How to increase your lung capacity for singing & running: 7 tips

Many sports today required people to use vast amount of air in order to be successful. Whilst there are some ways to enhance the size of your lungs, there are also a lot of manners to increase the amount of air taken in through your lungs.

While no one could increase the physical size of their own lungs, it is almost possible to train them to be more efficient in taking as well as using oxygen.

This lets a person to breathe in more air and hold it longer. In addition, enhanced lung efficiency also leads to a healthier lifestyle as the human body could be better use the oxygen it takes in. If you are serious about learning how to increase your lung capacity for singing or running, then you should use a few tricks and exercises below to achieve that goal. Take a look from!

How To Increase Your Lung Capacity For Singing – 7 Fast Tips

1. Go Higher

how to increase your lung capacity-go higher

When it comes to tips on how to increase your lung capacity, one of the good tips is to exercise at higher altitudes. The higher you can go, the less oxygen there will be in the air. As a result, this will force your lungs to use oxygen they could get much more effectively. It takes a little while to accustom your body to the change, and if you go too fast, you might suffer from altitude sickness, so you should be careful. It is said that some athletes are dedicated enough to live in the higher altitudes for the duration of the training process and just come down for meets and races. However, it is not for everyone.

2. Work Harder

how to increase your lung capacity-work harder

If you want to get your lungs working more efficient, you should make them work harder. It is recommended to take part in sports that require stamina so you can make your lungs work hard. Another good idea is aerobics and even better is water aerobics. As water is thicker than air, so you need to work harder to move through it, containing your lungs. The boosted resistance against will force the lungs to work much harder, thereby increasing their capacity.

If you want another form of exercise, go for yoga which is a strongly breathing-focused exercise so you will be able to control your breath easily.

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3. Make Music

how to increase your lung capacity-make music

Playing an instrument or singing requires significantly good breath control, aside from sound quality and volume control. Thus, to learn how to increase your lung capacity, you should take lessons of singing or learn to play a wind instrument (trumpet, trombone, clarinet, and flute). This will help you boost the capacity of your lungs quickly. For an additional challenge, you could take part in a marching band, which requires playing an instrument whilst moving around.

4. Breathe Deeply

how to increase your lung capacity-breathe deeply

Increase your lung capacity be breathing deeply and steadily.

Exhale slowly and completely. Do this for a few times before you really start the breathing technique. Avoid letting any air linger within your lungs.

This will allow you to inhale much more air on the next breath.

Let your diaphragm to descend by holding the abdominal muscles relaxed. The abdomen will expand when the diaphragm descends, making more space around the lungs, letting them fill up with air.

5. Inhale Deeply

how to increase your lung capacity-inhale deeply

You may want to fill your lungs to approximately 80% capacity, to give the body space to relax. It is not a good idea for you to fill your own lungs to full capacity as you will not feel comfortable.

Check out some symptoms and signs of over exercising so you will know when to reduce the intensity of your exercise in order to have a good health.

6. Splash Fresh Water Over Your Face

how to increase your lung capacity-splash fresh water over your face

This sounds rather strange when it comes to tips on how to increase your lung capacity for running or singing. Yet, it is proven that splashing water on the face while holding your breath; you are accelerating bradycardia or slowing your heart rate. When you splash water over your face, your own body is preparing itself to diver underwater, where it needs to regulate the heart beat efficiently and pass oxygen throughout the blood to keep you alive. As a result, you will increase your lungs capacity. Go for cold water, yet not icy type as icy water might trigger another reflex within your body that leads to hyperventilate, or try breathing rapidly.

7. Push Out

how to increase your lung capacity-push out

This technique was popularized by doctors Patricia Bragg and Paul. To practice it, you need to keep your knees loose, bend over from the waist, simultaneously pushing out air from the lungs. Slowly return to vertical position, inhaling at a normal rate. Fill the lungs to the highest level comfortably possible and keep the breath for 20 seconds. In case 20 seconds are too long, you could reduce it to a timing that you could manage. Whilst counting, you should extend your arms overhead fully, relax, and then lower the arms before exhaling slowly. Do this routine 4 times to get good result.

There you have learnt some useful tips and simple exercises on how to increase your lung capacity. In addition from the above tips, you should also learn to keep your lungs healthy by following a well-balanced diet plan, a proper exercise regime, and a healthy lifestyle.

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