13 Health Benefits Of Red Clover Tea, Blossom, And Leaf

benefits of red clover tea

Red Clover, also called Trifolium pretense as scientific name, is a wild, perennial, and leguminous herb that originates in the meadows of Europe, Africa, Western Asia, and has been gradually spread to many other regions all over the world. Its green leaves are described to be 15 to 30 mm in length and 8 to 15 mm in width, alternate, and trifoliate with the outer half forming a crescent shape. These leaves are occasionally used for sweet herbal tea preparation with therapeutic purposes. This herb has tiny pink and sweet tasting flowers that are edible and added to dishes to garnish and flavor salads and beverages.

The benefits of Red Clover include not only some for culinary purposes but also many for the health in common. Due to its rich sources of vitamins particularly vitamin C, minerals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, chromium, niacin, and thiamine, this herb can aid in lowering cholesterol, boosting circulation, support the cardiovascular system, reducing hypertension, protecting immune system, treating estrogen imbalances, stimulating urination, and strengthening bones.

It is time now for VKool.com to show you noticeable health benefits of red clover tea, blossom, and leaf in common. All of the mentioned benefits of this herb will explain why this herb deserves for being taken into dishes as well as the health treatments. For those who don’t know or wonder how beneficial red clover’s benefits are, just spend a few minutes reading our article to have more information!

13 Noticeable Health Benefits Of Red Clover Tea, Blossom, And Leaf

1. Support Cardiovascular Health

benefits of red clover - support cardiovascular health

Supporting the cardiovascular health is known as one of the important benefits of red clover for the health.
The main reason is that this herb contains isoflavones that are beneficial in increasing high-density lipoprotein (HDL), good cholesterol, and lower the levels of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL), bad cholesterol, in the body. Additionally, red clover can stimulate the bile acid secretion, which means more cholesterol is properly used and less circulated throughout the body as it is the major component of this acid indeed.

Moreover, there are small amounts of chemicals called coumarins in red clover that may prevent the blood from becoming gummy and thick since then the possibility of arterial plaque and blood clot formation are reduced as well. More clearly, plaques are concentrations of the fats, blood cells, and other substances building up in the blood vessels that can reduce or block the blood flow and cause some heart diseases like strokes and heart attacks later. That red clover helps prevent these deposits means it helps the arteries strong and flexible, which is considered as arterial compliance. In brief, you are suffering from some problems associated with cholesterol levels in the blood, remember the benefits of red clover in this aspect as a natural treatment.

2. Prevents Cancer

Preventing cancer is another of the benefits of red clover for the health. This also relates to the presence of the isoflavones in this herb that can aid in fighting cancerous cells and tumor formation in combination with their estrogen-like effects. According to the studies before, red clover is the most effective for the prevention of prostate and endometrial cancer but it may show no efficacy in their treatment.

To be clear, the benefits of red clover include the ability to prevent cancer because of its isoflavones that can restrict cancerous cells from growing or multiplying and even induce apoptosis, the self-destruction of these ill cells. As you know, Prostate cancer is considered as of one the most dangerous cancer diseases for men also probably prevented by red clover that contains some certain compounds to block certain enzymes causing prostate growth. And a reduction of prostate size is really necessary for long-term male health even though the prostate enlargement may be benign, so the consumption and application of this herb are essential as well. For women, red clover is beneficial in the treatment of breast cancer and endometrial cancers. In addition, there is more research on the benefits of red clover for the cancer treatment on the conducting process, so you can expect more that what you are reading.

3. Improve Menopausal Symptoms

benefits of red clover - improve menopausal symptoms

Improving the menopausal symptoms is also considered as one of the important benefits of red clover for health. The reason is that the isoflavones presented in this herb can give positive effects on reducing the symptoms associated with estrogen loss like hot flashes, weight loss, trouble sleeping, bone loss, bone fractures, cardiovascular problems, or inflammation of the joints when estrogen levels fall, particularly during menopause.  In fact, it has been estimated that nearly two-thirds of menopausal and post-menopausal women resolve such side effects with little relief from traditional methods. The benefits of red clover on the menopausal symptoms have been examined for up to 20 years with somewhat mixed results but many have experienced improvements in these symptoms for several months without any unexpected side effects at all.

In addition, the impacts of red clover on hormone collagen are more appreciated women on average age. It is because the isoflavones presented in this herb mimic estrogen helping to maintain estrogen levels, balance the hormonal shifts, inhibit mood swings, and reduce breast pain, especially for women undergoing PMS or menopause because there may be unpredictable or dangerous or fluctuations in hormone levels. To be clear, average age women who use red clover extract achieve a considerable improvement in the skin and hair health within 90 days, which depends on the proper function of estrogen hormone.

4. Treat Infertility

Due to the ability to improve the menopausal symptoms, red clover can effectively treat infertility as well. Therefore, people who suffer from infertility caused by low estrogen level, premature menopause, and even recurring miscarriage should get the benefits of red clover to by the fascinating isoflavones in it. On the other hand, women with excess estrogen hormone in their bodies as when they are troubled in breast cancer, ovarian cancer, uterine fibroids, and endometriosis should avoid this herb in order not to exaggerate their symptoms.

5. Enhance Immunity

Enhancing the immune system is another of the health benefits of red clover. In fact, this herb is very rich in vitamin C that is considered as a powerful immunity booster along with aiding in the white blood cell production. If you consume its leaves in the tea form of then you can get a great dose of antioxidants that play an important role in neutralizing free radicals causing cell mutation and degenerative diseases. However, the consumption of green parts of red clover contains higher doses of vitamin C than the form of tea indeed, so you can abuse these parts in culinary aspect to get better benefits.

The benefits of red clover on immunity include preventing infections, both bacterial and viral infection. This is the reason why this herb can protect you against a cough, a whooping cough, a cold, respiratory infection, bronchial asthma, congestion, and related mild ailments. Besides the tea form above, you can consume red clover in many forms of tinctures, liquid extracts, tablets, and capsules that all supply you with essential vitamins and minerals indeed. However, no matter what kinds of the form you use this herb, you should make it under the supervision of pharmacist or experts so that you can get the best results without any side effects.

6. Fight Respiratory Infections

benefits of red clover - fight respiratory infections

Fighting respiratory infections is also one of the health benefits of red clover. This herb has been used to prevent and treat some respiratory conditions such as whooping cough, a cold, bronchitis, and asthma. Due to its natural cleansing effects, it helps reduce discomfort and anxiety during illness also loosens phlegm. And because red clover can calm bronchial spasms, boost sleep quality, and flush extra mucus and fluids out from the respiratory system, you should take its advantage when you feel like a coming illness.

7. Detoxify The Body

Containing a high level of antioxidants, red clover is also beneficial in detoxifying the body as other vegetables and herbs. If you are finding some quick ways to detoxify excess toxins and salts out of your body to clear all of your systems, you had better choose a diuretic. In fact, red clover can connect to increase urination since then releasing excess toxins, water, and even fat out of the body more effectively.

8. Maintain Bone Strength

Maintaining the bone strength is another of the important benefits of red clover. As you know, osteoporosis is the most common type of low bone density that occurs in pre or post-menopausal women whose estrogen levels are sunk.  Fortunately, the isoflavones found in red clover can help improve bone density as the effects of estrogen and prolong the process of depreciating bone. This is why diets with high levels of phytoestrogen isoflavones, including red clover as an example, have been highly recommended to lower incidence of osteoporosis as well as other menopausal complications.

In addition, it has been indicated that red clover aids in the bone healing process and reduces the risks of osteoporosis, particularly in post-menopausal women who get the greatest risks of fractures and bone loss. For example, underweight women or athletes who suffer from female athlete triad causing a high risk of osteoporosis because of an energy deficit should take advantage the benefits of red clover as supplementation.

Moreover, the studies have shown that supplementation with isoflavones can considerably improve the bone turnover, bone mineral content, the mechanical functioning of the tibia, femoral density, femoral weight and prevent the high levels of serum alkaline phosphatase, bone weakness and loss.

9. Treat Skin Inflammation

benefits of red clover - treat skin inflammation

The benefits of red clover also include the ability to treat skin inflammation. According to the research before, the isoflavones found in this herb are helpful for slowing down the signs and diseases of aging on the skin and reducing inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and various rashes. As mentioned above, red clover shows positive effects on the estrogen levels thereby giving it the ability of anti-inflammatory, wound healing, collagen boosting, and UV protective properties. For older adults, this herb prevents the signs of skin aging caused by estrogen deprivation and helps boost the production of collagen. In addition, red clover has been belied to support the health of the scalp, the skin follicles, and nails.

10. Reduce Skin Aging

As mentioned above, red clover is very helpful for reducing the signs of aging. Menopause often leaves some problems like loss of skin thickness, moisture, and skin collagen which occur because of the hypoestrogenism effect or the underproduction of the hormone estrogen in women. Fortunately, this herb with its estrogen-like function can retard the process of skin aging thereby maintaining your youthful and vibrant skin. In addition, red clover ensures great skin thickness and healthy skin keratinization and vascularity.

11. Treat Skin Cancer

Treating skin cancer is also one of the new benefits of red clover which has been being studied up to now. The reason is that this herb acts as supplementary playing a role in mainstreaming medicine.

12. Make Hair Stronger

benefits of red clover - make hair stronger

In fact, red clover tea has been believed to a perfect hair rinse because of its rich source of isoflavones. The isoflavones can prevent dandruff and scalp irritations sine then making the hair strong. Moreover, the use of this herb can also soften the hair and support the volume and luster of the hair. In brief, red clover can make your hair more manageable.

13. Some Other Words

Despite various benefits of red clover for the health, you should also pay attention to something to avoid unexpected side effects. In fact, some people who consume or apply red clover to their dishes or apply it as health treatment experience certain symptoms like headaches, nausea, muscle aches, and even heavy periods, especially in women. Therefore, if you are also troubled like this, stop using this herb to interrupt further symptoms.

Additionally, if you are medicated for any cancer or hormone-related conditions, make sure to consult a medical professional before using red clover in your health regimen.

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After reading the article on noticeable health benefits of red clover tea, blossom, and leaf in our main Health page, hope that you can know what red clover is good for,  since then applying and using it appropriately in your diet. Please let us know if you have any question by leaving them below and share with us other health benefits of red clover if you really get.

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