9 Tips On How To Treat Tachycardia Effectively And Naturally

how to treat tachycardia effectively and naturally

Have you ever heard about Tachycardia? Have you ever suffered from it? Generally, Tachycardia or Supraventricular Tachycardiais categorized as a fast heart rate, which means your heartbeat is speeded up abnormally due to some unseen reasons inside your body and it reveals via the changes in electrical signals. Tachycardia occurs in your heart’s upper chambers and it is a common health condition. Some group of people who are likely to suffer from Tachycardia should highly aware of this abnormal health condition, especially women because it was demonstrated to happen mostly in women. Besides, people who are anxious, physically fatigued are also its patients. Somebody who has a negative life manner such as drinking too much alcohol, coffee, as well as smoke heavily could have Supraventricular Tachycardia.

This symptom can result in some health problems that vary from unserious to serious. By the way, how to treat Tachycardia is not a hard question to solve. If you are afraid of it, you can refer to the following treatments that VKool would like to provide you in this article.

We hope that 9tips on how to treat Tachycardiawill help you slow the fast heart rate as well as prevent yourself from Tachycardia. In my opinion, it is necessary for you to read this article because it will show you a big load of knowledge that you have never heard about.

9 Tips On How To Treat Tachycardia Effectively And Naturally

1. Vagal Maneuvers

how to treat tachycardia - vagal maneuvers

The first solution how to treat Tachycardia we offer you is known as vagal maneuvers that may also be the first thing a doctor requires you to do. Although Tachycardia can correct itself, in many cases, we should apply this method to slow down your heart rate.

What is a vagal maneuver? It is a set of physical movements, which help you control the condition and regulate your heartbeat as well. It is something not too complicated to understand. All the thing you need to do is coughing, bearing down, and placing a pack of ice on your face. Even though the process is very simple, you are encouraged to follow it because it is considered as the first aid whenever you have the fast heart rate. As mentioned above, Tachycardia is not a too serious symptom but sometimes, it can lead to some dangerous health issues if you cannot control the situation immediately. However, simply, this method is the first aid, thus, it may not work well in many cases. As a result, you should consider other treatments how to treat Tachycardia after carrying out vagal maneuvers but it cannot help to slow down your heart rate.

By the way, you are recommended applying this method to deal with Supraventricular Tachycardia as a compulsory movement.

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2. Pharmacologic Treatment

If vagal maneuvers cannot bring you the best result, you are supposed to move on another tip on how to treat Tachycardia that is necessary for this stage. Pharmacologic treatment means that you have to use medicines to tackle your health problem. Of course, your doctor will administer this method at the hospital.

At that time, your body may need an injection to regulate the heartbeat. It is quite complex to understand the nature of the injection that you should use but we can explain a little bit to you. In fact, medical investigations have shown that Tachycardia is sensitive to adenosine, beta-blockers, as well as verapamil. Therefore, they recommend Tachycardia patients using verapamil alone as a solution or combine it with a beta-blocker to treat Tachycardia effectively. Sometimes, they use beta-blockers to suppress this health condition thanks to its enhanced automaticity property but in fact, it is not really effective. It means that the overall success rate seems to be quite low in comparison with other injections.

In addition to beta-blockers, adenosine, and verapamil, your doctor can apply another drug. In this case, he can use anti-arrhythmic drugs, instead. It is because that they are able to elongate the atrial /refractory period, as well as slow down the velocity of conduction. In turn, the reentrant circuit will be disrupted.

Now, do you understand how to treat Tachycardia with medication? You should remember this information to know what your doctor will do with you in the case of having Tachycardia.

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3. Cardioversion

Cardioversion is the step that should be considered after experiencing both vagal maneuvers and medication treatment but they did not work well. It is also utilized ifemergency care is necessary.

As you can see in some movies, the doctor will deliver an electric shock to your heart through patches on your chest. It will help to regulate the normal rhythm thanks to the effect on electrical impulses in the heart. Nevertheless, there are some recommendations shown that cardioversion may make the risk of thromboembolic complications appear. In that situation, the doctor will need transesophageal echocardiography before making an effort to cardiovert.

Do not be afraid too much of this method. Instead, you should lay your belief on your doctor because he knows how to treat Tachycardia most effectively.

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4. Diving Reflex

how to treat tachycardia - diving reflex

Diving reflex will be a good solution for the question how to treat Tachycardia effectively and naturally. For those who love diving, it would be the good news, actually. Tachycardia patients also relied on diving reflex to slow down the speed of heartbeat, said, a doctor. It sounds simple but very effective because many studies have illustrated that diving into the coolest water regions can automatically make their heart rate slower. As a result, people also apply this principle to deal with Tachycardia – a fast heart rate symptom.

Regarding diving reflex, patients can dip themselves in a big basin. In another way, you can plunge your face into the icy water for a few seconds. That can help you regulate your heartbeat. Anyway, we recommend that it is not a good solution to apply in some serious cases. However, you are encouraged to follow this tip on how to treat Tachycardia if your symptom is slight.

In general, it is worth to considering the diving reflex when you have Tachycardia. Please review the situation and choose the most suitable method.

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5. Consuming Potassium

Let’s discover how to treat Tachycardia effectively and naturally with potassium. Have you used potassium to support for a treatment? Actually, potassium is a type of mineral that is essential for your body. It is proved that people who lack potassium can have higher risks of getting Tachycardia. Therefore, it is necessary for you to consume potassium in order to treat Supraventricular Tachycardia symptom.

You are advised to consume more potassium-rich foods such as bananas, milk, avocados, wholegrains, vegetables, and potatoes because they are natural sources of potassium that will not lead to any side effects. adding them to your regular diet to control this health condition well.

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6. Fibers

In addition to potassium, you also need to consume the higher amount of fibers, which is another tip on how to treat Tachycardia as well. Do you want to know the reason for that? In fact, high blood pressure is among the main causes of Supraventricular Tachycardia symptom. If you are in this health condition, you should consider adding more fibers to your daily diet.

Fibers have the ability to eliminate the arterial plaque, which is categorized as fatty deposits in your arteries. This element can lead to the increase in the level of unhealthy cholesterol, which contributes to the high blood pressure. Besides eating more fibers in your meal, you are suggested to drink more fresh water every day, as well as reduce the amount of saturated fat intake.

In conclusion, if you are having the high blood pressure, you should prevent Tachycardia immediately. You should start to change your diet toward a healthy direction.

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7. Motherwort

Up to now, we have had six tips on how to treat Tachycardia and now is the time for you to look at the positive effect of motherwort on this health condition. Do you know motherwort? For some people, it is the first time they have heard about motherwort (Leonuruscardiaca). Let us give you more information. According to Chinese traditional medication, motherwort has the capacity of combating many heart-related problems, in which Tachycardia is not an exception.

Motherwort is a type of herbs, which contains a natural chemical named alkaloid leonurine. This element has the ability to act as a vasodilator. Thanks to the antispasmodic property, motherwort contributes to relaxing the heart muscles. From that, the fast heart rate will be regulated.

It is not too difficult to prepare motherwort to fight against Tachycardia symptom. You can read and follow the process of preparing.


  • Pound the motherwort leaves
  • Take a teaspoon of its extract, then dilute with a cup of hot water
  • Leave it for a few minutes and strain the solution
  • Enjoy your herbal drink on a regular basis

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8. Terminalia Arjuna

how to treat tachycardia - terminalia arjuna

Terminalia Arjuna is among the most effective natural remedies how to treat Tachycardia. Have you ever heard about it? Do you know how to deal with this health condition with Terminalia Arjuna? This article will give you an overview about Terminalia Arjuna, which is known as a common tree grown in India. You can find it in some stores where people sell natural foods and remedies.

Actually, Indian people have a lot of natural remedies how to treat Tachycardia. It seems that Terminalia Arjuna is preferred most among others because it is very effective to regulate your heart rhythm. In fact, some studies also proved that in Terminalia Arjuna, there might be a high concentration of flavonoids as well as antioxidants. Specifically, this herb contains essential minerals for your body and the co-enzyme Q-10, which can have the ability to combat Tachycardia and set the healthy heart rate.


  • Terminalia Arjuna bark powder: 1-2 teaspoons
  • Warm milk: 1 cup


  • Combine the powder with milk and drink it
  • Enjoy it twice to three times per day

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9. Valerian

You can consider using valerian to normalize the heart rhythm. This is another tip on how to treat Tachycardia that we would like to introduce you.

Like Terminalia Arjuna, Valerian is a type of herb that supports your cardiovascular functions. It has the capacity of relaxing the heart’s muscles and maintaining the healthy condition of your heart. Moreover, this herbal medicine can help you deal with anxiety, nervousness, and Stress Management. As a result, this herb contributes to stopping the Supraventricular Tachycardia symptom. Besides, valerian also contributes to boosting the blood flow to your brain.


  • Dried valerian root: 1 teaspoon


  • Boil up water in a teapot
  • Put the ingredient in a ceramic kettle and pour the hot water into it
  • Wait a few minutes, then strain and enjoy the drink

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Above are nine tips on how to treat Tachycardia effectively and naturally that not many people know. If you find it useful, you can write down them in your own handbook and apply it when someone has Tachycardia. We are very sorry for not including as many solutions as possible in this article but we hope that nine treatments how to treat Tachycardia above could work well in your situation. By the way, we always encourage you to follow the doctor’s advice. However, in some emergent situations, you can believe that these tips could help you a lot.

All in all, you are suggested to visit our main How to site to see many useful tips and tricks on other problems. We also appreciate your recommendations and comments that you can leave them below. If you feel excited, we can discuss further.

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