low platelet count are excessive or easy bruising, spontaneous bleeding from the nose or gums, prolonged bleeding from cuts, blood in stools or urine, and skin rashes thanks to superficial bleeding into your skin. People with low platelet counts can also complain of malaise, general weakness and fatigue. You can increase blood platelets count by some easy ways and home remedies. If this problem is severe then ask your doctor. In this article, will show you how to increase blood platelets count naturally:  13 easy ways. The writing collected a list of safe and effective solutions for increasing blood platelets count from reliable sources. However, it is not intended to give medical advice and it is solely for the informational purpose. Keep reading this writing to learn these 13 solutions on how to increase blood platelets in more detail!

How To Increase Blood Platelets Count Naturally: 13 Easy Ways That Work

1. Eat A Healthy, Diverse, Fresh Diet.

how to increase blood platelets-eat a healthy, diverse, fresh diet

With some easy tips and certain lifestyle changes, you can quickly increase your platelet count.

Generally healthier eating is one key component to help in increasing blood platelets count.

  • You have probably heard it before: more whole grains and lean proteins; more fresh vegetables and fruits; less refined sugars and starches; less trans fats and saturated; less processed foods.
  • Choosing nutrient-dense foods such as fresh vegetables and not nutrient-light foods such as a bag of cookies.

2. Cut Down On Problem Foods

how to increase blood platelets-cut down on problem foods

Generally, high calorie, low-nutrient foods, like foods with refined grains (for example white bread) and sugars (cookies, cakes etc.) provide little advantage to your body and are regarded by some to raise inflammation.

  • Heavy alcohol consumption may damage bone marrow and reduce platelet production, so it’s probably wise to severely limit or even stop alcohol consumption if you’re trying to raise platelet levels.
  • Celiac disease and gluten sensitivity (essentially one gluten allergy) are autoimmune disorders which can negatively impact platelet counts. Regard being tested for the disorders and, if so, remove gluten from your diet.

3. Exercise Regularly But Carefully

how to increase blood platelets-exercise regularly but carefully

Looking for easy ways on how to increase blood platelets, doing exercise is one of the top choices for you. Cardiovascular workouts, like swimming or walking, and strength training exercises enhance blood flow within your body and can help improve your immune system, both of which may be effective if you have one low platelet count.

  • You take precautions and need to be smart, however. If you have a low platelet count, you can fatigue more easily. Overexertion and fatigue may make you more susceptible to the injury.
  • Impact activities and sports — pickup skating and basketball, to name several examples — require to be done with not at all or extra caution. Protect yourself from cuts, bruises and scrapes even while walking by layering loose-fitting clothing, wearing great fitting shoes with traction and generally paying attention.

4. Get Adequate Rest

how to increase blood platelets-get adequate rest

7 to 9 hours of sleep is suggested for adults regardless of platelet count, but people seeking to increase their count may only benefit from leaving their body time to recharge and rest.

  • You can feel tired more occasionally if you have one low platelet count, so you require to balance the need for rest with the advantages of remaining (carefully) active. You should consult your physician.

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5. Papaya

how to increase blood platelets-papaya

Seeking the natural remedies on how to increase blood platelets, you should not pass papaya.  Both the papaya fruit as well as its leaves can help raise blood platelets count within just several days. Here are detailed instructions:

  • Eat ripe papaya or consume papaya juice (a glass) with a little lemon juice two or three times daily.
  • Also, you can pound a few leaves of papaya without the stalk using a mortar and pestle to extract the juice. Consume this bitter juice (2 tablespoons) two times a day.

6. Wheatgrass

how to increase blood platelets-wheatgrass

Wheatgrass can be effective in increasing platelet count. In fact, it may produce significant increases in red blood cell, hemoglobin, differential white blood cell and total white blood cell counts. This happens as wheatgrass is very high in chlorophyll with one molecular structure almost identical to hemoglobin molecule in the human blood. Here are detailed directions on how to increase blood platelets with wheatgrass:

  • Simply drink wheatgrass juice (½ cup) mixed with a little bit of lemon juice every day.

7. Spinach

how to increase blood platelets-spinach

Spinach is a powerful source of vitamin K that is constantly used to help cure low platelet disorder. Especially, vitamin K is needed for proper blood clotting. Hence, it decreases the risk of excessive bleeding. Here are step by step directions on how to increase blood platelets with spinach:

  • Boil 4 or 5 fresh spinach leaves in two cups of water for some minutes. Let it to cool, and combine in tomato juice (1/2 glass). Drink it three times per day.
  • Also, add this green vegetable in green smoothies, salads, side dishes or soups.

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8. Pumpkin

how to increase blood platelets-pumpkin

Pumpkin is also another helpful food to increase your low platelet count. Especially, it is really rich in vitamin A which aids support proper platelet development. In addition, it controls the proteins produced in your cells, which is very important to increase the platelet level. For the most beneficial results, here are detailed directions on how to increase blood platelets with pumpkin:

  • In fresh pumpkin juice (½ glass), add honey (1 teaspoon) and drink it two or three times a day.
  • Also, add pumpkin in your diet by including pumpkin puree to stews, smoothies, soups and baked goods.

9. Vitamin C

how to increase blood platelets-vitamin c

In order to increase the blood platelets count, you need to raise the intake of vitamin C or ascorbic acid. Being a great antioxidant, high usages of vitamin C also inhibit free-radical mediated damage of your platelets. The body needs 400 to 2,000 mg of vitamin C a day, depending on your overall health and age.

  • Eat foods rich in vitamin C such as lemons, oranges, tomatoes, kiwi, spinach, bell peppers, cantaloupes and broccoli.
  • You can also use vitamin C in supplement form every day, but only after consulting a doctor.

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10. Indian Gooseberries

how to increase blood platelets-indian gooseberries

One popular Ayurvedic remedy to increase your platelet count is using Indian gooseberries or amla. Particularly, the vitamin C of amla can help raise the production of platelets as well as boost your immune system. Here are detailed guides on how to increase blood platelets with Indian gooseberries:

  • Eat about 3 to 4 gooseberries with an empty stomach in the morning.
  • Alternatively, you can mix together two tablespoons each of honey and amla juice. Drink it two or three times every day.
  • Another option is to eat homemade pickles or jam made with fresh amla.

11. Sesame Oil

how to increase blood platelets-sesame oil

This oil is also effective in raising your platelet count. The oil has properties which increase raise platelet level naturally. In addition, it reduces inflammation, free radical damage in your body and aids improve blood circulation. For best results, here are detailed guides on how to increase blood platelets count naturally with sesame oil:

  • Drink high-quality sesame oil (1 to 2 tablespoons) two times a day.
  • You may also rub some this oil externally on your lymph node areas a few times every day to help raise platelet counts.
  • In addition, you can use it for cooking.

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12. Beetroot

how to increase blood platelets-beetroot

Eating beetroot is also another popular way of increasing your platelet count. Being rich in natural hemostatic and antioxidant properties, beetroot can increase the platelet count within some days. Here are step by step directions on how to increase blood platelets count with beetroot:

  • Drink fresh beetroot juice (1 tablespoon) three times every day.
  • Another option is to combine beetroot juice (3 tablespoons) in carrot juice (a glass) and drink it two times every day.

13. Water

how to increase blood platelets-water

Typically, blood cells are made of protein and water; hence it’s highly suggested to drink much water throughout the day. As it comes to one low platelet count, you must avoid consuming cold water as it may affect the digestive tract and your body will not properly absorb nutrients. Instead, drink purified and filtered water which is room temperature. It will help the body release more blood cells and eventually raise the platelet count. It is recommended to drink at least eight to ten glasses of room temperature water every day.

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Additional Tips

  • Limit alcohol intake because it may hamper production of platelets in your bone marrow.
  • Avoid tonic water because the quinine of it may contribute to reduced blood platelet counts.
  • Eat about 1 to 2 red guavas every day to improve your platelet count.
  • Avoid eating raw vegetables as the platelet count is low as it can damage your intestinal lining. In place, steam vegetables till soft and later eat them.
  • Foods that work as blood purifiers such as aloe vera must also be added in your diet.
  • Avoid all dairy products, such as milk, yogurt, butter and cheese, for several days as these products may contribute to the mucus formation and worsen several autoimmune diseases.
  • Avoid processed and canned foods that do not provide many nutrients.
  • Eat brown rice, whole-grain cereals and whole-wheat products. Avoid white rice, white flour and processed foods.
  • Avoid activities which may cause injuries.
  • Ask your doctor prior to using over-the-counter medications because some medicines can affect your platelet

In order to get more information related to effective way for health problems, go to our main How To page. After studying the writing of how to increase blood platelets count naturally: 13 easy ways, hope that this article will help you find out the best solution to increase blood platelets count naturally. However, the writing is solely for the informational purpose, so you need to get advice from your doctor before applying any way. If you have any question or comment, please leave them below, I will respond you as soon as possible. Also you can share the experience if you know any other ways to increase blood platelets count to us.

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