Mindzoom Review – Are Dino F.Ruales’ Software Powerful?

Updated: 03/20/2024

To discover what Mindzoom is and what benefits it can bring to users, you can see the full Mindzoom software review below via 7 following parts:

1. Mindzoom Software – What Is It?

2. Mindzoom Software Review – How It Works?

3. Mindzoom Software Review – Benefits Of The Program

4. Cost Of Mindzoom Software

5. What Are Included In The Whole Package Of Mindzoom Software?

6. Mindzoom Software – Money Back Guarantee

7. Does The Author Give Any Support?

Mindzoom reviews

Mindzoom Software – What Is It?

Mindzoom real user reviewMindzoom is a revolutionary program developed by Dino F.Ruales. This software is claimed that is able to reprogram your own mind and body automatically with ease. This Mindzoom software review is designed after collecting the ideas of a real user named Dustin Nguyen. In the official site of this e-guide, Dino shows that this program is a simple and automatic way to open users’ mind, improve their performance and give them energy to get motivated mood every day. Mindzoom makes use of the subliminal therapy, which is also known as whisper therapy. Dustin, a real user, shared with VKool.com that after using this product, he finally can give up smoking, find his purpose of life, and get rid of stress within the shortest time human possible.

Concretely, this program uses 3 techniques in order to enter directly to the users’ subconscious mind. Three techniques include Affirmation Delivering Engine, Mindzoom Subliminal Mixer, and Silent Subliminal Messaging Program. My Mindzoom review aims to show that this software is really easy-to-use for most people by installing it and clicking the icon to open. Mindzoom is an online manual that you just need to choose such affirmation files on the screen you would like to play, configure your own settings and start. Then, there will be thousands of such positive affirmation zooming into the mind.

With the great feedback from clients after using the software, Dino contains a help section in which you could find out an e-book on instructing how to write your affirmations and a goal gaining plan. In general, Mindzoom blazes over 3600 affirmations an hour. Once you use your own computer 2 hours a day, you will get 50,400 affirmations per week, respectively 216,000 affirmations a month. Each of affirmations displayed will be synthesized by a Text-To-Speech engine, and sent to the users’ brain silently in a proper frequency wave via the PC speaker. My Mindzoom review should offer some insights.

Transform your life

Mindzoom Software Review – How It Works?

As mentioned above, this program includes three techniques, which are:

  • Affirmation Delivering Engine: thanks to this technique, this system conveys a large number of positive commands at different speeds which will be bypassed by the users’ conscious mind. Actually, these messages will move through rapidly in the screen at mostly undetectable speeds, discretely and safely.
  • Silent Subliminal Messaging System: by using this technique, those text affirmations are turned into speech and delivered via a proper frequency envelop, which can reach to the brain easily.
  • Mindzoom Subliminal Mixer: this is an excellent features where users could use audio or text affirmations and then mix them with their favorite music files before saving and listening to them anywhere on the iPod, car stereo or home.

Mindzoom review

In detail, here are some specific features of Mindzoom:

  • Select, add, change or remove the affirmations you wish to display
  • Choose the display position. Normally, there are some popular yet helpful areas used to display your affirmations.
  • Modify you own font preferences. You will be able to set the font, color and size of the affirmations to be displayed easily.
  • Display duration and message interval. You could set a frequency between 180 affirmations per hour and 3600 affirmations per hour, equally between 20 seconds and 1 second.
  • Silent subliminal messaging. It is the feature making this program different from others. Because being translated from text to speech, your affirmations will be delivered via a proper frequency sound wave. Use the Silent Subliminal Tests to guarantee that the text to speech synthesis work appropriately.
  • Other settings. You could turn on or turn off the Silent Subliminal Messaging feature as you want
  • Memorize to save your settings. You can click to save your settings to use the software the next times more quickly. In case that you want to restore the default settings, just simply click on the “Reset defaults” then “Save Settings”.
  • Mix different music files with the subliminal affirmations
  • The majority of formats are supported for loading and saving the mixed files
  • You can record the affirmations you created or write them down
  • Add further binaural beats tone to enhance the receptiveness of your brain towards the massages
  • Regardless of the length of your affirmations and the main sound, you will not have to worry about the difference between them as the mixer will do it for you.
  • And much more

To get closer to the Mindzoom, see the following previews:

Mindzoom software

Mindzoom Software Review – Benefits Of The Program

According to Dustin, this program is much more than a self-help improvement guide. With this Mindzoom, users can:

  • Abolish their bad habits at the root, which is inside your mind, such as quitting smoking, over eating, alcohol drinking, and so on
  • Improve the speed of learning. In fact, you will be able to boost your learning speed 5 times faster in terms of reading speed, language learning, or instrument playing, etc
  • Enhance memory . You can recall faces, names, events, and numbers without attempts. All you need to do is to ask for the data within your brain and it will be gotten back to you
  • Stop panic attacks and other types of fear, including fear of driving, flying, clowns, and so on
  • Boost social skills like public speaking and social confidence
  • Increase the physical health from inside so you will see improvements in your sport playing ability or any other kinds of physical activities
  • Acknowledge their emotions and feelings. As a user, you will easily get in touch with your own sensibility, act positively to various situations and deal with challenges and troubles effectively
  • Multiply the business success. get more creative business ideas and make decisions more quickly and exactly, and also attract wealth naturally
  • Feel happy from inside out.

And much more because the human possibilities are unlimited

See some testimonials of Mindzoom:

Mindzoom software testimonial

Cost Of Mindzoom Software

So, how much this Mindzoom software is gonna cost? Now, you have a unique chance to achieve all of the above benefits with just a once-off investment of $47. There will be no addition monthly fees. This is a limited offer and the price will increase at any time. Actually, this program is actually cost you anything when compared to the advantages and benefits in terms of wellness, happiness, and overall health you can achieve from it. Besides, the software is so user-friendly and contains simple-to-follow guidelines so you can take its advantages to meet your goals easily. In other words, this program could be installed on 4 computers if necessary. Dino offers customers as much convenience as possible in order to help them get all benefits of the system. Hence, do not procrastinate to take the first move now!

Mindzoom software download

What Are Included In The Whole Package Of Mindzoom Software?

If you order this program right now, you will not only get the main core of this product, but also free bonuses with the value of over $400:

  • Bonus 1: An Introduction to Hypnosis: the 2-hour audio book will reveal to you how to hypnotize yourself to change unwanted behavior negative beliefs.
  • Bonus 2: Audio Subliminal Programs: This 40-minute subliminal audio can re-script your subconscious limiting beliefs naturally so you will drive your mind and body to the relaxing state.
  • Bonus 3: Mind Reality – The Universe is Mental: contains70 pages that cover in-depth knowledge about the role of mind towards life control.
  • Bonus 4: Thinks and Grow Rich: uncovers the shocking truth behind the “Think and Grow Rich”
  • Bonus 5: 101 Powerful Affirmation E-Book: provides readers with tips to build confidence, overcome fear, reset positive mindset, and get healthy weight
  • Bonus 6: 1150 affirmations and more: these affirmations are divided into 60 groups to help users get started rapidly

Mindzoom full bonuses

Remember that all of the bonuses listed above are totally your free once your place an order of Mindzoom software.

Mindzoom Software – Money Back Guarantee


There is no need for you to worry about whether or not this product will be beneficial for you. In fact, you always have a 8-week, money back guarantee delivered by the producer to make sure that your investment will not be useless. If for any reason, you are not satisfied with the whole package of Mindzoom, you will get a full refund with no question asked. Therefore, every customer has up to 2 months to experience this program without risks. That is simple!

Mindzoom guarantee

Does The Author Give Customer Support?

For any questions you have relating to this Mindzoom software, the author is here: dino [at] mindzoom dot net.

Have you ever tried out this product yet? If yes, leave your words below to share your experience and evaluation about Mindzoom that will help other people understand more about it.

Drop your comments at the end of the Mindzoom review if you want to contribute any idea about this review as well as other lifestyle information  introduced in Vkool.com.

You have everything to decide if Dino’s Mindzoom is the best product for you. Thousands of people get success from it and so do you! Trust me!

Mindzoom software download full

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