Lower Body Workout Routine At Home For Women

lower body workout routine

If you are looking to find a way to boost your energy & metabolism or to look great in booty shorts, you should focus on your lower body. The largest muscles in your body are the legs and glutes. By working them, you can receive the benefits that are far beyond looking better. Your lower body will be put through all ranges of motion for a slow burn from every direction by following these special and effective exercises. Try your best to finish all the reps recommended of each exercise and only rest when you need to. This lower body workout routine at homefor women will help you discover lower body workout routine that you can do at home to work your lower half in order to look better and to boost your metabolism up high in the sky.

1. Kneel To Stand

   kneel to stand review

You may have known about step up, which is considered as the best booty blaster out there. This exercise mimics the motion of it. By doing this, you will achieve the booty that rocks every booty short. In order to perform this exercise, follow these steps:

– Begin this movement by moving to a half kneeling position. Keep one knee up and the other on the ground. Put your hands on your hips.

– Use your “up” leg to hold your weight. Then press your feet into the floor to form a stand, bringing both feet together.

– Lower your body back down to bring it back to the starting position. However, bring the knees in the opposite positions.

2. Side Lying Leg Raises

side lying leg raises review

This exercise concentrates on the abductors, which are the small yet mighty stabilizers that lie along the outside of your hips and thighs. By doing this, you will achieve the sexiest legs ever. If you want to perform this movement, follow these steps:

– Start this workout by lying on the ground, forming a modified side plank. Support your body with your forearm and shin.

– Flex the foot of the top leg. Try not to turn out your hip as you bring your leg up as high as possible.

–  Try to keep your torso stable while bringing your knee in toward your chest.

– Straighten back your leg and keep it hovering over the floor.

– Do this exercise 11 more times and then switch to the opposite side.

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